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8+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs of 2023

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Updated: 08/06/2023



Affiliate marketing is one of the best approaches to make money online, especially if you are an influencer on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. In particular, you can use affiliate products to promote your page and receive commissions.

Alternatively, starting a blog can also open many opportunities for other revenue streams, including joining affiliate networks and monetizing direct ads on your site. By joining networks, publishers will deliver value to their readers by finding better deals based on the content on the site.

There are many marketplaces, where you get confused about how to select the best alternative for your site. In this post today, you will learn everything about affiliate marketing programs that many top performers use to make thousands of dollars each month.


  1. FlexOffers
  2. Commission Factory
  3. Amazon Affiliate Program
  4. Commission Junction ( CJ)
  5. PartnerStack
  6. ShareASale
  7. Rakuten program
  8. ClickBank


Key Takeaways

  • There are many ways to get started with affiliate marketing, one of the effective ways is to start a blog.
  • Amazon affiliate program is considered a popular marketplace for beginners.
  • Build content around affiliate products that you selected.

Top affiliate marketplaces to help you monetize your blog via affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, the first thing you need to sort out is to find out top affiliate networks, it not only helps to increase revenue by receiving a higher commission but also opens opportunities to find better deals for readers.

Here are some affiliate marketplaces that are worth trying out to help you earn thousands of dollars each month. Some are different from others in terms of features, brands, and commission payout. Over time you will be able to find the best network based on your experience.

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1. FlexOffers

FlexOffers affiliate network


FlexOffers is one of the top networks that have a cross range of affiliate program categories, including education, digital products, and business. Those programs are available on the platform that you may need to apply for approval before promoting products on your site.

After getting acceptance from the platform, publishers are able to find the top and most valuable brands such as Nike, Apple, and Microsoft to promote on their blogs. Moreover, there are some international programs that are available for bloggers to promote worldwide.

Besides this, the platform also updates new and top features advertisers every few days, which creates so much convenience for users to get noticed. If there is some change in the commission payment and discount, then FlexOffers will send a notification message to your registered email.

It normally takes approximately up to 4 days to get approval from the network as they will send you an email about the current status of your application. Once you get accepted, you can update your bank account detail and select the best affiliate product to promote on your website.

What is the commission rate for the FlexOffers affiliate program?

FlexOffers affiliate network has more than 11,500 quality brands from different industry categories, including media, entertainment, web hosting, business, and shopping, to name a few. For this, depending on the type of brand you work with, the commission rate will be varied based on the advertisers’ affiliate payment policy.

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2. Commission Factory 

Commission factory- affiliate network


Commission Factory is the top Australian affiliate program that allows both publishers and marketers to make money by promoting products from the platform. There are some leading brands such as Oasis, Puma, and Air New Zealand that are offering for bloggers on the marketplace.

According to Commission Factory, it provides total transparency that allows users to understand where the sale comes from and know the currency that they are going to get paid.

In terms of Payment, publishers will receive the payment weekly based on the commission that they make. Upon getting approved to the network, you should set up your payment detail on the platform and it will automatically transfer the payment to your account.


3. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon Affiliate program is among the top networks destination that every blogger must join and promote some popular products from the platform. The platform has vast product categories that are available for any type of industry you are in.

For example, the program has all sources of automobile products and other accessories, which are the best fit for a blog that concentrates on building content around automobiles.

In terms of payment, publishers have several options to receive payment from Amazon which are check payment, bank transfer, and an Amazon gift card. The best option is bank transfer because Amazon will make transactions to your international bank account every month.

Overall, the Amazon affiliate program works best for both beginners and advanced affiliates who have done some advanced studies about the marketing industry. It not only helps bloggers to increase the higher conversion on their sites but also creates a stable earning stream.

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4. Commission Junction 

Commission Junction- CJ affiliate program


Commission Junction(CJ) is also on the list of top marketing networks for both beginners and advanced knowledge users. It’s because the marketplace has over 330 reputed brands from all over the world. Users make no time to find some best brands like Microsoft, Bluehost affiliate, and 1Password.

