Guides to Create Fiverr seller account & gig for beginnersGuides to Create Fiverr seller account & gig for beginners

How to Create a Seller Account on Fiverr: Step-by-Step Tutorial.

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Updated: 24/06/2023


Before you start selling on Fiverr, it’s essential to use the existing skills and knowledge you have obtained over the years based on your work experience and even from University. For this, you can create a gig on Fiverr and start offering freelance services to others.

Without any doubt, Fiverr is a leading freelancing marketplace where buyers can find temporary service freelancers and help them to complete the project on time.

In addition, it is also an ideal starting point for beginners who love the idea of making money online by offering short-term services to clients and even can grow their portfolio after a certain period of time.

In this post, I will walk you through a step-by-step guide to setting up a new Fiverr account and gig service so that you can start selling services on the platform and make extra income as a side hustle.


What kind of freelance services can you sell on the Fiverr app?

As a beginner, choosing the right freelance service is essential to your success due to the fact that this freelancing site has too many members, which makes it so much harder to launch a project.

In addition, Fiverr is well known as a place for clients to search for a short-term project, and most of the gigs on the platform offer $5 as a minimum. For this reason, you can take advantage of this platform to grow your client base, skills, and experience.

several gigs on Fiverr

There is a cross range of services on the platform that you should consider selecting one of them offering to clients based on your education and technical skills.

In particular, several gigs are considered the most demanding online skills, such as graphic designers, content freelance writers, digital marketing managers, etc. If you believe you have the skill available, then you can select one of those freelance services and earn money online.

Keep in mind that you can add multiple gigs to your profile besides the main freelance service. In this case, select the low-competition gigs on Fiverr so that you have a higher chance of getting a project offer.

Importantly, those who have a few years of experience in the field of web development, designing, and project management, and want to find part-time or full-time remote work-from-home jobs. Here are several professional online sites to consider:

  • Toptal– is a high-end professional online freelancing site, that only hires the top 3% of talents, which means freelancers can apply for a better position with a higher salary.
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Glassdoor

Let’s move to the next section, which helps you to create a Fiverr new account.


1. How to set up a Fiverr seller account

Before offering any freelance services, we need to create a seller account on Fiverr by providing accurate and correct information so that clients will know more about you and your credibility.

To qualify as a seller account on Fiverr, members must pass the English competency test, which takes around 40 minutes to complete 40 questions. Based on my experience, it’s not too difficult for those who regularly practice writing and reading at work or University.

create fiverr seller account

Here is the ultimate guide to help you set up a new account on Fiverr:

Step one: on the homepage, select the sign up for Fiverr, use your current email address, and double confirm to continue creating a seller account.

Step two: This is the largest part, so we will go step by step to help to complete your profile:

> “Personal profile”: provide your full name ( must be your name), and profile picture. For “Description”, provide technical skills, knowledge and work experience, and any other projects that you have completed.

New Fiverr Account

> ” Professional profile” ( as shown in the screenshot above): choose up to five skills based on your main expertise. “Education and certification”, you can add any higher education achievement or certification you have obtained.

Importantly, provide evidence of your work, maybe your website, blog, or previous work experience, and prove you are a capable candidate for the gig services

Don’t forget to link your social media account like Twitter or Facebook, which allows clients to get to know you more and build your credibility.

Step three: simply verify your account, you can add your current phone number to tighten your account security.

There are a few important things that you should get familiar with to create a professional Fiverr seller account and may receive more project work from clients.

  • If you already have an account, then do not open another account using a different email address. 
  • Be transparent and genuine and provide accurate of your personal information, skills, and education.
  • While you are on Fiverr, don’t go off and communicate outside the platform.

For other information, I suggest you read and understand what you should and should not do from the Fiverr community guideline.


2. Guides to create a Fiverr gig for beginners

After creating a Fiverr seller account, here we look at several steps on how to create a gig on the platform so that you can start selling services to others.

how to create a gig on Fiverr

  • Name of your gig: use keywords to enter the title of your service so that customers may easily find you on the platform. For example, social media marketing manager, copywriter, etc.
  • Category: select the main industry and the related industry that you would like to offer freelance services.
  • Search tags: use the popular search tags that are relevant to your expertise.
  • For pricing: offer reasonable and affordable pricing options based on your skills and experience. It’s suggested to search for pricing from similar services so that you can adjust the correct fee on your Fiverr gig.
  • Description of your service: provide a brief explanation of your service so that buyers will see if you are a good match for their services.
  • Don’t forget to include professional images that you are going to attach to your Fiverr gig account. You can use several graphic design tools like Adobe Express, PicMoney, or Canva.

Keep in mind that don’t write too many words on the image ( keep it simple), as it may confuse buyers to identify the services you are offering. For this, a professional seller account on Fiverr must highlight the expertise, education, and technical skills so buyers can identify if you meet their needs to perform the service. 


Final thoughts

Fiverr would be a perfect choice for beginners to make money on the side and learn how to interact and engage with clients at different levels.

The platform allows members to sell their freelance services for as little as $5, which is a starting point to grow the work portfolio and build a reputation and work experience over the long run.

After creating a Fiverr seller account, it’s vital to provide accurate and concise information about your gig service so that clients can get more idea of what you can offer and help them with their work. 

With this in mind, take a proactive approach to engage with buyers and ensure they are satisfied with the service. Over time, you would be able to gain more trust from customers so they may prefer your work to others.


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