how to create a Quora Spacehow to create a Quora Space

The Ultimate Guides to Create Quora Space For SEO Optimization

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There are many ways to promote your blog and drive more organic traffic, including search engine optimization, profitable keyword research, email marketing, and paid advertising.

However, the most effective blogging tip you should consider implementing is social media marketing, which plays a crucial role in bringing thousands of visitors to your site each month if you get familiar with the strategy on each social platform.

One of the social platforms that are worth sharing valuable content and increasing brand awareness is Quora. In front of Google’s eyes, Quora is a high authority platform with millions of members, where they can share and learn from the quality answers of members.


What is Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer social platform, where people can seek a piece of free advice from members by asking questions related to their inquiries. The website is a knowledge-based platform so that users can learn and share quality content with the community.

If you want to create an online presence for your blog or business, then Quora is one of the top social platforms to build credibility within the industry. With this in mind, you must contribute quality answers/content so that people can give an upvote for marking it as useful content.

With different Quora spaces from different industry categories, you can join the right community associated with your profession to share your expertise and learn from other top industry leaders.

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What is the benefit of participating on the Quora platform?

When it comes to building a reputation in the market, there are endless benefits to joining and participating on the Quora platform. Indeed, site owners can use Quora as a place to learn the proven strategy or techniques about on-page or off page SEO.

The following are several advantages of participating on Quora:

  • Question and answer model-based website, members can ask any questions that are relevant to their inquiries, which means they get free advice from other industry experts.
  • A place to build your personal or business online presence, in this case, you must provide useful and valuable answers so that you can grow your list of followers.
  • Join different Quora spaces, which means you get opportunities to be like-minded people in the same group – and gain knowledge from other industry experts.
  • Employment opportunities: when you continue to deliver unique answers with comprehensive information, you may receive a remote work offer from employers or other top companies.
  • If you have a blog or website, then Quora is one of the driving forces to increasing website traffic to 10X, and boost for your site’s SEO optimization because Google may notice your business activities on Quora and other social platforms.
  • Last but certainly not least, creating a Quora space provides opportunities for monetization, especially, a space with more than 100,000 followers may be in a better position to earn money from affiliate and content monetization.

Keep in mind that your main purpose is to learn and share knowledge with others at first on the platform, and don’t aggressively include too many links or affiliate links on every answer because Quora may mark it as spam or may suspend your account.

Before getting started, I highly recommend reading the Quora policy guideline to learn what you can and can’t do on the website.


Step-by-step guides to creating a Quora Space?

In order to increase brand awareness and site visibility online, the priority is to create a Quora space so that you consistently share your quality information and redistribute the content in different forms from your platform.

When you grow the number of followers on the Quora profile and space, you may consider monetizing content on space. In the beginning, don’t include affiliate links because your goal is to provide unique and high-value information and help others improve their skills and knowledge.

Here is step by step guides on how to create a Quora space:

Guides to create quora space

  • On your Quora profile, click on Spaces and create a new community, choose a niche that is related to your profession and business.
  • In the screenshot above, provide the name of the space ( easy to remember and use keywords). While the also states the reason why members should join your space. For example,  learn and share knowledge within social media marketing, etc.
  • The next step is to invite your circle of friends from your Quora profile, the more you invite the higher chance your space will get more followers.
  • Don’t forget to include the logo and background photos for the space. Free photo design tools you should use, including Visme and Canva.
  • On the right-hand side of the Quora Space, provide more detail about the site and use targeted keywords to highlight the main topics that you are going to provide over time.

Now, I believe your online community on Quora is ready for making an impact and you should share your first piece of content on your space consistently.

Keep in mind that don’t immediately link to your website with an answer because Quora is against the platform guidelines. After a few months, you may include one link to your website for every three pieces of content/answers.


Tips for growing a Quora Space?

After creating a community on Quora, the next step is to grow the number of followers by continuing to provide quality information and content, which means you can build trust and gain a reputation within your industry. 

  • Particiate on other Quora spaces and consistently provide high-quality answers. For this, you can gain a number of followers to your profile and space.
  • Invite other like-minded people to join the space as a contributor so that they can share their knowledge and expertise within the community.
  • Ensure to only share content that is associated with your space niche. For example, there is a lot of spam content about cryptocurrency in the blogging tip space, which I feel so irrelevant and annoyed.
  • Reputation is everything: ask one of your contributors to become a content moderator so that they can be deleted or get rid of irrelevant or spam content on the space.
  • Continue to provide top-notch content based on your research and real-life experience. It’s one of the main factors to grow your space in terms of the number of fans and reputation.


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