6 Steps to Follow Up After A Job Interview6 Steps to Follow Up After A Job Interview

6 Steps to Follow Up After A Job Interview

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Updated 04/08/2023


Have you ever thought about the next step you should do after a job interview? this is the most common question post-interview for most job applicants because you are more curious and anxious about how the hiring manager is going to respond to your job application.

Following up after an interview will definitely help to increase your chance to secure a job offer due to the fact that you have shown your enthusiastic and professional attitude, which can have a big impact on the hiring manager’s decision.

In this article, the following 6 key important steps you must follow up in order to show the hiring manager you think the job is a good fit and important for you. This can make a huge difference in terms of increasing the chance to receive a job offer.

1. Ask for email and Contact Information (career resources)
2. Send A Thank You Email
3. Find and Connect HR Manager on Linkedin or other Social Media sites
4. Learn More about the Company and The Position
5. Reach Out to Your References
6. Send any Supporting Documents

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1. Ask for email and contact information- Career Advice

After you are interviewed, the first and foremost important step is to ask for the information of the hiring manager, and interviewers. This could be done by asking them about the next step in the job interview process as you will not waste your time just thinking about what they should do with your application.

Moreover, you can dive a bit deeper by asking interviewers in professional and nice manners like” How many days would I receive a notification from you? If yes, then they will let you know a specific day for receiving a result.


2. Send a thank email- Career advice

The second step of career advice after a job interview is to send sincere ” Thank You notes” to interviewers or the company, typically you may need to wait for one or two days in order to send an email to them. By doing this, you can differentiate your position and stand out from the rest of the candidates because it indicates that you are serious about applying for the job.

For example: after a graduate student finished Nursing interview questions with the hiring manager, only a graduate student of 15 candidates will send thank you notes to the interview. Definitely, a student will make a strong impression on their profile from the hiring perspective.

You must include your full name, contact number, and address, which will help the interviewer to remember you easily and they may contact you for further clarification on your job application. In addition, you may also include in the email the position and states that you are serious about getting the job position.

Importantly, ensure you double-check your words concisely and nicely in order to reflect your professionalism and detail-oriented skills.


3. Find and Connect the HR Manager on Linkedin or other Social Media sites

Follow-up after a job interview could be connecting with the HR manager on Linkedin or other social media networking sites. If you don’t have Linkedin, then you must create one for yourself as it is the most popular networking site for professional jobs and networking.

In this case, start to follow the company you are applying for a job, and also connect to the interviewer who did a job interview with you. If they accept your friend request on Facebook or Linkedin, which means they are interested to learn more about you.

Not only applicable to your current job application, but it also helps to build the number of professional people in your industry. In other words, you will come across and get a job from other hiring managers or business owners based on your networking references

4. Learn more about the company and the position

The next step in career advice is to start learning everything about the company you are applying for a job. the two following benefits of taking the next step to learn more about the company and position are:

  • Take your time to prepare for the final call of an interview. In other words, if you were chosen as a good fit candidate for the job position. The hiring manager or regional manager will give you either a phone call or a face-to-face meeting in order to ask you about their company information and the position you are interested in. This is because they must ensure the company is going to hire the best candidate possible.
  • Secondly, you will become more confident in landing a job because you have done everything necessary in terms of learning about the company, and the position you are applying for. You will be able to answer all Hr interview questions in a professional and best way possible because you have done your homework before.


5. Reach out to your referees- Career Advice

Before and after a job interview, you should always contact your mentors or referees to tell them that you have applied for different jobs and the company may contact them for clarification.

Remember, do not submit references to potential employers if you are not approved by them. This is because a referee will not prepare and may hang off the phone in case the hiring manager calls them. For this reason, it is best to send them an email or make a phone call about the job application.

Therefore, they will take time to get ready for the phone call from the hiring manager.


6. Send any supporting documents if require-Career Advice

The last step to do after a job interview is to finalize and send any additional documents associated with the job application. The best time you can forward or send all the documents is right after an interview.

By sending all required job documents right after a job interview, the interviewee will remember your name and your job application as you impress them with your super enthusiasm and excitement about getting the job.



Overall, those key job principles after a job interview are considered the most important point for you to increase your chance of getting a job. You must follow them one by one in order to stand out, show a professional attitude, and be able to succeed in landing your dream job.


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By Jiro Nguyen.

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By Jiro Nguyen

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