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Adsterra Review 2023: A Beginner Guide to Global Advertising Network

Update 03/08/2023


How to make money blogging for beginners?

how to monetize a blog?

These two common questions have been asked by many bloggers, to find out what are ways to monetize their content and earn regular income over time.

Make money blogging is considered one of the great ways to diversify your business revenue streams. Bloggers are only required to consistently deliver quality content and find the appropriate advertising network to generate steady income.

And the question many people ask is how do I find the best ad network? 

Besides Google Adsense and Propellerads, there are other top ad networks that publishers may consider signing up for when they want to monetize their content. I had come across to discover Adsterra as an Adsense alternative, which provides instant approval for publishers to make money online.

After reading this article,  Publishers would be able to apply and get instant acceptance to the ad network. They also learn how to make money by discovering different effective methods. 


Key Points

  • Adsterra is one of the Adsense alternatives that are worth mentioning 
  • It is an ideal solution for those who want to earn money online.
  • There are a few ways to make money with the network such as display ads and referral programs.
  • Adsterra is one of the fast-approval ad networks that allow members to make money blogging and create different smart passive income sources for their businesses.

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1. What is Adsterra?

adsterra login

Adsterra was founded in 2013 by a group of professional marketers as they have the same vision and interest to establish the firm to become one of the global advertising networks. At the time of writing, those professional marketers have over 20+ years of work experience in the industry.

Due to the rapid expansion, Adsterra has become a popular destination for bloggers and affiliates as it is considered one of the best advertising platforms in the industry. The platform provides customers with a unique combination of innovative technology and human intelligence.

The number of Adsterra employees has also increased to 200+ members over the years based on the demand. In particular, the firm has smaller departments, including a professional IT department, human resources department, and a risk management team.

According to Adsterra, the firm’s recent success is based on ” teamwork, commitment, transparency, consistency, and quality”, which allow the team to support each other and deliver quality service to customers.

2. How does Adsterra work?

Adsterra review- how does Adsterra work

Adsterra is one of the leading advertising networks that allows publishers to monetize their traffic by using different ad formats, which include Popunder, Social bar, Push Ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, Banners, and Links.

Adsterra account set up


The above picture shows you how to set up different types of ad formats after getting approval from the platform.

  1. Add your website to the network
  2. and design the ad format to maximize the earning potential on your site.
  3. Generate the ad code and place it on your website, then your site will monetize traffic based on high CPM rates.

The process of getting approval for the network is quite simple for website publishers as it always requires completing the application by filling down personal detail and email address. We will dive deeper into the step-by-step application process in the next section.

In terms of payment, publishers have several payment options to select as the main payment method, which include PayPal, Wiretransfer, and Webmoney. The minimum payment is starting from $5 and they will pay twice a month to one of your assigned payment accounts.

The network is also a popular destination for advertisers due to the fact that they can access more than 18K publishers and some useful features to help them maximize the return on the investment. In particular, Advertisers are allowed to select several high-conversion ad formats, which are relevant to their expectations.

Overall, the network has a decent amount of advertisers and publishers as well as affiliate marketers, which indicates the network is one of the most reputed and great brands in the industry.

3. Make money with Adsterra by using the referral program 

Adsterra offers lucrative financial remuneration for publishers to make extra money by referring their friends, and colleagues to join the program. In Particular, they will earn a 5% lifetime income generated by publishers once successfully referred them to join the program ( CPA marketing).

By using the tracking link, publishers may use the link and send it to their friends and colleagues to sign up for the program. The network will transparently show the statistical number of referrals they refer. They can withdraw the money whenever it reaches the minimum payment.


4. Step by step to get the Adsterra account approval

According to Adsterra’s statement, the firm specializes in global advertising to ensure both advertisers and publishers are happy with the service it provides. In particular, the firm pays more attention to genuine and quality content than the traffic volume of the website. Thus, it’s great news for bloggers who want to monetize their content with them.

In order to qualify for the program, the network pays more attention to unique content and quality traffic as it doesn’t have any requirement for a specific traffic volume of the blog or website. Hence, as long as your site has great content and quality traffic volume, then the chance to get accepted is very high.

The following are procedure guides for getting started with a global advertising network:

  1. First and foremost important is to join the program by clicking on the publisher sign-up.
  2. Fill down the general information including personal detail, email address, and URL.
  3. Adsterra login: the next step is to copy and place the ad code on your website.
  4. Once you get accepted to the network, your site will be ready to show ads and make money online.

Sign up for Adsterra

3. What is Adsterra best for?

Depending on the type of your niche, you may select the Adsterra ad network to satisfy your earning expectations. Some bloggers prefer to work with this ad network because it provides acceptable customer service and earns stable CPM rates.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning, the platform has several high-converting ad formats such as Push Ads, Popunder, and Native Ads,  which enable users to choose the best one for their websites.

As mentioned earlier, the network will pay twice a month once you reach a minimum payment. In particular, the minimum payment is $5 for using Webmoney and Paxum while PayPal and wire transfers will be paid at $100.

Three-level security: the platform has a strict third-party fraud detection system in place, which allows it to do a security check on both robots and humans. As a result, it aims to increase security protection for customers and satisfy their requirements.

This is a self-service platform, which allows publishers to select the ad format they want and give them a greater experience to enjoy the freedom of working on their own.

What are other global advertising networks you should consider

Adsterra is considered one of the best Google Adsense alternatives that offer a quick response in terms of customer service and general inquiries. It is an ideal solution for bloggers and website publishers to get instant approval for monetizing their traffic.

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Final Thoughts

Adsterra is one of the great ad networks that gives instant approval for bloggers’ sites to make money blogging.

If you are just starting your site and want to learn how to monetize a blog, consider signing up with Adsterra due to the fact it would be an ideal solution to make extra revenue for your business.



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Is Adsterra worth it?

Adsterra ad network has several high converting ad formats such as Popunder, Native Ads, and Push Ads, which allows users to make extra income.

Adsterra and Google Adsense- which one is better?

Adsterra and Google Adsense are among the top advertising networks. Adsterra is the easiest network to provide quick approval within a day. Thus it is best for bloggers who want to make money right away.

Is Adsterra legitimate?

Adsterra is well known for its global advertising network and allows publishers to monetize their traffic by using different ad formats.

Does Adsterra pay via PayPal?

Yes, Adsterra offers several ways to make a payment for publishers. And Paypal payment method is one of them, which they need to reach $100 earnings before receiving payment.

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