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5 Best Ways to Send Money Internationally

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When it comes to international money transfers, there are many ways to consider sending money back to your home country, especially, to your relatives and loved ones. 

According to Finder, the global international money transfer exceeded $773 million in the year 2021, and people in the United States alone sent more than $74 million in remittances, to their friends and relatives.

For this reason, before sending money overseas, you may consider following several ways to determine the right money transfer service such as exchange rates, transfer fees, fast and reliability, and services, to name a few.

In this post, we will list numerous global money transfer providers based on the above factors, so you may consider choosing the best international money transfer app for you and your family in the future.


wisetransfer- Transferwise


Wise, formerly named as TransferWise, is the leading international money transfer service that offers several options to send money internationally, including bank deposits, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

In addition, this money transfer app is also an ideal solution for freelancers and business owners because the platform allows them to hold multiple currencies on the same Wise account, which means it will save them the hefty exchange rates fee for every making payment in a local currency.

For the exchange rate, users can check the current exchange rate for the currency they want to send money overseas. In particular, enter the amount of money in the currency you send, and select a specific currency that a recipient receives ( as shown in the screenshot above).

Indeed, it is one of the best money transfer providers in terms of offering better exchange rates. This is because the Wise platform will compare its exchange rates with other money transfer services, which you can take advantage of to select the right one.

Another benefit of using Wise is that it estimates the average time the money will arrive. And, if there are no other issues, then it will reach the destination safely.

For example, after entering the amount of money you want to send, it will show the estimated time the money will reach the recipient’s bank account.

The Wise money transfer app is free to download on Google play, iOS, and Android.

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Remitly Review


Remitly is another money transfer provider that helps ex-pats and others to send money internationally, back to their families and loved ones who need help with financial support. 

The firm was established in 2011 by the co-founder, and CEO, Matthew Oppenheimer. After living abroad for a while, the co-founder understands how painful for immigrants and ex-pats to send money back home, to their family members.

And it is one of the reasons he created Remitly to help with those issues.

For the fast and reliable service, users only take a few minutes for the money arriving to the recipient’s bank account if they choose the express transfer.

The Remitly app is super responsive and easy to use, which makes it easy for members to make send money overseas. Indeed, users must sign up and provide some form of identification, such as passports or driver’s licenses before using.

The exchange rate may not be the best compared with other top money transfer services, but it offers several international money transfer options to consider:

  • Directly deposit to the bank account.
  • Cash pick up at the available Remitly locations.
  • Home delivery.

For transfer fees, it is relatively affordable to send money back to your home country. However, the fee will be varied, which depends on several factors such as the locations and services you choose.

The Remitly money transfer app is available to download on Google play, iOS, and Android.

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MoneyGram review


MoneyGram is among the leading international money transfer companies with a global reputation due to the fact that this fintech firm has been in the P2P and money transfer industry for over 43 years.

With over thousands of worldwide agents, users can make global money transfers almost everywhere in the world, in over 200 countries.

For this reason, recipients have more options to receive the money in more than 200 countries, including pick-up locations, bank deposits, etc.

According to MoneyGram claims, after selecting money transfer options, it will take from a few hours to a few days for the money to arrive, in some cases, it may take longer if there are any issues like agent working hours.

For the transfer fee, the fee would be cheaper for choosing an online bank account or a debit card as the payment option. With a credit card as a payment option, you would end up paying a higher fee.

In addition, MoneyGram is also highly rated for its customer service. This is because users can get in touch with MoneyGram customer support via live chat, email, and even phone calls.

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Xoom by PayPal review


Xoom is owned by PayPal, another big player in the global money transfer industry because it allows members to send money internationally to up to 160 countries.

One of the biggest advantages of Xoom is that customers have numerous ways to send money overseas, which makes it so much more convenient and easy for recipients to pick up cash in their home country.

  • Bank deposits: you can send money to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Cash pick up: receivers can pick up at available agent locations.
  • Cash delivery: choosing this option means it will deliver to the recipient’s house.
  • Transfer money to debit cards: may check this option if it is available in some countries.

In addition, you can use your current PayPal account to sign up or log in with Xoom, the system will connect Xoom and PayPal accounts together.

For service speed and reliability, when you select the cash pick up and bank deposit as an option to receive money, typically, recipients will receive the money within minutes ( if there are no other issues with banking hours or others).

And, home delivery will take up to a few days when you select this international transfer with this option.

The exchange rate may not be the best in the market, but with the credibility and reputation of PayPal, customers will have the peace of mind to receive a refund if the transaction fails to reach the destination.



WorldRemit review


When you plan to send money internationally, WorldRemit is also one of the best options to consider because this money transfer company provides several payment options to cover up to 130 countries at an affordable transfer fee. WorldRemit

In addition, there are several payment options you may use to transfer money as follow: debit cards, credit cards, and bank deposits

Indeed, you also can select one of the ways to send an international transfer, including, bank transfers, cash- pick-up, air top-up, etc. 

WorldRemit transfer fee

The transfer fee will be varied, which depends on the location where you want to send money.

For example, choosing a bank transfer as the way to send money, $100 to India, the fee would be around $2.99, and the system estimates the money will arrive at the recipient’s bank account within minutes, as shown in the screenshot above.

Exclusive offers: Use the promo code ” 4FREE” and receive the first four transfer fees free with WorldRemit.


Final thought of choosing the best international money transfer

It doesn’t matter whether you transfer money across borders to your friends or relatives who need your help with financial support. The priority is to select the best international money transfer app, which can save you time, and money and free you from any hassles.

For this reason, the followings are several important factors you may consider when selecting the right money transfer service:

  • Transfer fee: it’s essential to pay attention to the transfer fee because senders and recipients may end up paying a higher price for an international money transfer.
  • Fast and reliable: consider how long it takes for the recipient to receive the money, normally within a day, if there is nothing wrong with the transaction. For reliable service, a great money transfer provider always refunds the money to the sender’s account if the transaction fails.
  • Service coverage: provide several payment options to send money, and how many countries and locations the service can cover.
  • Exchange rate: it’s also one of the key factors to saving you money, the best way to send money internationally is to check the exchange rates on several money transfer providers and choose the best one that offers a better exchange rate.
  • Customer service: offer the most effective live chat, email, or phone call as options for customer support to help clients solve some general issues associated with money transfers.
  • Website and app: available to download the money transfer app on Google and Apple stores. Indeed, the platform must be easy to use and navigate around.

Importantly, avoid using credit cards to send money overseas because this option always causes you a higher transfer fee than other payment options like bank deposit or debit card.


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