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13 Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers and Site Owners: Pro Tips

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When it comes to making money from blogging, there are many ways you can consider diversifying your income streams, however, without SEO marketing effort to boost your site’s search engine optimization. Your online business will not drive regular traffic and revenue.

For this, using reliable blogging tools like content marketing tools and keyword research tools will not only help capture a large number of loyal fans and increase website traffic but also can boost your blogging productivity work schedule to double.

Keep in mind that those blogging tools play different roles to make your work becomes much easier and you will notice a result in a short period of time if implement them the right way.

For example, keyword research and proofreading tools definitely help to increase the quality of your work and add more value for customers and readers.

The following is the ultimate list of blogging tools for beginners and site owners to implement and increase productivity over time. Based on our experience, we use all of those tools for our WordPress site, and you may select the best applicable one to enhance user experience.


1. WordPress Security Plugins

best blogging tools for beginners

One of the priorities is to protect your business by installing WordPress security tools, which protect your WordPress blog infrastructure and also can minimize the impact of any cyber attacks, including malicious attacks and hacking attempts.

  • iThemes Security: this is one of the most trusted and reliable security tools for WordPress due to the fact that iThemes Security plays an essential role in protecting your blog or website against any malicious attacks, including brute force attacks, and detecting any malware as well as enforcing strong password to minimize the hacking attempts from hackers.
  • Sucuri Security: this WordPress security plugin is another major player in providing security coverage for your website in terms of monitoring and scanning blog or website malware. The platform will notify bloggers if there is any unusual change in the DNS record or other security issues.

In addition, Sucuri Security has other key features for an additional purchase, including a website firewall (WAF) to tighten the online security of your online business by preventing bad bots and DDoS attacks.


2. Keyword Research Tools

After tightening the security of your WordPress blog, the next step is to use the right keyword research tools, so site owners can find profitable and high-search volume keywords to increase the online visibility of their business.

  • KWFinder: This is a long-tail keyword research tool that we currently use for conducting relevant keywords before creating content for our site. The magic thing is KWFinder identifies several important key metrics about keywords such as search volume, and SEO difficulties score ( the lower the better chance your site can rank on Google).  
  • Ubersuggest by Neil Patel: this magic keyword planner tool has become so popular within the SEO marketing industry due to the fact that users can search for profitable long tail keywords and include them in the content to increase search engine optimization. It also offers a free plan for beginners and new site owners to search up to three keywords per day.
  • Google keyword planner tool free: as a blogging beginner, you should not ignore the power of the Google keyword research tool because it is a part of the Google Ads platform, which is widely used by many SEO experts and professionals.

By implementing the Google keyword planner tool, bloggers can find short and long-tail keywords, as well as, get relevant targeted keywords. Avoid selecting keywords with high competition, instead, choose the low and medium competition scores to increase the opportunity to rank higher.


3. Video Editing Tools

When it comes to social media marketing to boost more organic traffic, you need to have several solid video editing tools to take advantage of some essential features in order you create a high-quality video.

  • Wondershare Software: this is one of the reliable video editing tools that enable users to create a high-quality video with several key features like visual effects, sound quality, and an easy-to-use platform. If you don’t have this tool in your daily blogging. I suggest you sign up and edit some best videos and photos for your business to attract the attention of viewers.
  • TubeBuddy: this is a must-have tool for bloggers and Youtubers because TubeBuddy plays an important role in finding short keywords to attract more traffic to your blog and YouTube channel.


4. Search Engine Optimization Tools

Another important factor that helps your site rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing is the implementation of an SEO marketing strategy on your blog. For this reason, it is essential to create an account with several search engine optimization tools to boost site visibility and drive more organic traffic.

