Bluehost hosting plans- bluehost reviewBluehost hosting plans- bluehost review

Bluehost Review, Accurate Overviews of WordPress Web Hosting

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Updated: 20/11/2023.


Bluehost (hosting for Wordpress) was first established back in 1996 and now it becomes one of the largest web hosting platforms, especially for WordPress, where they have more than 2,4 million active website and blog users.

There are many web hosts in the market across the globe, and it’s hard to make the decision over which one is the best hosting for WordPress.

This is because almost every company always says its product and service is one of the best, for this reason- as a consumer, we don’t know how to choose to pick the right one for our blogs and websites.

We all know that blog, and website performances are pretty much influenced by a strong network and quality web hosting service.

In other words, choosing the right WordPress web hosting is the very first important job to launch a blog successfully, and Bluehost is the right answer for getting it right because it offers a reliable network and the service team is super-efficient and friendly service.

In just a short period of time, the company has expanded rapidly in terms of the number of active users, performance, and quality of service, just to name a few.

Why? Review of Bluehost

Because they have a superior performance network and the largest network asset based in Ottawa, America.

In this article, we are going to explore and have a thorough review of Bluehost- “WordPress Hosting recommended”, one by one over the core quality of each product, including service plans, site speed test, performance, security, SSL, Cpanel, and how reliable of Bluehost server in terms of handling traffic spike on your website.

For quick reviews of Bluehost website hosting in this article, there is a list of 8 main factors that we are going to look at on one for more information. You should continue to read the whole section for more details. 


1. Free domain and either purchase a good one-review of Bluehost

2. Hosting For WordPress service plans

3. Free SSL- Hosting For WordPress

4. Compatible with Cloudflare, Google Domain, and GoDaddy.

5. Service speed and performance.

6. Bluehost’s pros and cons.

7. What is the best plan for website or blog beginners with Bluehost?

8. Support team of Bluehost- Bluehost Reviews


Key Takeaways

  • Bluehost hosting plans offer a cross range of hosting services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, any plan will come with a Bluehost free domain and free SSL certificate.
  • As a website beginner, the Bluehost choice plus web hosting is recommended as part of shared web hosting due to cost-effectiveness and efficiency enough to handle small and medium traffic.
  • When your blog or website generates some regular traffic, then you may upgrade the Bluehost plan to higher as part of your website growth demand.
  • Bluehost is the best web hosting for Wordpress because it’s an official partner with the WordPress platform to help bloggers like you, launch a blog- managed to host -shared plans.

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1.WordPress Hosting Service Plans- Bluehost Reviews

Bluehost is one of the best web hosts for WordPress and it is an official and strong partner of This is due to the service quality and reliable network which determines the position of Bluehost in the market at the time of writing- top position ( learn more about Bluehost on Wiki)

As you can see Bluehost with the ultimate service, offers all one package to your site. In other words, your blog and website will instantly get connected with WordPress along with a Free domain name, free email, access to Cpanel, Blue Host webmail login, and much more.

Notes: This service package is available for all Bluehost service plans. They also have a 24/7 support team to give the website owner 24/7 help whenever needed.

Let’s jump into the service plan of Bluehost and see what they can offer to our users- website owners and bloggers.


Bluehost- Bluehost Reviews, Accurate Overviews of WordPress Web Hosting:
Bluehost Service Plans- Hosting for Wordpress


Basically, Bluehost offers 4 main types of Bluehost hosting plans (, and each one has its own features and core functionalities, which depend on the needs and expectations of your site’s preferences.

Importantly, service plans will vary in terms of prices and benefits because the more powerful and super speed performance, the higher in Search Ranking, and the more expensive, and Google will look at those factors to determine your blog ranking.

Basic Plan– normally suitable to the new website or blog owners, once your blog generates regular traffic of around 5000 views a month, then it’s time to think about the upgrade to Choice Plus or Pro plans.

  • Another solid reason is your site needs to generate enough funds in order to cover the fee for a more expensive plan-Bluehost. in review
  • Service fee: normally $3.95 for paying a whole package of 36 months, just covers one site.
  • You also have the option to pay for 12 months and 24 months for this hosting service for WordPress.
  • Bluehost also offers a monthly service fee to users- paying month to a month basis, it gives you a flexible option and choice before making a decision over a long term with Bluehost.

Bluehost Plus plan– best for multiple blogs and websites and all else is pretty much similar to the Basic plan.

  • Service fee: $5.95 a month for paying a whole package of 36 months.
  • You also have the option to pay for 12 months and 24 months for this hosting service for WordPress
  • There is a monthly service fee available to all users- paying on a monthly basis, gives you all experience and see how quality its product and service are.

Choice plus web hosting– your site will have more features in terms of security and privacy as well as IP protection. Best for a popular blog with more than 10 traffic per month.

  • Service fee: $6.95 a month for paying a whole package of 36 months
  • You also have the option to pay for 12 months and 24 months for this hosting service for WordPress
  • There is a monthly service fee available to users on paying monthly basis, it gives you all experience and sees how quality its product and service are.

Pro Plan– best for speed performance, and all features of other service packages are covered in the Pro plan. Why? Your site will be at its peak performance once you decide to go ahead with this premium plan (Bluehost. in review).

  • Service fee: $13.95 a month for paying a whole package of 36 months.
  • You also have the option to pay for 12 months and 24 months for this hosting service for WordPress (Bluehost. in review).
  • There is a monthly service fee available to all users- paying on a monthly basis, gives you all experience and see how quality its product and service are.

