Email Marketing Campaign With MailChimpEmail Marketing Campaign With MailChimp

How to Create An Email Marketing Campaign With Mailchimp


An email marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways to communicate proactively with your loyal clients and drive more traffic to your blog.

It’s because you keep updated with readers by letting them know about your company’s new products and services as well as the current promotional deal, which they are more than happy and appreciate for the campaign effort to bring to them.

The purpose of today’s article is to provide the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to use Mailchimp for email marketing strategy in terms of creating an effective marketing campaign, Mailchimp signup, and popup form.

For this, your online business may be in a better position to build credibility, reputation, and a better relationship with clients.


Key Takeaways

  • In this post, you will learn several techniques on how to create a Mailchimp signup and popup form as well as create an effective marketing campaign in order to capture and grow email lists for your business.
  • Mailchimp is one of the largest email marketing providers that offer a free email marketing subscription for beginners and small businesses to take advantage of.
  • The platform provides several email templates with easy-to-use and other learning material and tips from the firm website.
  • One of the benefits of using Mailchimp is it is widely integrated with many biggest tools and apps that make it easy for business owners and marketing professionals to connect and increase customer experience: Canva, Shopify, Adobe Photoshop, and Salesforce integration.


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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the driving forces that enable businesses of all sizes to create better relationships with customers and promote their business products and services.

In particular, Based on customers’ interests and expectations, you can customize email and launch an effective campaign to meet their needs. It’s because if you send a wrong message to the wrong targeted audience, the chance they mark it as spam is higher.

For this reason, using the correct approach to digital marketing can play a huge impact on business success in terms of getting regular traffic to your site, capturing more followers, and increasing conversion rates.

As you grow your email list and want to consider different email marketing tools with much more advanced features, AWeber and GetResponse are the two leading email providers that allow the creation of automated emails and autoresponders to stay engaged with customers.

Here is a different type of email marketing to consider:

  • Email marketing campaign: you send an email message to your entire email list or segmented clients. Keep in mind that customers may mark it as spam email if you keep bombarding them with too many messages.
  • Autoresponders email: a reader or customer joins your email list by providing his or her email. For this, you send them a confirmation email or other email to stay connected with them.
  • Confirm payment email: when you sell products and services on your website, it is time to create a confirm payment email to send a receipt or confirmation of the purchase.


How to create an email marketing campaign with Mailchimp

With Mailchimp, beginners, and bloggers can get a free email marketing plan to launch an email campaign based on their customer’s needs and interests.

Keep in mind that with Mailchimp’s free email marketing subscription, users can send up to 1000 email messages each month and it is a perfect starting point for a beginner to build a simple email campaign, including popup and signup forms.

Later on, when your business has captured a large number of email lists, then you should consider using paid email plans to access more advanced features. Here are several steps to create different types of email marketing.

Step 1: go to the platform’s official website and create a new account with Mailchimp. Don’t forget to set the two-factor authentication to add an extra security layer to your account.

Mailchimp email marketing templates

Step 2: click on ” Create” on the left-hand side top corner. And, if you want to access the available email campaign template, then select ” Regular email“.

Mailchimp email marketing campaign

Step 3: fill out the following information: business name, email address, subject headlines of email( the purpose of email marketing), and add content or any promotional materials to the content section.

Mailchimp email campaign

Step 4: on the ” Content” section, don’t forget to include your business logo, social media sharing buttons, photos, headlines, and content ( explains what is your content about and how it brings benefits to clients.

More importantly, as a beginner, you may get confused with different types of email, and the above explanation is to teach you how to create and launch an effective marketing campaign.

For this reason, try to learn one type of email at a time and fill out as much information as you can in order to master each one and ensure that you will create an effective campaign to capture and bring more traffic to your website.

Pro tip: before sending any email campaign, site owners must obtain an email list of their business subscribers. It only is done by creating a signup form for the website to grow the business email list.

Screen Shot 2023 02 20 at 17.18.12

Tutorials on how to create Mailchimp signup form

In this section, we will quickly go through several steps to create Mailchimp signup form with autoresponders, in which customers can receive a confirmation email to join your site email list.

In addition, consistently delivering and updating emails with your customers and readers on a weekly basis is a must because if you don’t send out emails regularly, customers may forget about your business.

Step 1: On your Mailchimp account.

Mailchimp signup form

Step 2: Click on” Email“, and select ” Landing page“. From the landing page, you can create a landing page name such as a signup form, newsletter, subscription form, etc. With different email templates, you can select the one you want to build a form, in this case, you want to grow your site email list.

Mailchimp email marketing

Step 3: as an example, the screenshot above shows that site owners should include the business logo, subject headline, and an explanation of why they should join. Whatever ideas you want to write, ensure to provide as much information as possible so customers can confidently double-confirm your email signup form.

After creating a signup form, the last step is to copy and paste the Mailchimp embedded form to your WordPress site, and when customers decided to join your email list, they will receive a confirmation email message.



With many email marketing tools, small businesses and bloggers have many options to select the right email provider with all the necessary features to launch a successful email campaign and grow their businesses.

For this reason, as a beginner, you can start with Mailchimp free email marketing plan to get familiar with different types of email and grow your email list.

Later on, you can upgrade to paid subscriptions email or select Mailchimp alternatives to further scale up your business and stay engaged with clients.


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