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BuySellAds Review: Is It The Right Ad Network for Beginners? 

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You have had an established website or personal blog running for a while. And, you want to learn several best ways to make money from a blog, such as monetizing your content with Adsense

What about direct selling your website’s space or property to advertisers? and make money blogging as one of the smart passive incomes for your online business.

One of the reliable advertising programs that allow bloggers and website owners to have autonomy in terms of setting ad rates and directly choosing reliable advertisers for their sites, is BuySellAds.

Let’s take a comprehensive analysis of the BuySellAds review so that we will give you the essential information associated with its features, and how it works. Most importantly, you would be able to figure out if it is one of the highest paying ad networks for your site.


Key Points

  • is the online marketplace for buying and selling advertisements. The platform acts as a middle service firm to connect reliable publishers and quality advertisers, which allows them to directly offer ad rates and drive for a business deal in terms of selling ad spaces.
  • Generally speaking, BuySellAds will notify publishers if there are any offers to buy ad inventory from their sites, and they have options to accept and decline based on their preferences and expectations.
  • Blogging tips: BuySellAds might not be an ideal ad network for beginners to monetize their content due to the fact that the program requires high-quality websites/blogs with a minimum of 100,000 page views each month. Thus, it is not an ad network for blogging for beginners.
  • Publishers don’t need to pay any service fee to use the platform, but they will have to pay a commission fee of around 25% after successfully selling ad space to advertisers.


What is

BuySellAds review is the advertising solution for both publishers and advertisers due to the fact that the ad network pretty much acts as a gateway to connect all involved parties and helps them drive for a deal.

In particular, publishers have the freedom to make money from their blogs or websites by directly listing their sites and selling the ad spaces to advertisers. In addition, they are allowed to set the ad rate and fee and offer to buyers.

The deal will come to an agreement or decline, which depends on the publisher’s acceptance. In other words, advertisers can offer ad inventory from bloggers’ sites if they are happy with the price and the bloggers have options to accept or deny the offer.

If you are looking to set the ad fee on your own and are directly involved in selecting relevant and reliable advertising partners, then you may consider using BuySellAds as an alternative to Google Adsense.

At the time of writing, the ad network has over 1200 publishers and more than 4500 high-quality advertisers using the platform, which helps them to increase ad revenue and sustainably grow their businesses.


How does BuySellAds work?

The BuySellAds advertising network is the ideal solution for site owners to make money from their blogs because the program offers some useful monetization tools to increase ad revenue and help find relevant advertisers.

Generally speaking, BuySellAds will notify publishers if there are any offers to buy ad inventory from their sites, and they have options to accept and decline based on their preferences and expectations.

In addition, bloggers and publishers can request to change to other advertisers currently bidding on ad spaces. The program will review and change advertisers in order to match your ad space in terms of fees and other requirements.

Once you accept the ad offer from advertisers, your job is to copy the HTML code from the platform dashboard and paste it into your WordPress blog. After a while, the ad will show up on your website or blog.

Keep in mind that you should only accept ads related to your blog niche, which will help to increase the chance of conversion rates and cost per click.

Based on our experience, one of the reliable ways to scale up your business ad revenue and make money from a blog is to select the relevant ads ( stay away from low quality ads ) because they might likely click on the related ad to learn more when they think your content is valuable for them.

The following are several advertising placements that publishers and advertisers are most likely to use to increase revenue and increase brand awareness:

  • Sponsored content
  • Native ads
  • Ad banners
  • Email marketings


BuySellAds requirements:

BuySellAds is one of the top ad networks for publishers to earn money from a blog or website and find relevant advertisers. For this reason, the requirement for getting account approval might be based on several factors as follow:

  • Must have high-quality websites with quality and genuine content.
  • The minimum traffic monthly is around 100,000 visitors.
  • Regularly update fresh content.
  • The site must not be under construction.
  • English language websites.

There are other factors that determine the outcome of your site approval success so I suggest reading the policy guideline or getting in touch with one of the staff members to figure out how to monetize content with them.



Is the BuySellAds service free?

In terms of the service fee, publishers don’t need to pay any service fee to use the platform, but they will have to pay a commission fee of around 25%. 

In other words, when you successfully sell the ad space to advertisers, you will have to pay the platform a commission fee of 25%.

With the BuySellAds platform, you can set ad fees and select relevant ads for your niche. Thus, you can control which ads are showing on your site.


Step-by-Step Sign-up Process

In order to make money from a blog with BuySellAds, the first step is to complete the sign-up process, and it is completely free to sign up.

  • Step one: navigate to the firm official website:
  • Step two: Click to publishers sign up and fill out your personal information, email address, website, site visitors monthly, etc.
  • Step three: Click next, then continue to provide your site information: site name, ULRs, monthly impressions, and website description.

For the website description, you need to briefly provide a summary of your site in terms of niche and topic categories.

After clicking the submission button, your job is to sit back and relax to receive the email notification from the BuySellAds teams about whether your site is approved.


Final thought of BuySellAds review

BuySellads is one of the highest paying ad networks that allow bloggers and site owners to set ad fees, and directly choose the advertisers to match their site content and expectation.

In addition, publishers are entitled to accept or decline the advertising offer from the buyers if there is not a good match in terms of fee and quality ads.

However, it is not easy to get approval from BuySellAds due to the several high-quality requirements for publishers. For this reason, there are several alternatives as top ad networks for publishers you should consider including, Ezoic,, and Google Adsense.


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