Since being established back in 1998, CJ has expanded its global presence to almost in every continent as the firm has partnered with some well-established local brands. The platform acts as a middleman to connect both publishers and advertisers as the usual way most affiliate networks operate.

As a publisher, you will need to apply for each program for getting acceptance before promoting it on your site. Some programs have strict requirements in terms of site reputation and a good amount of traffic to partner with bloggers.

The very first step is to complete the process of signing up with CJ. Publishers have to prove the site quality and a good amount of traffic to get approved. It normally takes up to 3-4 business days to get a notification from CJ.



PartnerStack- Affiliate network


PartnerStack was established in 2016 as it’s still relatively new to the market. But, the firm has built its strong reputation worldwide due to its specialization in software products.

Some of the best software brands like Sendenblue,, and Intuit, are offering available on the platform. Notes, some programs have stricter program policies in terms of quality content. Thus, publishers need to read each program’s requirements before applying.

In terms of Payment, the minimum payout is $50, and you can either use a bank account or PayPal as the main payment method


6. ShareASale

ShareASale- affiliate marketing program


ShareASale was established in 2000. Since then, it’s been among the most popular destinations for both bloggers and advertisers. At the time of writing, the platform has over 16,550 merchants and 225,000 publishers.

Publishers will find the best brands that are showing available on the platform, which requires them to apply for each program to suit their niche.

The application process usually takes around 3-4 working days to get acceptance. What you need to do next is to set up the payment detail, including bank account and personal information for receiving payment from the network. 


7. Rakuten Affiliate program

Rakuten Affiliate program


Rakuten affiliate program is one of my favorite networks due to the fact that the platform provides early support to bloggers in terms of getting in touch with affiliates to give them suggestions and supplying additional information about an affiliate marketing program.

Rakuten has several reputed and best brands that work well for every blog niche. If you already have some products on the list that you want to promote, then use the search bar to apply for those programs.

Users need to apply for each program that they wish to promote. The platform will send you a confirmation of the program application once you complete the application process.

Based on my experience, some programs will accept the application immediately, while others have a stricter policy to take new partners. They will go through the process of reviewing publishers for up to 5 days to get back with a notification.


8. ClickBank

Clickbank Affiliate network


ClickBank is another massive advertising platform that is worth mentioning. Since established back in 20 years ago, the company has steadily grown its network of both publishers and advertisers worldwide.

It’s free to open a new account with Clickbank. Publishers only need to fill down the application detail and set up the bank account for receiving payment.

According to Trustpilot, Clickbank has received an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars, which indicates the business has succeeded in customer satisfaction. However, there are minor complaints about the platform based on the customer review on Trustpilot.

Based on my experience, I feel the customer service team from Clickbank has done a fantastic job to help solve most general common issues regarding payment and connection with companies. 

How do affiliate programs pay you?

Depending on each affiliate marketing network you join, you would receive payment when your earning commissions reach the minimum payment threshold or receive compensation based on a net 60 ( earn from January, receive money on 1 March). Normally, you would receive money via PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, etc.


Feel free to share other affiliate programs that you have great experience working with

The list of 8+ top affiliate marketing programs that any bloggers or publishers are eligible to join to make money right away.

Your job is to find the appropriate products that you use to build content around them. Remember, focusing on delivering value to your customers is the main priority because they will give you support if they feel you give them what they want.

Share the post with others if you find it provides essential information about marketing networks.


Which affiliate program is the best for beginners?

Amazon affiliate program and CJ are both considered ideal solutions for beginners. Those networks have a cross range of best and reputed products to promote.

Top affiliate marketing programs for bloggers and influencers

Top 8+ affiliate marketplaces to help you monetize your blog via affiliate marketing. 1. FlexOffers 2. Commission Factory 3. Amazon Affiliate program 4. Commission Junction 5. PartnerStack 6. ShareASale 7. Rakuten Affiliate program 8. Clickbank

What is the best pay affiliate network?

Each program has its payment policy, which you need to understand what they offer before applying. Thus, it pretty much depends on your experience with the brand that pays you the highest commission.

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