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Atlas VPN Review 2023: Is Atlas VPN Safe?

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When it comes to secure networking solutions, which offer VPN ( a virtual private network) to protect traffic encryption and hide the IP address of PCs, and mobile devices. Atlas VPN is considered one of the best free providers for mac and Windows users. It has some useful features, especially the free version, which is best for students and freelancers.

In this Atlas VPN review, we will analyze this freemium VPN provider comprehensively in terms of features, how it works, and its pros and cons. Thus, you may consider whether Atlas provides a secure networking solution for you as a freelancer.


Key Points

  • Atlas VPN is one of the fastest-growing companies over the year due to the fact that it offers several services ( free and premium service packages), making it easy for freelancers and individuals to select from.
  • One of the greatest benefits of using Atlas is the free version, which is most suitable for students and freelancers, and stay-at-home parents to get a secure networking and safe internet connection when browsing online.
  • Besides offering a free service, freelancers and individuals might consider premium plans, which are more secure and have faster internet connections. 
  • Keep in mind that you don’t need to enter the payment detail before using the free VPN service with Atlas. In particular, users only enter their email addresses to get the free service.


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What is Atlas VPN?

Is Atlas VPN safe


Atlas VPN is one of the best free service providers that provide enough security cover for students and freelancers to get a secure and safe internet connection.

Alternatively, the firm also offers several premium plans, including 1 month, 1 year, and 3 years, which means faster speed, and more server locations to select and protect your data when browsing on the internet.

Originally, the company was established in 2019 and is relatively new to the industry, but it is considered one of the fastest-growing firms in the market in terms of expanding business operations and growing the number of users worldwide.

At the time of writing, the Atlas platform has more than 6 million users from all over the world and the firm is acquired by Nord Security in 2021, the giant in providing digital security and a safe internet connection, and is a parent company of NordVPN.


How does the Atlas VPN app work?

How does Atlas VPN work?


Generally speaking, Atlas VPN provides both free and premium plans for users to get a secure internet connection and safeguard their personal data by using strong encryption, AES-256.

The Atlas VPN free plan is considered an ideal solution for those who want a secure connection and private internet browsing. In particular, the free version will offer up to 3 server locations to choose from and can use the same account on multiple mobile devices and laptops.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to enter the payment detail before using the free service with Atlas. In particular, users only enter their email addresses to get the free VPN service.

Importantly, the firm policy is not to track the login activities of users, which means they don’t monitor your browsing activities on the internet.

With premium plans, there are extra features to safeguard better your web browsing, which are worth your money, such as 4 Time speed faster, more server locations to choose from, etc.

Atlas VPN server locations


In addition, members have the option to hide the original IP address by connecting to the available servers from Atlas, this option is applicable for both free and premier plans.

The Atlas VPN free vs premium service

Here is the comparison between Atlas VPN free and premium plans, which gives you a better understanding of what features you get for choosing any of them.

Free Atlas VPN:

  • Receive up to 3 Atlas server locations to choose from.
  • Increase the internet speed.
  • Limited to using up to 5GB of traffic each month.
  • With the same account, you can use it for multiple devices.
  • The streaming optimized and privacy pro does not come with the free plan.

Atlas premium plans:

Atlas premium plans


  • Available premium services to select 1 month, 1 year, and 3 years. The cheapest option is 3 years, for which you only pay $1.99 for the Atlas premium plan/ month.
  • Connect up to 750 server locations to select from.
  • With premium plans, the steaming optimized and privacy pro will include.
  • The Atlas will ensure premium members that they won’t receive any annoying ads- ads-free.
  • Customers will receive the priority of 24/7 customer support.
  • Faster internet speed for selecting any of the servers available from the premium plan.

The Atlas VPN app is available to download in many major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, etc.


How to sign up?

The process of signing up with Atlas is not too complicated. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the app.

  • Head to the official homepage:
  • Download the Atlas VPN app for any device such as Laptop, desktop, and mobile device.
  • Enter your email address and then double confirmation to get started with Atlas.


Is Atlas VPN safe?

The answer is yes, the Atlas employs advanced encryption, which is AES-256, to protect your privacy and secure the connection when browsing the internet.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, there is a no-log policy on users’ activities, which means they don’t track or monitor members’ internet browsing activities.

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Is Atlas VPN legit?

Atlas VPN is a legitimate company that has more than 6 million members all over the world. In addition, the firm is a subsidiary of Nord Security, the leading firm in cybersecurity and digital security solution.

In addition, according to the Trustpilot customer review, the firm has received an overall above 4.4 customer rating stars out of 5, based on 179 customer reviews, which indicates the excellency in features, affordable price as well as customer service support.


Atlas VPN pros and cons

The followings are the pros and cons, which you should get familiar with:


  • If you are after the budget VPN, then consider using the free version from Atlas to ensure your safe internet connection and secure networking with others online.
  • Besides the best free VPN plan, there are other premium plans ( 1 month, 1 year, and 3 years plans), which offer a faster and more secure internet connection.
  • The Atlas platform is easy to use and navigate around, so you don’t need technical skills to use it.
  • Available to download the app on different operating systems, including Windows, mac OS, Linux, Android, and IOS, just to name a few.
  • Atlas policy is not to track the user login activities



  • Members need to pay for premium plans in order to connect to more available Atlas VPN servers.
  • The free version only allows for using up to 5 GB of traffic.
  • If you compare it with other leading VPN providers, it has smaller server networks.


A final thought on the Atlas VPN review

Atlas is an ideal solution for students and beginners searching for a budget VPN. It not only protects their internet accessibility across the globe but also helps them to save money from their pocket when selecting the free version.

Based on our experience, if you are searching for faster and better protection for your personal data on the internet, then consider using the premium plan.

The most affordable option is to get the three three-year plan so that you will only pay $1.99 each month, compared with paying for each month is $10.99.

There are other alternatives that you could consider using, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Those are the top providers in the market to protect personal data against malicious malware and more private internet connection.


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