Overall, Bluehost choice plus web hosting is recommended for website and blog starters because the server will cover enough traffic to your site without any lagging and disrupted network. Once your blogs are able to generate regular and larger traffic volumes, then Pro Plan is a good one to handle all the traffic spikes and speed performance.

2. Free Domain name- Bluehost Reviews

Either if you go and make a decision with one of Bluehost’s web hosting services, the company offers you a free domain to select in case it’s available in the market.

Notes: The fee for choosing a new domain name is around $16 a year, most popular sites that offer domain names are Google Domain, Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hostinger, and much more.

Bluehost offers a free one including the hosting package which is good news for our users (review of Bluehost).

Therefore, there isn’t much attention to technical concentration in terms of setting up a free domain name on your site- because it will automatically give you the option to choose once you sign up with one of Bluehost’s plans.

3. Free SSL

SSL is the site that provides a website with a security and secured network, which is also considered the main factor in ranking higher in the Google Search Engine.

With a secured SSL certificate, the blog or website will be determined by Google and Bing or even Baido as spam, and those giant search engines may blacklist your site on the internet.

Therefore, it is a must for blog and website owners to get good web hosting for WordPress with a free SSL certificate because it is a general practice to meet Google and other search engine regulations and guidelines. Otherwise, you may have to pay an additional fee for securing an SSL certificate.

Bluehost- Bluehost Reviews, Accurate Overviews of WordPress Web

Moving to the step-by-step installation of a free SSL certificate from Bluehost.

  1. You need to log in to the Blue host account ( Bluehost website hosting)
  2. Next, select the ” Site” icon.
  3. Navigate to the ” Manage Site” and then click on it.
  4. Continue to click on the ” Security” tab and turn on the SSL certificate.

After enabling the SSL certificate, then your site will be in a secured internet mode as the ” Lock icon” will appear on the URL. In the meantime, you should use Cloudflare to enhance the greater level of your site’s security and protection in terms of handling traffic through its site and minimizing other attacks.

Cloudflare will act as the third-party agent to ensure all traffic to your site is being scanned and filtered out if it finds any Bot attacks and hackers.

4. Compatible with Cloudflare and Google Domain- Reviews for Bluehost

Google Domain is also an official partner with WordPress web hosting- Bluehost, and if you registered the domain name with “Google Domain” then, it’s more than ok to point the Domain DNS to Bluehost’s server. In this case, what do you need to do?

  1. Log in to the Bluehost website hosting account.
  2. Select the domain tab and then click cope the IPV4 under A Record.
  3. Then paste it onto the DNS registrar from Google Domains.

After you pasted the IPV4 on Google DNS then you need to wait for at least 24H to 48H until it shows the domain, which points to Bluehost. Importantly, ensure you place Bluehost website hosting’s servers on Google DNS, which means your site will be under the management of Bluehost web hosting service.

Cloudflare is a must to use in order to enhance the website and blog security and performance. As mentioned earlier, it provides speed and traffic enhancement for your site, which allows it to rank higher on Google search engines. This is because using the Cloudflare service will increase traffic as it sends the information to the closest internet request from your site. Then the audience will be able to see your content (“managed hosting” -shared).

Importantly, on your WordPress account, you should consider installing Cloudflare and WP Cloudflare Super Speed, which are compatible with WordPress web hosting– Bluehost. And it manages to improve your site speed and performance.

Sign up with Bluehost hosting

5. Service Speed and Performance- Reviews of Bluehost

After you have followed all the necessary steps, then absolutely your site speed and performance with Bluehost website hosting will be in the A-class, maybe around 90-98 score on the GTmetrix test site, Google speed test, and others.

If you are not sure then use GTmetrix- the most reputation and efficient page speed checking, which is trusted by IBM and Forbes, as well as Procter and Gamble. By pasting your site domain or URL, GTmetrix will be able to show the page speed on your site and will give suggestions for improvement in some areas.

you should look at those highlights for improvement and work on them to improve your site speed. However, your site will be absolutely ranked in the A class with GTmetrix, if you stick with one of Bluehost plans and install Cloud-flare on your site (Bluehost website hosting) 

6. Bluehost’s Pros and Cons- Reviews of Bluehost

In terms of the pros and cons of Bluehost website hosting. I am going to share with you in more detail for your consideration.

1. The service team is super helpful, normally they will get in touch and give you a hand within one or two minutes. Regarding the particular issue, the support team will assist you step by step via phone or live chat until you solve all the current problems on your site.
2. Website Speed and performance are more than ok because it has one of the strongest networks and asset-based in the world, which will ensure free service disruption and lagging internet in the most less-developed internet areas.
3. Cheaper hosting plans compared with other web hosting companies in the market (review of Bluehost)

1. A basic plan may not be able to handle the traffic spike of more than 20,000 views a month, and you need to upgrade to a better plan to ensure your site is able to handle higher traffic volumes and maintain higher speed and performance.
2. A higher fee will be applied if you decide to pay monthly, which is what I don’t like about Bluehost.

7. What is the best plan for the website or blog beginners with Bluehost- Bluehost Reviews

The best WordPress web hosting plan with Bluehost is Basic and Bluehost plus hosting for website and blog beginners. Then you may upgrade to the Pro plan once your site has regular traffic and revenue (“managed hosting” -shared)

8. Support team of Bluehost

As mentioned before, the service team is super helpful, normally they will get in touch and give you a hand within one or two minutes. Regarding the particular issue, the support team of Bluehost will assist you to step by step via phone or live chat until you solve the current problem on your site.

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Final thoughts on Bluehost website hosting

Overall, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress web hosting providers because it offers reliable and super-quality products and services, which are important factors in boosting your site speed and performance (“managed hosting” -shared)

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By Jiro Nguyen.


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