Media Kit

Thank you for taking your time to visit JNS-Millennial. Please fill out the form below to explore further information in relation to advertising opportunities and other forms of partnership opportunities.

We are open to both long and short terms advertising partnerships. Here is the Media Kit program that we offer to our exclusive clients and partners:

Display Ads:

In order to display ads on Jns-millenial platform, we charge the average price as follows:

  • $400 per month for a standard ad banner.
  • $600 per month for a sidebar ad banner.

Market research:

Market research is one of the core products at Jns-millennial.

We will take extensive research and gather all the essential data (first and secondary data ) in order to write a complete research report based on your instructions.

Here is a list of research topics that we cover:

  • Personal finance
  • Technology
  • Recruitment/ Remote works/Freelance
  • Economic
  • Businesses
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • And others…

Product review:

In terms of writing a product review, we believe it’s essential to deliver a comprehensive product review in order to give customers clear instructions on how to use your products and services accordantly.

  •  $800 per product review.