Best Budget Apps to Save MoneyBest Budget Apps to Save Money

Best Budget Apps to Save Money for 2023

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Updated 01/01/2023.


Money-saving habits can be hard to build, but if you have proper tools that allow you to track your expenses and income, then you will have a greater chance to save money in the future.

The main difficulty is there are many best budget apps available in the market, and each saving app has its own functionality and features. What you need to do is to spend time researching and finding the right one that enables you to build a money-saving habit.

In addition, money-saving apps will act as your guide to balance the budget in terms of controlling expenses and income (save money tips) that may help you to speed up the process of saving money over time.

In this article, the following are the best budgeting apps ( save money tips) that might help you automatically save money without any pressure or stress.

Depending on the type of saving app, you should continue to read each one in more detail to figure out the one that works best for you in terms of achieving your financial goals, and accessing current personal finance.

1. Acorns


3. Empower, formerly Personal Capital.

4. Steady

5. Rocket Money, formerly Truebill

6. Trim


Key Takeaways

  • Each saving app has its own features and core functions (save money tip ).
  • Empower (Personal capital) and Acorns apps are well known for investing your saving money.
  • Collegebacker is more priority in your saving for education and other financial goals.
  • Rocket Money (Truebill) and Trim share some standard functionalities and features that allow users to cancel unwanted subscription fees and other overcharged fees.
  • Steady has two main functionalities that help members “save money” and suggest them job opportunities


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1. Acorns- Saving Apps

Acorns investing app- Business Reviews



Acorns mainly specialize in the investment sector, you just need to deposit your spare change in Acorns’ investment app which allows you to save money and invest for your retirement or your kid’s future.

The great thing about this investment app is that it allows members to create a savings account, and they can set up deposits automatically for each paycheck they receive.

By investing your spare changes, you will be able to save and accumulate your money over time by using Acorns’investment account (Acorns investing app -Save money live better).

At the time of writing, there are around 9 million members who have signed up for creating Acorns accounts, which enables them to save and invest their money for the future.

For those who plan to invest a small amount of capital allocation in Bitcoin, then it is good news for Acorns’ users. In particular, the Acorns investing app will allow members to invest up to 5% of their investment in Bitcoin ETF ( According to Reuters).

After creating an account with Acorns, you have the option to create an investment portfolio associated with your financial goals and income.

How much does it cost to use Acorns’ savings account?

A basic Acorns account will be charged around $1 a month. While $3-$5 is the fee for using an investment account that is built based on the advice of the Acorns experts.


Overall, Acorns is mainly designed for creating a long-term successful investment account, which you could use to save and invest for your future retirement or invest in kids’ education.

Moreover, this great saving app is also considered the best way to save for a house for young millennials.

2.CollegeBacker -Save money for education

Best budget apps for saving money



Collegebacker is one of the best budget apps that help parents to set up a 529 tax-free college saving plan. Over time, the parents will use the money-saving to fund their kids’ education such as a university degree.

At the time of writing, Collegebacker has helped thousands of people to avoid student loan debts. In particular, this good budget app supported parents to stay committed to their saving plan and helps them use the saved money to fund their kids’ education for a brighter future.

The following are the three main options that help you to save and invest money for the future. You may use a combination of those three ways to maximize contribution to the saving plan (Best budget apps for saving money -save money live better).

  • Option one: use a tax-free 529 to invest your saving, which will later help to pay off your kids’ college education.
  • Option two: you can encourage your relatives, friends, and close family members to contribute to your kid’s future savings fund. 
  • And the last one: you may find brands or products that have partnered with Collegebacker. The saving app will allow you to earn cashback rewards that directly contribute to your child’s future education.


3. Empower, Formerly Personal Capital

Empower budget planner

Empower, (Personal Capital) is the investment tool that works best for those who want to track and manage their finance in an effective way. It is one of the best budgeting apps that allow members to access Personal Capital tools such as saving planner, current financial situation, and plan for future retirement, just to name a few.

Members can easily invest money in different asset vehicles because it provides comprehensive suggestions and advising solutions based on Robo advisors and Financial advisors’ services (Personal Capital review).

Based on the review on the Trustpilot,” it is easy to use and has very comprehensive tools”, which allow users to monitor income and expenses over time.

At the time of writing, more than 3.3 million members are currently using the Empower app in order to track their spending and achieve better financial situations in the future.

It’s easy to use and provides a comprehensive tool for tracking net worth over time. The Empower, Personal Capital saving tool is completely free unless you want to seek advice from the platform digital financial advice for a service fee.

