How to Change the Payment Address in Google Adsense AccountHow to Change the Payment Address in Google Adsense Account

How to Change the Payment Address in Google Adsense Account



When it comes to changing the Adsense payment address, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to in order that you can get updated with the program privacy policy and other important events.

Google Adsense allows bloggers and website owners to make money online anywhere they go around the globe. In particular, you can keep track of your Adsense earnings from Youtube or the Website if you travel to Canada or Australia.

Importantly, you need to keep the Adsense payment account that is registered in your home country so that the program will continue to send the payment to your local bank account.

What if you have moved to other countries to study or live there for a long time? And want to change the Adsense payment address to receive payment in other countries?

In this post, we will discuss a few important points you must consider before moving your Adsense payment to another country and continuing to receive regular Adsense earnings from your site or Youtube channel.


Key Takeaways

    • Bloggers and site owners have the option to change the Adsense payment address within the same country. However, they need to reenter a new pin code to verify their new address and receive the money transfer from Adsense.
    • Keep in mind that you are not allowed to change your Adsense payment address country if you have moved to another country.
    • The only option that works for you is to delete your Adsense account and set up a new account as well as the payment address in the new country.
    • For the Adsense payment threshold, site owners will get paid monthly if their blogs or website reaches at least $100.


1. Can I Change the Google Adsense payment address to another country?

According to Google Adsense official guidelines, site owners are not allowed to change the country in their Adsense account if they plan to move to another country.

It’s because the rules and regulations could be different between countries which may be one of the reasons to restrict the transfer account.

If you have created an Adsense account in your home country, but for some reason, you have moved to another country. Then, you have only one option either to delete your Adsense account or keep using the current account to receive the money transferred to your home country’s local bank account.

Keep in mind that “close the Adsense account” will permanently stop showing ads on your site, which means you will no longer earn ad revenue from the program.

However, you will still be able to access the current Adsense earnings of your site. If the earnings are above the cancellation threshold of $10, then Adsense will transfer the fund to your dedicated bank account at the end of the month.

After canceling your account, you are entitled to open a new account in the new country using the same or new email address and follow the same account setup procedure order, which allows you to make money from blogging.

  • Sign up and create a new Google Adsense account.
  • Complete the Adsense tax form.
  • Verify the pin code on your account dashboard, When your site earnings reach $10.
  • Select the payment method: several options you can choose from, including, check, wire transfer, electronic fund transfer, etc.
  • Google Adsense will distribute payment to your dedicated account at the end of each month if your Youtube channel or website earnings reach at least $100.


2. A step-by-step guide to changing the payment address within the same country

In case you have moved to another place within your home country, the program allows you to change the Adsense payment address, which ensures your site will continue to monetize with the program and receive important updates.

Generally speaking, it’s not too complicated to change the payment address from the Adsense account. Here are a few things that you should consider:

change adsense payment address

  • Assume that you are on the account dashboard.
  • Scroll down to ” Payment“> click ” Payment info
  • From the ” Setting” click ” Manage to set“.
  • Make a change to update a new home address and other settings if you want, then you are ready to go.

Keep in mind that Google will send you the new pin code to your new home address and you must verify the pin code on the account dashboard to continue with the program and be able to make money from home.

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3. Google Adsense Payment Threshold

Adsense is the ideal ad network for blogging for beginners to learn and get familiar with how to make money with a website.  Once you get the account approved, you can start making money straightaway by displaying ads across your content.

Significantly, many of you may ask when you will get paid from the program. That is why this article provides all the necessary information associated with Adsense, which helps you to understand the program better.

As mentioned earlier, Google Adsense will send a payment to your preferred payment method monthly if your site’s earnings reach at least $100.

If you select the check payment method, it will take much longer than a bank transfer, wait around 2 weeks for the check to arrive at your home payment address.

For the new publisher, if your Adsense earnings are above $10 then you will receive a pin code that sends to your address. And, after receiving the pin, enter it into your Adsense account to verify the payment address.

In case you want to close your Adsense account, ensure the earnings threshold must be above $10 so that the program will send the payment after closing the account.


Conclusion of changing Adsense payment address

Google Adsense has clearly stated that bloggers and site owners can change their payment address if they have moved to another place within the country they registered an account with Adsense.

As long as you verify the new PIN that sends to your new address, you are good to go and be able to earn money from blog with Adsense. 

In case you have moved to another country and want to change the country of your Google Adsense account. Unfortunately,  the program doesn’t have that option as you either need to keep the existing account or close your current one and sign up for a new one.


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