  • Google Search Console: this tool allows users to access their site’s several key performance metrics, including, keyword performance, average position performance, number of backlinks, etc. Importantly, site owners also receive a notification from it if there are any issues with indexing and Google penalties on your site. 
  • Google Analytics: with this web Analytic tool, you will access several key traffic data, including traffic location, average position, most viewed article, traffic retention, traffic sources, etc. 
  • Mangools: offers a 10-day free trial for site owners and bloggers to implement the right SEO tactic for their sites and increase organic traffic over time. In particular, the SEO tool allows them to boost on-page and off-page SEO by finding high-quality backlinks and relevant keywords.
  • Bing Webmaster tool: if you haven’t created an account with the Bing Webmaster tool, then I highly recommend setting up the account with them because it will create endless benefits for your business in terms of getting indexed and ranking higher on the Bing search engine.


5. Tools that Double Your Productivity

As a part of a blogging experience, the main objective is to constantly find ways to deliver quality blog posts, which can help the reader improve their general knowledge and build credibility within the blog niche.

It could be done by conducting quantitative and qualitative research to gather essential information and data to publish a convincing post. Here are a few productivity tools to consider:

  • Time Doctor: This is a time-tracking and productivity tool that allow businesses and individual to track their time and remote employee online behaviors. Thus, it improves their productivity.
  • 1Password: is a leading password manager that protects small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers’ sensitive business data and other important information. In particular, 1Password uses  AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard information such as passwords, logins, and payment card information.
  • Glasp: this is a highlighting text platform that enables freelance writers and bloggers to save any text from third-party websites. For this, if you do a lot of reading, then definitely Glasp is the ideal solution to help highlight important text.


6. Grammar checker tools

As a part of content marketing, freelancers and bloggers must be equipped with all the necessary tools to polish their writing in terms of grammatical errors, punctuation, and tone suggestions. For this, they need proofreading tools to write better content before publishing.

  • ProWritingAid: this is by far the best grammar and proofreading tool that every freelance writer and blogger needs to deliver top-quality content. Specifically, ProWritingAid is a long-form grammar checker tool that can detect and suggest long-form content, of more than 500 words.
  • QuillBot: is another reliable grammar tool that can help writers detect common issues such as punctuation, correct word usage, tone suggestions, and auto-correction. Thus, it is always a good idea to double-check your word before sending it to clients or publishing.


7.  WordPress Cache Plugins

One of the important factors to pass the Google core web vitals is to use the WordPress cache plugin because, with the best cache plugin, your site will increase search engine optimization by increasing the page load time and avoiding the failing URLs from both mobile and desktop. 

  • FlyingPress: is considered one of the best WordPress cache plugins that help to increase the website speed and pass the core web vitals. Even though it is a newcomer in the industry but has gained popularity in terms of helping your site speed optimization.
  • WP Fastest Cache: this is among the fastest WordPress cache plugins that can optimize website speed performance and improve page load time. It’s a free-to-use cache plugin and also offers a premium version but I don’t recommend using the premium version since there other better premium options from other top WordPress cache plugins.
  • The Super Page Cache for Cloudflare: this cache plugin is designed for those who use Cloudflare CDN, which allows your site to load blazing fast by caching static files like CSS and images. If you are with Cloudflare CDN, then copy and pay the global key CDN to the Super page cache.


8. Reliable WordPress Hosting

Another important aspect that can determine your site’s reliability and increase the search engine performance to rank higher is selecting high-performance WordPress hosting. With the right hosting provider, you will have peace of mind and not worry about the downtime of your site and speech performance.

  • Hostinger: is by far one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting providers that are best for small businesses and bloggers to build an online presence for their business. With a shared hosting plan, you can select an affordable one that offers a free domain name.
  • Cloudways: this is a cloud hosting platform that enables you to speed up your website and increase the search engine performance by passing the core web vitals. You can select one of the top cloud hosting on Cloudways like Amazon, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc.


9. Email Marketing Tools

In order for businesses and bloggers to boost SEO optimization and bring more visitors to their websites, they should consider using the right email marketing tool to stay updated and get engaged with regular customers.