Another point to mention is users don’t need to pay a single dollar to set up an account and it allows you to access the app’s free money tracking dashboard ( free access to financial tools from Empower), where you are free to use some useful features to manage and track the money.

As mentioned earlier, Empower’s main purpose is to focus on investments as the platform will give our users suggestions and advice solutions for a fee such as investment, asset allocation ( equities, bonds, cash), and other different investment vehicles.

For this reason, this is one of the best investing apps for retirement and budget management as it is best for those who plan to accumulate their saving over time for retirement and manage their budget in good shape.


4. Steady- Best budget planner

Save money tips-best budget apps

Steady is especially best for students and college graduates, who want to use this saving app to pursue side hustles for making an additional income. Unlike other saving apps, the platform has two main functionalities that help members “save money” and suggest job opportunities”.

Before searching for the right job, members need to answer a few questions that are relevant to their skill sets, qualifications, and work experience. In addition, your profile must be set up ready to ensure the Steady app will link you to the relevant jobs ( best budget planner).

In particular, Stead will help you to find different job opportunities based on your profile and you can search for side hustle jobs, part-time and full-time as you prefer.

Steady will also constantly update the money you earn allowing you to keep track of the earning progress from the side hustles and saving plan (save money challenge).


5. Rocket Money

Rocket Money budget app review


Rocket Money, formerly Truebill is one of the best saving apps that has a unique functionality that helps members be aware of their spending habits and helps them reduce their utility bills.

And, the name Rocket Money ( Truebill) shows the firm main objective is to assist members to save money and help them reduce or cancel unnecessary bills. At the time of writing, more than 2 million members are currently using the Rocket Money app to save money by tracking their spending habits.

In particular, Rocket Money will act as an assistant to track all the subscriptions of each individual, and they will give you the option to cancel unwanted subscriptions which can help to save money for the future.

For example, if you have Amazon Audible, Netflix, and Dropbox for paying monthly subscriptions. Rocket Money put these subscriptions on the same page so users can keep track of and cancel membership fees that they are no longer using.

In case you plan to save money for an emergency fund or achieve future saving goals, Rocket Money has a service option called ” Saving on Autopilot”, which means you can set up a saving account that allows the platform to automatically deposit money to the saving account.

Members will have full control of their saving account on Rocket Money as they are entitled to withdraw or close the account anytime.

Another great benefit of using this saving app is that it will monitor all of your expenses ( daily expenses app), and will send you a constant update on your spending to ensure you keep track of your savings progress.


6. Trim

Trim review-How save money fast


Trim also share some standard functionalities with Truebill, where the platform helps thousands of members cancel unwanted subscription fees and other overcharged fees.

In particular, users will receive recommendations to cancel the old subscriptions, which allow them to save money over time.

In addition, this budget app will help members to save money by constantly monitoring their spending habits based on the app and it does a great job to spot more saving opportunities for you and your family.

According to Trustpilot review, Trim has overall great customer satisfaction as it received more than 1,214 reviews, of which 68% of customers voted for excellent service.

Trim also has a unique feature on its platform that enables users to save money for their retirement, emergency fund, and much more. In other words, members can automatically deposit a small amount of their salary into Trim’s account as it will work the magic way to accumulate your money over time.


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Best Budgeting Apps in 2021

1. Acorns- Best budget apps 2.CollegeBacker- Save Money tips 3. Personal Capital-Save Money 4. Steady-Saving apps 5. Truebill-Daily expenses app 6. Trim-Daily expenses app

What are best save money tips?

Consider using best budget apps for monitoring and controlling your income and expenses. Here are the best budget apps. 1. Acorns- Best budget apps 2.CollegeBacker- Save Money tips 3. Personal Capital-Save Money 4. Steady-Saving apps 5. Truebill-Daily expenses app 6. Trim-Daily expenses app

What is the top budgeting app?

The following are the easiest budget app. 1. Steady-Saving apps 2. Truebill-Daily expenses app 3. Trim-Daily expenses app

Best Budgeting Tools for Millennials in 2021

1. Acorns- Best budget apps 2.CollegeBacker- Save Money tips 3. Personal Capital-Save Money 4. Steady-Saving apps 5. Truebill-Daily expenses app 6. Trim-Daily expenses app 7. Mint 8. PocketGuard

What is Trim budget app?

5. Truebill-Daily expenses app Trim the main purpose is to control and monitor your daily expenses.


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