Proven Ways to Find Remote Work From Home JobsProven Ways to Find Remote Work From Home Jobs

Proven Ways to Find Remote Work From Home Jobs in 2023

Updated: 02/08/2023


Are you looking for remote work? that enable you to have higher autonomy in terms of arranging your schedule and importantly working from home.

Since the start of the global pandemic, remote work is growing fast due to several factors including full-scale lockdown, restricted movement, and required full vaccination.

More and More young professionals have searched for remote work opportunities over the past years and hope to find better full-time, part-time remote jobs or even get freelancing roles.

The following are the 6 best ways to help young millennials increase their chance of landing professional remote work. You should further find out more detail about each step.

Key Points

  • Remote work is growing fast due to Covid-19.
  • 6 best practical tools to help you increase the chance of finding a quality remote job.
  • More and more young millennials have searched for part-time remote jobs that allow them to work from home (home based jobs).
  • If you are a beginner freelancer, you can consider Fiverr– a freelance online marketplace, it’s an ideal starting point for freelancers to build their freelance work portfolio and learn how to communicate and interact with clients.


The 6 effective ways to find remote work-from-home jobs

Work-from-home jobs create many benefits for employees in terms of working arrangements, flexible schedules, saving commuting time, and spending more time with family. Here are several proven ways to help you get a remote job.


1. Identify your skill and talent to narrow down the remote work area

Upon starting any remote job, the very first step is to identify the skills that you have learned at University or from work experience. Alternatively, determine your strengths by figuring out what you are really good at, which you can use to deliver value to others.

For example, one of my friends I know has excellent graphic design, and he uses this skill to make money from home by designing logos for startups.

In addition, other people have excellent communication in writing and speaking, which allows them to come up with different great side hustle ideas such as speaker and copywriter.

By highlighting the core competencies, job seekers should search for a remote job that is in accordance with their skills and knowledge. Moreover, continue to update with the industry trend and upgrade your knowledge which is beneficial to your career in the future.

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2. Take time to search for the current market demand in your field

Market demand plays a crucial role to help the business increase its chance of success competitive landscape. The firm’s board of directors tends to do market research before launching products or services.

In a similar approach to business, I firmly believe individuals also need to take time to figure out the demand of the specific industry that they are in. It not only helps them to understand the new skills and techniques required to perform the jobs but also can smooth their career in the long run

For instance, if you are searching for remote data entry jobs, which require you to have some critical skills to be successful at the job including excellent communication ( both verbal and written), proficiency in computer and technical skills as well as a high level of accuracy.

Here are several remote job sites that have a cross-range of job categories available worldwide. Some big tech firms also started to attract talents by recruiting them to work remotely.

  • Flexjobs: is a market leader in the remote work sector, which has more than 50 job categories. These include entry-level remote jobs, part-time and full-time jobs, and freelance work.
  • is established by the same founder as Flexjobs, it also specializes in helping members to find remote jobs, which are ranged from part-time, full-time, and even freelancing work.
  • JustRemotethis gives you the option to narrow down your remote jobs search by using the search bar. It has plenty of remote work such as part-time and entry-level remote jobs such as telecommuting jobs.


3. Reputation is critical to your career success

At the beginning of your career, it is almost impossible to self-promote someone that they are capable of performing the job. Unless you have built some credibility through working or contributing to an organization or society.

One of the common concerns is a lack of trust because they don’t know about you, which makes them feel insecure to accept an offer. For this reason, building a reputation is one of the critical missions for every millennial if they want to succeed in their personal life and career progression.

Over time, people will slowly build trust in you through the actions or attitudes that you perform at work. It’s the only way to build your reputation as you progress your career to the next level.

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4. Continue to improve and learn new skills

The legendary investor Warren Buffett once said that “ invest in yourself” by acquiring new skills, which can be beneficial to your personal and career level. In particular, The Oracle of Omaha suggested to students that they need to work on improving their communication skills ( writing and speaking), which can help to increase the value by 50%.

I take this advice seriously because spending time on improving your skill and knowledge not only paves the way for career progression but also helps you to become an expert in the field that you are in.

In particular, each job requires employees to have a bunch of skill sets, which allow them to be successful at the job. Some of the skill sets such as interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills are essential in most organizations. Thus, it’s vital that you continue to expand your line of expertise to perform the job better.

If you are a beginner freelancer, you can consider Fiverr– a freelance online marketplace, it’s an ideal starting point for freelancers to build their freelance work portfolio and learn how to communicate and interact with clients.

Keep in mind that Fiverr has thousands of short-term projects, and you could find it easier to land remote work than on other freelancing websites.

In case you have advanced skills and work experience in your field, then you could consider searching for better and higher pay freelance work on Toptal– the high-end freelancing site that helps business owners find highly skilled freelancers.


5. Expand your professional networking

Networking is a criticle aspect of your career success due to the fact that finding professional friends who not only help you to get a related job in other firms but also can expand your professional network as they can refer other friends to you.

The following are several ways that help to expand your professional networking

  • Connect with your University Alumni: If you are still in University or recently graduated, then alumni are the place to sign up and attend the professional networking event.
  • Attend local networking events will open up vast opportunities to talk and engage with other professionals. You never know who you are going to talk to, but the benefits are always larger than your investment.
  • Volunteer: you give back to society by participating in a local volunteer program, and having a chance to work side by side with other professionals. 
  • keep in touch with your former coworkers: you will have the opportunity to update with the trends and understand what’s going on with your former employers. And, it’s always a good idea to connect with your former boss or coworkers to keep the relationship in good shape.

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6. Practice common interview questions 

Even if you are searching for remote work-from-home jobs, it is also vital to prepare a list of common interview questions that can build your confidence and motivation.

Each hiring manager has their approach and method when it comes to interviewing candidates for a job. but, common questions that mostly appeared in the interview are:

Tell me about yourself.

How do you know about the company?

Why do you want to work here?

What interests you about the role?

Do you think that you are a good fit for the role?

Besides that, you should also spend time to understand the general information about the company, which includes a brief history, the department that you apply for, and its culture. It’s a bonus if you can connect with the hiring manager on Linkedin as they may impress with the enthusiasm and professional attitude that you bring to the interview.

Final Thoughts

We have highlighted several proven ways for freelancers and students to increase the chance of landing their first work-from-home jobs and be able to earn extra income as a side hustle.

Keep in mind that depending on your learning ability and commitment will determine your success as a freelancer based on the freelance work portfolio and skills that you have learned.

If you are struggling to connect with clients for getting a freelance project, then you may use Fiverr as a launching place to improve your skills and knowledge over time.


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FAQ Section

Proven Ways to Find Remote Work From Home Jobs

Best Ways to Find Remote Work From Home Jobs: 1. Identify your skill to find remote jobs 2. Update with market demand 3. build reputation 4. Invest in yourself 5. Expand your professional networking 6. Practice common interview questions

What are benefits of remote work?

Less commute, flexible work schedule, and higher autonomy, which allow you to have the creativity to come up with different ideas.

What is the best site to find remote jobs?

Here are several remote job sites that have a cross range of job categories available worldwide. 1. Flexjobs has more than 50 job categories. These include entry-level remote jobs, part-time and full-time jobs, and freelance work. is established by the same founder as Flexjobs 3. and JustRemote: this gives you the option to narrow down your remote jobs search by using the search bar


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