Adsense VS. Amazon affiliate ProgramAdsense VS. Amazon affiliate Program

Can You Use AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Ads On The Same Website

Updated: 02/08/2023


There is a common question that many bloggers and website owners are constantly asking on different social media forums, ” Can I use Adsense and Amazon affiliate ads on the same page?

Too often, they are too concerned about whether they could be allowed to display both Adsense and affiliate ads on their site content. It’s because several mistakes may have a negative impact on the site earnings and also violate the program policy.

If you are a blogging beginner, your concern is the same as everyone’s because we have to make sure that we are allowed to use both affiliate and other ads on the same page.

And, it’s main topic that we will discuss a few factors about using both affiliates and ads together. Thus, it’s also one of the great ways that teach how to make money blogging for beginners.

Let’s move to the detail to find out the answer to whether we can use affiliate links and other ads network on the same page.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Adsense is a popular contextual ad network that allows bloggers and website owners to display ads on their content and earn money online.
  • Amazon affiliate program is also considered one of the best affiliate programs you can find a ton of affiliate products on the platform and promote them to your readers.
  • The answer is yes, you can display both Amazon affiliate and Adsense Ads on the same page, but ensure to follow both program policy guidelines.

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1. Adsense VS. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate program is one of the top affiliate marketplaces that allow bloggers, website owners, and influencers to display either ad banners or affiliate links on their content and earn money every time customers successfully purchased on affiliate their affiliate links.

At the time of writing, the platform has millions of quality publishers and marketers, which offers a cross range of products that are available for publishers and bloggers from all over the world to monetize their content.

If you want to learn how to monetize a blog, then Amazon associates are the very first name that you should not ignore due to the fact that the platform has a ton of quality affiliate products and programs for you to promote.

Depending on the blog niche, you should only select the right products and programs that can deliver value for your reader and also increase the conversion rate for selling affiliate products.

For this reason, it would be a big mistake if you don’t sign up for the Amazon associate program because it helps to generate extra revenue for your blogs.

In terms of Payment, site owners have several options to receive payment from their Amazon associate account when they start to generate regular income, which includes paying via Payoneer, offering gift cards, and a check to a postal address.

Can You Use AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Ads On The Same Website

Google Adsense is the popular contextual ad network that enables site owners to monetize their blogs by displaying ads on the content.

The platform also has more than 2 million publishers that are currently using the platform technology to show ads on their sites and earn money online.

Publishers can manually display ads by placing the code on the header tag of their website, or they let the platform automatically place the ads across their content.

To get approval from Google, bloggers and website owners need to adhere to the program policy guideline and meet certain requirements in order to monetize their sites.

For further information, you should refer to the link below to get familiar with this contextual ad network.

> Guideline for Google AdSense Account Approval in 2023

2. Always Follow both Adsense and Amazon Policies.

To answer the question ” Can you use Affiliate and Adsense ads on the same page”, the answer is YES. Bloggers and website owners are allowed to display affiliates and ads on the same page.

As long as they follow the practice of both platform policy guidelines, which means your site will not violate any terms and conditions.

3. How to make money online by combining Adsense and affiliate ads on the same page

Eventhough Google has lifted the restriction that allows site owners to display more than three ads on their page, and they are eligible to use different ad networks like affiliate links and Adsense ads on the same page.

However, they should not take this benefit for granted by aggressively showing too many ads on the same page.

It would have a negative impact on the user experience and it’s also the main reason to slow down your site speed.

Based on my experience, I only display a maximum of three ads and a few in-text affiliate links on our site that ensure we can satisfy our users’ positive experience and improve our site speed.

For this reason, the most important is to stay concentrated on delivering high-quality and unique content, which ensures delivering value for readers within your niche. It’s the only way that can generate regular traffic to your sites.

Remember, more traffic equals more Adsense revenues and other sales.

4. Final Thoughts

I hope this post would be able to answer a common question that most site owners are concerning when monetizing their content.

It’s important to follow both affiliate and any ad network program policies in order that your sites do not violate any terms and conditions. As long as you adhere to any program policies, then you wouldn’t have any problems in the future.

By combining affiliates and other ad networks on the same page, you will be able to increase your site revenue, and this is the ongoing method that many site owners learn how to monetize a blog.

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