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Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Earn Money: 2023

Updated 09/06/2023.

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When you plan to start a blog, the first thing in your mind is how you are going to diversify different revenue streams such as making money online. And, the answer is all about creating ads on your website.

Google AdSense is one of the main advertising platform providers for many website owners like you to maximize your revenue and income. It is because the platform offers a great way for publishers to earn revenue through advertising links or banners on their posts or pages.

However, the downside of Google AdSense is the limitation of different types of ad formats, where you couldn’t find other ad types such as in-text advertising.

And, another one is the difficulty to get approval from Google AdSense in order to monetize your blog or website, Google AdSense will run through all the required criteria based on its advertising policy program, it takes a bit of time for publishers to monetize their content.

In this article, I am going to run through the other five best Google AdSense alternatives for making money online. And, give you the best accurate and honest feedback about those platforms based on my own experience, so that you will have a clear picture of each one’s pros and cons and be able to make a decision on which ad platform to go for.

For a quick review, I list other best AdSense Alternatives for our readers to get a general idea of who they are. For further information, you should continue to read each one for more detail.


Key Takeaways

  • The list of 11 best Google Adsense alternatives allows bloggers and websites owner to display ads on their sites and earn money online.
  • Some ad networks such as Propellerads and Adsterra give fast approval for bloggers to make money right away.
  • Remember, high-quality and unique content is the most important to drive traffic to your site and increase ad revenue.

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1. Monetag, Formerly Propellerads

Monetag review


The first site to mention is Monetag, formerly PropellerAds, the advertising platform that is so popular across the globe due to the fact that it offers extra income and revenue for publishers. In particular, you will have a range of advertising options and campaigns available such as push ads, pop-up links, and banners, which ensure that you can maximize your site earnings with them.

In particular, Propeller also constantly checks on their platform in order to ensure there are no spammy-looking ads on your blog/ website if then they will remove those spammy ads immediately on their site.

If you find any unrelated ads to your site, then you have the priority to report and directly tell them to fix the issue in case you don’t prefer them on your site.

In terms of advertising format, personally, I always pick the “ In Page-Push and Push Notifications” as those are super user-friendly and abide by all the rules of Google Search Engine. However, there is no right or wrong answer for this because you are free to select the ad formats that suit best your Blog and personal needs.

Another great benefit of using Propeller is that it provides a plug-in, called PropellerAds, which is compatible with your WordPress platform. As a result, you don’t need to spend too much time setting up Propeller Ads on your site, instead, you just need to download the Propeller’s plug-in on your WordPress and it will manage and take care of all the advertising options from your site.

The good thing about Propeller is you have the option to run Propeller Ads together with another advertising platform, it is a totally safe practice because Google allows bloggers to run both Propellerads and other ad platforms at the same time. Therefore, it is one of the best Adsense alternatives in the advertising market.

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2. Ezoic– Google Adsense Alternative

Ezoic Requirements- Adsense alternative
Ezoic Requirements- Adsense alternative

Ezoic is another great advertising platform to provide the solution for website monetization besides Google AdSense. Notes, it is an official partner of Google AdSense, where you can easily change to using Ezoic with just one click on the google account. Then, Google will send you a confirmation email for your wish to change to Ezoic.

Ezoic is another great way for blog beginners to maximize revenue and improve site speed, it is vital for your site ranking on Google. Our users can refer to this to establish an account and start earning money right away.

⇒ Try Ezoic Access Now and Increase your ad revenue

Ezoic has been reviewed by more than 50,000 customers and publishers as one of the best advertising solutions to monetize your blog. Importantly, the company has a greater range of brands, companies, and different types of industries, where there is no concern at all to match the right brands and companies to your website’s content.

Ezoic Requirements

As mentioned, Ezoic is an official partner with Google Adsense, and it requires publishers to meet several key requirements in order that they are allowed to monetize their blogs. In particular, you will need to provide the statistic of the number of blog views as evidence that let them examine and make a decision whether your site has met all the requirements for monetization ( Ezoic Requirements).

