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Decluttr Review 2023: A Great Option to Sell Items Online

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When it comes to making money online, students and stay-at-home parents have many options to work remotely as a side hustle, including online surveys, test websites, freelancing, etc.

In addition, you can make extra cash by offering unused items on online selling platforms like Decluttr or Amazon. This is not a new way of making quick money, but you would rather not waste money by letting your unused books, CDs, and technology products be rusted.

In this post, you will learn everything about the selling platform – Decluttr in terms of how it works and other features. For this, you can consider selling some of the unwanted items on the platform in exchange for extra cash.


What is Decluttr?

Decluttr online selling platform


Decluttr is an online platform that allows members to buy and sell unused electronic items, books, and CDs in exchange for cash. For example, if you have an old iPhone and don’t want to use it anymore, then you can send your old phone to Decluttr and they will help you to sell it out to the market.

In addition, after the valuation, if you agree, then you can send the item to Decluttr for free shipping, and they will take care of it by dealing with buyers and listing your items on the platform.

The following are several electronics and other items you can list on the platform:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Textbooks -selling books online
  • Cell phones
  • Games & consoles
  • Other tech products: Macbook, iMac, Apple Watch, laptop, Samsung phones, etc.


How does Decluttr work?

Decluttr is one of the leading online selling platforms, and they act as a middleman to connect sellers and buyers on its site. For this, if you are a seller, then you don’t need to worry about listing or taking pictures of products. Instead, the firm will act on your behalf to deal with buyers and pay you money when your product is successfully sold.

Before listing your item, you will receive a free valuation on your unused products. For example, if you sell a phone, you need to provide the following information such as model, make, and condition, then the firm gives an actual price for the product.

Another alternative option for those who have a broken phone, and they can receive a cash return for recycling their phone with Decluttr. In particular, double-check with the selling department to get the quote from the firm.

Decluttr features

Basically, you have three options to declare for the product condition, which will reflect the real value of the item.

  • Good: everything works perfectly fine, including software and hardware.
  • Poor: Software and hardware are fully functional, except, there are dents and scratches on the phone.
  • Faulty: hardware and software problems, etc.

For this, you should always double-check the product valuation with the Decluttr team to see whether you can sell unused or damaged items on their platform.

Let’s figure out several important features you can get from this selling platform.


What are the other key features?

The following are several features you can take advantage of before signing up with the platform.

  • Fast payment: after checking the item’s condition and getting its real value, the firm may send the payment to your dedicated account when the product arrives at the warehouse.
  • Student Discount: in most cases, students may get up to a 10% discount when they choose to sell items online. they can use the Student Beans code to claim a discount.
  • Referral program: when you successfully refer a friend to Decluttr, you both will receive a $5 bonus from the firm.
  • Responsible product recycling: instead of dumping your in the trash, you take the responsible way by sending the waste products to the right recycling center. Thus, it helps to protect the environment.

Besides those benefits, Decluttr doesn’t charge any fee for using their service because they will pay you for the product after valuation. 

Keep in mind that the firm also covers a free shipping cost for selling a product for more than $5.

Decluttr sign up

How do you get paid on Decluttr?

After your items are quoted, you can pack the product and send it to the firm warehouse. One of the team members will process your product and they will send you the payment to your dedicated bank account.

Here is a list of payment options for your consideration:

  • PayPal
  • Bank account
  • and check payment.


How to sign up?

The process of signing up with Decluttr is easy and straightforward as you only need a few minutes to complete the registration. 

First, visit the Decluttr official website, then click the registration, and fill out your name, email address, and password. You also provide the address detail of your residential ( street, city, and state).

In addition, don’t forget to link your payment account to Decluttr so that the firm will send the fund to your bank account after selling electronic items.


Final thoughts on Decluttr review

Decluttr is an ideal solution for those who want to get rid of unwanted items, clear their shelf space, and clean up their house while you can make money by selling and recycling those products.

Indeed, with good-condition electronic products, you can trade in with Decluttr for a better price.


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FAQ Section

Is Decluttr safe?

According to Trustpilot Decluttr reviews, this online platform receives more than 26,000 customer rates for over 4.3 stars. In particular, 79% voted for five stars. In addition, the firm has been around for more than 8 years so it is safe to sell or buy products on its platform.

What is the best app to sell products?

There are other alternatives to Decluttr to sell online: 1. Amazon 2. eBay 3. Ziffit

How long does it take to get paid from Decluttr?

After products are evaluated, in most cases, the firm will send payment to your account the next day.

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