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Best Business Books to Read for Every Entrepreneur 2023

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Updated: 01/01/2023



In order to become a successful entrepreneur, the very first thing we need to do is to change to an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s because starting a business requires that person to possess a long-term commitment and discipline to ride over the good and bad periods of the business.

Whether you are going to launch an online business or offline business, it’s essential to first come up with the business idea and how your business model can deliver value to the customer. For this reason, business books are another effective method to learn from other successful experts in the field and grow your business successfully.

In this article, here is the list of best books for starting a business that you should consider to have at least one on your bookshelf and learn how to build a successful business model to meet the need and expectations of customers.


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The following are the best entrepreneur books that you can follow as a guide to building a successful business model.

When it comes to launching a business, there are many challenging things that may have a negative impact on your journey to success. Thus, entrepreneur books are considered a great way to create a competitive business and win the customer’s heart and soul by creating a better brand.


1. The 100$ Startup book by Chris Guillebeau

Launching a successful business requires massive capital and coming up with a comprehensive business plan that allows business owners to attract investment and scale up the business to the next level.

With the 100$ Startup, the author explains numerous practical tips and theories to start a business with little money, as a side hustle, and you don’t need to quit your full-time job to follow one of the side hustle ideas.

However, “The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau” emphasizes the importance of building a great business model, which ensures improve the customer experience by providing better services and products at a minimal cost.

the $100 startup

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In addition, the author also compiled a list of different successful side hustle business ideas by interviewing those successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, which provides valuable information for you to get inspired and come up with a great side hustle idea.

The $100 Startup book provides a step-by-step foundation on how to build a small business or a side hustle, which you don’t need to give up on your full-time job. With limited resources and capital, you can build a great business if you are able to give customers what they want and deliver value to them.

After reading this book, you will be able to form a small business entity by following several steps that the author includes in the book. It’s possible to build a successful business if you have a brilliant idea. Importantly, your commitment is the vital ingredient for success.

For example, several side hustle ideas in the book do make a 6 and 7 figures income, which means those entrepreneurs have already quit their job and are solely focused on growing the business into the next stage.

For this, the $100 Startup is considered one of the best books for starting a business because the author explains several ways to come up with side hustle ideas, so you can start a side business with a minimal cost.

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2. The 80/20 principle by Richard Koch

The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch is one of the best business books for entrepreneurs to learn and apply knowledge in the real world. It’s because the author highlights some important factors to consider so that you can achieve better business results and improve productivity over time.

In particular, this book provides some useful examples of how to understand and apply the principle for the reader to be easily digestible. For instance, the principle also highlights the importance of getting some help from friends or family members to achieve further in business.

The 80:20 principle by Richard Koch

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The 80/20 principle has been widely used for a long time, and many people use this principle to learn the best combination of the two essential factors: ” Work hard and work smart” to help them achieve what they want in life.

Moreover, this business book also teaches you how to avoid unproductive activities due to the fact that those activities consume too much of your time without creating any better results. For this reason, you should take time to make a reflection and stay focused on important tasks and activities, which improve productivity.

In relation to startups, it’s essential that we must change our entrepreneurial mindset to improve the products and services that we deliver to global consumers. Thus, creative thinking and analytical skill are the two vital skills to possess for a successful entrepreneur.

Last but not least, the author provides the top ten applicable ways for 80/20 principles in business, which you should focus to read in this section at least a few times. It’s because you would be able to apply the principle to your real-life situation based on your understanding.

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3. Rich Habits & Poor Habits

Rich Habits & Poor Habits is one of the best business books to read for young entrepreneurs due to the fact that the co-authors spent more than 5 years studying the daily habits of the wealthy and people who live in poverty.

One of the important factors for contributing to a successful business is to have a solid business plan as well as the enthusiasm of the founder. For this reason, it’s important that every entrepreneur must have a clear vision and positive mindset that allows them to give the correct direction to their people.

Rich Habits & Poor Habits

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It could be done by learning and adopting good habits in daily life. This book will provide the necessary information and an action plan for entrepreneurs to become better versions of themselves.

The Rich Habits & Poor Habits emphasize the importance of building good habits and minimizing bad habits, which can help you to differentiate from others. Hence, it is recommended to have it on every entrepreneur’s reading list.

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4. Principles of Life and Work by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, the author of the book “Principles of life and work”, provides his opinions and advice to young business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of setting goals to achieve greater things in life. You will continue to evolve if you know how to open your mind wisely and make necessary changes for improvement.

The author emphasizes the importance of creating goals for both life and work, which you can set as a benchmark to make better decisions and weather several obstacles in your life.

Principles of Life and Work by Ray Dalio

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In particular, the most vital aspect of achieving success in life is to face the reality, which allows you to understand the reason behind it, and then you can make a plan to better cope with it effectively.

Moving into the life aspect, the writer suggests that you should get familiar with the ” 5 step processes, which allow you to achieve what you want to achieve in life. This can be broken down as follows:

  • Set your own goals
  • to determine the current problems and obstacles that may hinder your success
  • Must spend time reviewing and reflecting to figure out the root causes of the issues.
  • Based on problem identifications, you can set out to design your own life plan to overcome those issues.
  • Take action as a necessary step to achieve better results.

Based on my reading experience, this is by far the most important tool that I follow in Ray’s advice because it helps me to set a model to achieve what I want to do in life. In case, it may have to deal with different problems, then I use the ” 5-step processes” in this book to highlight the issues and make a plan to solve them in an effective manner.


Key Takeaways

  • 4+ most influential books for entrepreneurs to have at least one on their bookshelf, which allow them to learn guidance from industry experts in the field.
  • The $100 startup teaches you how to create a great business idea, which ensures improve the customer experience by providing better services and products at a minimal cost. Hence, it’s one of the best startup books to read.
  • The Rich habits and poor habits book not teaches you ways to make money, but you will learn to build your self-discipline by continuing to apply good habits. Thus it will be beneficial to building a successful business.
  • Principles of life and work: the author emphasizes the influential role of principles in achieving greater goals in life.
  • The 80/20 principle has been widely used for a long time, and many people use this principle to learn the best combination of the two essential factors: ” Work hard and work smart” to help them achieve what they want in life.


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