  • GetResponse: This is an effective marketing tool that enables users to create an easy email marketing campaign by using drag and drop. It also allows bloggers to build pop-up forms, landing pages, and sign-up forms. 
  • Omnisend: This is a reliable email marketing tool that helps e-commerce businesses generate leads, using some top features like SMS messages, pop-ups, sign-up forms, and email marketing campaigns. It offers both free and premium versions you can select the right one based on your budget.
  • Intuit Mailchimp: is a popular email marketing platform that has a global reputation and credibility in the market. The platform allows users to integrate with Canva to directly add images and graphics to email templates.


10. CDN Networks

Selecting the right content delivery network is one of the important factors that help your site pass the core web vitals, reduce latency, and increase website speed optimization. With different server locations worldwide, web searchers won’t have to wait too long to access your site because it uses the nearest server to respond to search queries.

  • StackPath: is another popular CDN network that enables site owners to improve the website and blog speed and reduce latency. It also provides security coverages, including, firewalls (WAF), DDoS attacks, and mitigating other attacks.
  • Cloudflare: is the pioneer player in the CDN network that guarantees to increase your site speed performance, tighten security by using its DNS server, and page rules, and provide a WAF to increase the security of your site.

With the free subscription plan, members will access some basic features such as page rules, DNS setup, rocket loader, and WAF. 


11. Outsource Your Work To Freelancers: Freelancing Websites

Running a start-up means you can not always do multiple tasks because it would not be efficient to cover all the work all the time. For this reason, you need to concentrate on more vital tasks and outsource other less important ones to other freelancers on freelancing websites.

  • Upwork: is a global freelance marketplace that has millions of businesses and freelancers on the platform. As a startup owner or blogger, you can outsource tasks and hire independent freelancers for content creation, graphic design, web development, or managing your business’s digital marketing, etc.
  • Fiverr: is a well-known freelancing platform that costs members around $5 to complete a short-term project. For this, you may need help with general freelancing work associated with your blogging business, such as writing an introduction, editing videos, or creating infographics.
  • is another freelancing website where you also can find reliable freelancers and ask them to help you with anything related to your business. keep in mind that always follow the platform policy guidelines to avoid scammers and avoid accounts being terminated.


12. Ad Networks & Management Tools

The next step is to focus on how to make money from your blog. And, one of the easiest ways to start earning revenue from your site is to monetize the content with the right ad network.

  • AdSanity: this ad management plugin for WordPress sites will enable site owners and bloggers to manually sell their advertising space or work with the highest-earning ad networks.
  • Ezoic Access Now: is one of the best ad networks for publishers and bloggers to increase their site ad revenue by up to 50%
  • Adsense: when it comes to monetizing your content, Google Adsense is another global ad network that has millions of publishers and users worldwide. It is a good starting point to make money online with your blog and you may move to a better-earning ad network for higher revenue.


13 Content Idea Generator

Without the content idea generator,  you may get stuck at some point in terms of finding new topic ideas and continuing to create valuable content to enhance customer experience and your site performance.

I first received one of these blogging tips from an SEO expert and quickly implemented some of them to continue publishing content for my site and also for clients. 

  • Google Trends allows users to search for the most searched topic on the internet in different languages.
  • AlsoAsked: this is one of my favorite blogging tools that allows me to generate popular and quality content. By entering the keyword, the platform will show relevant and popular questions that internet users are eager to get the answers from. The free version allows members to search up to 3 popular questions a day, and if you need more then consider using the premium for more content marketing optimization.
  • BuzzSumo: is another best content marketing tool to help bloggers and content writers discover the best content, hot topics, and keywords.


Final thought of the 13 best blogging tools for beginners

In order to provide the list of best blogging tools for beginners and small businesses. We had spent at least several months trying out and experiencing many of them as well as based on dedicated research, which can provide those valuable tools for our users to implement and can double their work productivity.

Indeed, there are other top blogging tools that we believe can create more value for your online business, if so you share your experience with us by providing a comment below.


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