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3. Infolinks

Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Earn Money: 2021
Infolinks review- Google Adsense Alternative

Infolinks is the best in-text advertising platform so far on the market because it offers a great option to design and select the best ad type to suit your needs. In particular, it has a range of ad types such as in-text ads ( directly attach and link the highlight words in articles), in-frame, and banner ads.

The platform presents its market share in almost every corner of the world, where there are more than 130,000 active users including publishers and customers across 130 countries. Infolinks offers an advertising-friendly service, which means the company’s ads are designed in accordance with industry guidelines and practices. And, it meets all the Google codes of practice and standards.

The good thing about Infolinks is you have the option to run Infolinks Ads together with another advertising platform, it is a totally safe practice because Google is happy to let bloggers run both Infolinks ads and others at the same time.

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4. Buysellads– GoogleAdsense Alternative

Buysellads Review Adsense Alternative
Buysellads Review- Adsense Alternative

The next alternative solution for monetizing your content is BuySellAds, it is a marketplace for publishers and advertisers, where they will directly negotiate and drive for the advertising deal with each other.

In other words, it is a completely new business model where publishers have greater control over the type of ads to suit their websites or blogs.

One thing to mention is once you get approved from Buysellads, you are not allowed to run either Google AdSense or other advertising companies- they will let you choose the best solution to monetize your content. However, it is a great alternative ad network besides Google AdSense, where you have the freedom or greater control over ad placement and creative approval.

Lastly, Buysellads offers a super quick payment scheme, and users shouldn’t wait for too long until they receive funds from it.

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5. Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associate Programe- Adsense Alternative
Amazon Associate Program- Adsense Alternative


The last one to mention is the Amazon Associate program, I think everyone must know the size of Amazon and it is also the main competitor with Google in the tech sector. Over years, Amazon has attracted millions of publishers and marketers as partners globally.

Based on this, it would be a mistake if you don’t sign a partnership program with Amazon because it offers a great commission and revenue for your blog. Even on my website, I also have an affiliate partnership program with them.

Unlike other traditional advertising platforms, Amazon offers a monetization program with your site by displacing affiliate links on your content, instead of directly putting ads on your site. For example, if you review a book or a particular product on your posts, and readers or users click to purchase those products, then you will get a commission from the sale.

Another great benefit of partnering with Amazon is that the company has a global presence and a gigantic cross-range of products and services, where you will easily offer the most popular product on your site by allowing traffic to click on the link purchase.

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6. Skimlinks

Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Earn Money
Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Earn Money


Skimlinks is another Google AdSense alternative that’s worth mentioning due to its high credibility and easy-to-use platform. Similar to the Amazon affiliate program, Skimlinks allows publishers to monetize their content by displacing different products and brand names on the website or blog.

In addition, you are allowed to use different types of earning streams like Amazon, Ezoic, or even Google Adsense, alongside Skimlinks to maximize your revenue. However, do not aggressively displace ads on your content as readers may feel disturbed and annoyed. Hence, it may impact the quality of your content and website ranking.

In terms of payment, publishers need to fill in their payment detail on the Skimlinks dashboard and wait up to 92 days until the fund arrives.

7. Sun Adnetwork

adsense alternatives- AdclickMedia
Adsense alternatives- AdclickMedia


Sun Adnetwork is considered one of the best Adsense alternatives as the digital advertising platform has created a friendly eco-system of using PPC & CPA for both website owners and advertisers.

Particularly, companies or business owners use the platform to generate more sales by paying pay per click, at a low cost. While website owners are allowed to monetize the content using the platform.

At the time of writing, the digital media company has more than 2600 publishers from all over the world and receives millions of page views per month. As a result, there are around 41,000 daily clicks which is considered a great benefit for both publishers and marketers.

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8. SHE Media

best adsense alternative- SHE Media
Best Adsense Alternative- SHE Media


SHE Media is another best Adsense alternative due to the high credibility and transparency of the business model. In particular, the main purpose and mission of SHE Media are to promote cross-cultural awareness among nations in terms of Food, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and much more.

