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Several Business Models You Can Use to Expand the Side Business Ideas

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There are many business ideas that side hustlers can select one of them to build recurring extra income for their families. For example, they can become a freelance content writer if they have creative writing skills and there are endless opportunities to find potential clients on Fiverr or FlexJobs.

Before launching any online side hustles, it’s essential to conduct a lot of research about the different business models to pick the right side business associated with your skill and interest, especially, falling under one of those business categories.

If you are searching for different ways to make extra money, you can use several business models to build your side business.


Key Takeaways

  • The list of 3 business categories to help you select the right side hustle idea and be able to make money on the side. Any side businesses you choose will fall under those business models.
  • It’s essential to conduct a lot of research about the business idea, which allows you to find the right one based on your expertise and interest. Importantly, it’s a long-term game plan so choose the side hustle you will be motivated to take action every week.
  • As long as you work on your business goal and find ways to provide value for customers or readers, then you will see a big improvement after a certain of time.


Sell products online

Selling products online is considered one of the popular side hustle ideas that help you to find different ways to make extra money. In particular, you can implement the principle of ” buy low and sell high”, and remember it must be a great quality product with a competitive price.

You can select several e-commerce platforms and offer your products to potential customers. Some popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Gumtree, and Decluttr, to name a few.

Based on my experience, the side hustle to help me make extra money was “buying and selling Macbook Laptop when I was at University. In particular, I searched for quality laptops with a relatively low price and then resold them back on Gumtree for profit. 

The most important thing is, to tell the truth, and be a genuine seller so that you will slowly build a reputation and credibility in the online marketplace.

In addition, you could take this business model in another direction by offering an ebook or selling an online course, which means you might earn a recurring passive income stream for yourself and your family.

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Provide high-quality information for readers and monetize your content with ad networks

The next online side business you could do is to monetize your content with the highest paying ad networks, including Google Adsense. Specifically, you build a website and create high-quality content to help the reader improve their skills and knowledge. For this, you can earn money online through ad revenue.

With this in mind, readers and audience are important to your business and you need to keep engaging and informed with them in terms of comments, release regular articles, and answer their questions and concerns.

For this, your business is in a better position to form a great relationship with the followers, which means they will likely come back to read the material on your website. 

In addition, building a website with stable organic traffic also opens up other income streams, such as selling an affiliate product or direct sponsorship. In this case, you may include a few affiliate links on your content if you believe it provides value to readers.

Keep in mind that the priority is to build the relationship and deliver value for the audience, which means you may include affiliate links when it helps your proponents solve their problems or save money.

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Use your expertise and skill to offer service to others

The last side business idea is to use your expertise and skill to offer service to others. In this case, you can use your technical skills and knowledge from your workplace or University to sell services on several freelancing sites like Fiverr, Toptal, or tutoring on Preply.

The cost of launching this online side business is almost nothing when compared with other business ideas. This is because you use your skill to help others and don’t need too much capital to create products and advertise.

For example, there are a few business ideas to sell services: freelancing, freelance copywriting, social media management, etc.

The challenge is you are a beginner, and it might take a while to build a reputation and receive more positive ratings. For this reason, the best approach to consider is to concentrate on delivering high-quality service so that you will slowly build your work portfolio and experience over time.

In addition, you can start offering services to people within your local areas like dog walking or babysitting, which you literally can earn money for right away after completing the service.

As a side hustler, you can find different ways to make extra money, including offering freelance service, selling your skill, and helping other local people to move house. There is almost no start-up cost to run this business and you will receive money when you complete the project.


Final thoughts on side hustle ideas

I listed 3 main business models that help you to select one of them and find the right side hustle idea to learn how to make money online. In fact, you will learn along the way with your side business in terms of how to interact and communicate with customers, and other techniques to boost sales.

For this reason, the priority is to take action by working on your skills and business goal every day, which means you will see a big improvement after a long period of time.


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