Best Wordpress Security Plugins For New SitesBest Wordpress Security Plugins For New Sites

6 Best Security Plugins For Wordpress to Protect Your Website

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Are you recently starting a new website? and wondering how to tighten the security of your site against malicious attacks or hacking attempts. 

For this reason, choosing the right WordPress security plugins is one of the essential steps to minimize the impact of the attack on your website or blog infrastructure. 

In addition, a reliable security plugin will monitor and report the pattern of bad bots and human activities in terms of malicious activities. Thus, users will get notified on their Wordpress blogs and they can take action by locking out those bat bots.

In this post, we will highlight the list of best security plugins for WordPress, which increase the security of your website and also can minimize the attack of automated bots.


Key Takeaways

  • The list of best Wordpress security plugins, which include free and premium versions for bloggers and site owners to use based on their business’s budgets and needs.
  • Members can install the best suitable security plugin for WordPress and add additional security for their websites against common attacks.
  • With the premium version, you will get more complex and premium features to tighten the security of your WordPress blog.

1. Sucuri Security Plugin

Sucuri Security Plugin


The Sucuri security is one of the leading plugins to protect and enhance your WordPress blog security due to the fact that it will do a great job of scanning and monitoring blog or website malware as well as notify site owners and bloggers immediately if there is any unusual change on DNS records and security issues.

With this top security plugin for WordPress, users will have peace of mind to prevent future attacks by receiving a daily report on bad bots and malicious activities on your site.

In addition, the platform has a website firewall (WAF) to not only prevent the attack from such activities as DDoS attacks and protect the DNS record from bad traffic, but it also helps to speed up your website using CDN.

The following are key features that bloggers and site owners may consider using:

  • Provide security for your site.
  • Has a backup feature to keep your WordPress file safe.
  • Remove malware.
  • Monitoring and notifying of any malicious activities.
  • Blacklist monitoring.
  • Prevent any hacks in the future.
  • Speed up your site
  • Firewall protection.

Importantly, the platform also has a 24/7  live chat support team to answer any general inquiries associated with the firm security products and how to use them.


2. Wordfence Security Plugin

Wordfence Security Plugin


Perhaps, this is the most complete and best free security plugin for Wordpress because members can use the WordFence free version to run the scanning and detection of malware activities and core files on their sites.

Indeed, the WordFence plugin is one of the most advanced security scanners and firewall protections for WordPress blog security due to the fact that there are around 4 million users that use this security plugin to tighten the security of their sites.

With the firewall feature, you can set your own rule to block requests and protect the overall security of your website. For example, you can set strong password enforcement for all members on the platform firewall to minimize any password leaks.

The WordFence plugin also has a great feature called ” live traffic”, which provides a daily report on who is trying to log in to your site including bad bots, and human activities.

In addition, the WordFence premium version is much more complex and has more advanced features, which include updating IP blocklists, finding the latest malware, and providing premium support for members.

The price for getting a premium version is around $99 a year.


3. iThemes Security plugin

ithemes Security plugin


iThemes Security is another reputable and reliable platform that we should not ignore because it is one of the best WordPress security plugins that provide protection for your site by detecting malware and enforcing strong passwords for all members.

The plugin also provides protection against any brute force attacks, which aim to hack your site’s password and username. 

For this reason, the iThemes security pro version also enforces the strong password requirement by adding an additional security login layer to your site. In particular, all members must use a two-factor authentication code prior to login into the site.

One of the greatest benefits of using this best security plugin is that it will detect and automatically lock out or even bans bad users who tend to hack your site. Thus, it may safeguard your website against those threats.

The following are some useful features your site will get from ithemes security plugin:

  • Tightening usernames and passwords using two-factor authentication
  • Block bad bots, malicious users, and IPs.
  • Protect against brute force attacks.
  • Monitor the suspicious users’ activities.
  • Scan and detect vulnerable themes and plugins.

With the scanning feature, members could detect the most vulnerable plugins and themes, which are usually the leading cause of attacks from hackers. Thus, you may change to better and lightweight security plugins if you want to.


4. Defender Security

Defender Security

Defender is also on the list of best security plugins for WordPress because it has all the necessary features such as brute force attacks, SQL injections, and scripting XSS, which can safeguard your site against hackers.

Similar to other security plugins, the free version allows site owners to enforce strong passwords and usernames protection by adding an additional security layer- two-factor authentication.

In addition, the Defender security plugin provides firewall protection for WordPress sites, where it will block bad users and IPs as well as ban bad users from your site.


5. All in one WP security & FireWall

All in one WP security & FireWall


All in one WP security and Firewall is a reliable plugin for WordPress blog security, where this plugin will provide Wordpress security and firewall protection for your site.

One of the interesting features is the security grading point, which means website owners will receive overall security points for their sites, and they can make a change to improve security and protection.

This free security plugin will provide basic protection for new sites, which includes brute force attacks, firewalls, spam comments, and blocking bad users.


6. MalCare Security

Malware Security


Last but certainly not least, the Malware WordPress security plugin will cover some of the following essential tasks to protect like scanning and removing malware before it harms your site.

This lightweight security plugin will also detect and clean up malware with just a few click-aways.

  • Block bad users.
  • Detect and remove all bad malware
  • Allow seeing hack files
  • Security scan will notify you if your site is at risk.
  • Block users’ attempts to log in.


Final thoughts on Wordpress security plugins

We had discussed several WordPress plugins, which include a free security plugin and a paid version. Depending on your expectations and budgets, you may consider the most suitable one to improve your WordPress blog security against hacks and attacks.

Let’s say you want more premium features and better protection for your site, then consider using Sucuri security, iThemes, or WordFence premium version.

In case you are a new blogger, then you may not afford to purchase the premium version- so maybe, the free version of any one of those WordPress security plugins may be necessary to minimize the impact of the attacks.


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