In addition, it is also an ideal place for women entrepreneurs and website owners to make money online while enjoying the life they desire. Over years, SHE Media has attracted thousands of users worldwide to become the top 10 lifestyle Media, with over 79 million monthly views ( best Adsense alternative)


9. Google Ad Exchange

If you have created an Adsense account and used it for a while, then it’s not necessary to move away from it. It’s because Google AdSense has an alternative program that calls Google Ad Exchange, in which your site will get paid based on the number of views and impressions.

In particular, Google Ad Exchange is an ad network that allows publishers and advertisers as well as marketing agents to the platform. Real-time bidding and private auctions from Adx create so many benefits to both companies and readers in terms of delivering quality relevant ads.

By using Google Ad Exchange, publishers are eligible to access other great features such as URL blocking and cookie usage blocking, which create so much satisfactory experience for users.


10. Adsense alternative is one of the recognized ad networks across the globe, the platform has attracted a large number of advertisers and publishers over the years. For this reason, it’s considered the main rivalry of Google Adsense when it comes to ad network solutions.

One of the great benefits of using is publishers are allowed to design the ad layouts to ensure it is compatible with the blog collar theme.

In addition, many bloggers have also reported that their site’s revenue has increased based on the impression rate ( RPM). 


11. Adsterra

Adsterra advertising network- Adsense alternative


Adsterra was established in 2013 by a small group of professional affiliate marketers. The company is based in Cyprus with a team of nearly 200 members. The recent success of Adsterra is based on the company’s clear vision and total transparency in terms of delivering satisfaction to both publishers and advertisers.

According to Adsterra’s statement, the firm specializes in global advertising to ensure both advertisers and publishers are happy with the service it provides. In particular, the firm pays more attention to genuine and quality content than the traffic volume of the website. Thus, it’s great news for bloggers who want to monetize their content with Adsterra.

Different from other ad networks, users will receive payment twice a month based on the amount of commission they make over the period. And, the minimum payout is $5.

Last but not least, the platform makes it much more convenient for publishers by accepting various payment methods such as Wire transfer, PayPal, and Bitcoin.


Final Thoughts

Here is the revised list of best Adsense alternatives that allow bloggers and website owners to make money online by monetizing ads on their content.

1. Monetag, formerly Propellerads – Easy to set up and almost get instant approval.

2. Ezoic– An official partner of Google AdSense- user-friendly ads.

3. Infolinks– Best for in-text ads and safe to run both Infolinks ads and other ads platforms at the same time.

4. Buysellads– Best for greater control of your ads- select the advertisers for your site.

5. Amazon Associate Program-Best for an affiliate program by displacing links on your site.

6. Skimlinks– Best used for affiliate marketing for blogs and websites.

7. Sun Adnetwork- Offers PPC & CPA advertising solutions for both website owners and companies (Google AdSense alternatives).

8. SHE Media– contents are used for women to improve their living standards.

9. Google Ad Exchange


11. Adsterra 

Ad networks like Propellerads, Infolinks, Adsterra, and AdclickMedia give instant approval for ad monetization. If you want to make extra revenue to cover other expenses, then consider working with those ad platforms.

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By Jiro Nguyen. 


FAQ Section

8 best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Propellerads - Easy to set up and almost get instant approval from Propellerads. 2. Ezoic - An official partner of Google AdSense- user-friendly ads. 3. Infolinks- Best for in-text ads and safe to run both Infolinks ads and other ad platforms at the same time. 4. Buysellads- Best for greater control of your ads- select the advertisers for your site. 5. Amazon Associate Program-Best for an affiliate program by displacing links on your site. 6. Skimlinks- Best used for affiliate marketing for blogs and websites. 7. AdclickMedia- Offers PPC & CPA advertising solutions for both website owners and companies (Google AdSense alternatives). 8. SHE MEdia- contents are used for women to improve their living standards.

Alternatives of Google Adsense?

Ezoic review- adsense altetives

Ezoic - An official partner of Google AdSense- user-friendly ads.

What are alternatives to Adsense?

.Ezoic. Infolinks. Buysellads. Amazon Associate Program. Skimlinks….

Alternatives of Adsense?

Amazon Associate Program, and other affiliate marketing programs.

What is Best Google AdSense Alternatives To make money online?

.Ezoic. Infolinks. Buysellads. Amazon Associate Program. Skimlinks

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