Ways to make money with FlexOffers-Ways to make money with FlexOffers

A Beginner Guide to Flexoffers Affiliate Program: FlexOffers Review

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Updated: 29/12/2022


From previous articles, you have learned everything about affiliate marketing to help you get started with the profitable side hustle business. And today, it is a continuing process as part of learning affiliate marketing series, which allows users to get familiar with one of the best marketing networks.

In this post today, the given information will present to our readers that cover the essential information about FlexOffers, how it works, and ways to make money with the Flexoffers program.

After reading each section in detail, publishers will be able to use the FlexOffers program effectively, which allows them to increase the chance to promote products to customers.

Key Points

  • FlexOffers has a cross-range of marketing programs, including 12,000+ advertisers and 75,000+ publishers
  • Several proven ways to make money with the FlexOffers program
  • A step-by-step procedure to get approval for the program


1. What is FlexOffers

FlexOffers affiliate marketing program


FlexOffers is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks that has attracted a large number of advertisers, publishers, and agencies, in particular, the platform is a one-stop solution for publishers to get started with affiliate marketing by working with reputed and best brands.

Since being established over 15 years ago, FlexOffers has grown to become one of the top affiliate marketing programs due to customer satisfaction and transparency in terms of payment and commission payout, especially in 2022, the platform ranks among the top 5 award-winning affiliate networks in the affiliate space

The company has several physical offices across the USA, and the aim is to provide the highest customer satisfaction by answering the most common questions for publishers and advertisers.

I have been with Flexoffers for over a year already, and indeed they are one of the reputed affiliate marketplaces where you make no time to find quality products and services to promote.

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2. How does it work

The network is a one-stop solution for publishers because the platform will allow them access to more than 12,000+ affiliate programs by starting the application for each program. Once they get approved for the program, publishers are eligible to use affiliate products and promote them to customers.

There are some reputed and best brands that publishers can find on the network, including Microsoft, Apple, Nike, and UNIQLO. Each program has its procedure to accept the partnership, which requires publishers to read the instruction before applying.

As mentioned earlier, the Flexoffer network is a leader in an advertising program that connects publishers and advertisers. It works as a third party to satisfy all the requirements of customers.

For instance, instead of taking too much hassle by applying for each affiliate program, bloggers use the same information (they had applied for the FlexOffers program) to apply for each affiliate program on the platform.

After getting approved for the network, the FlexOffers team will constantly send you updated information via email if there is some change in commission payments and new programs on the platform. Thus, this creates much more convenience for publishers to update with some changes, especially, if they are busy with other jobs.

Here is the link below to help you get started with an affiliate marketing program with FlexOffers:


3. Ways to make money with FlexOffers as an affiliate marketer

FlexOffers affiliate network


Before getting started with the FlexOffer affiliate journey, you must be sure to get familiar with how to effectively search and apply for affiliate products based on your niche. The following is a beginner guide to help you find the reputed brands available on the platform.

A Beginner Guide to Flexoffers Affiliate Program

  1. From the FlexOffers dashboard, you click on the  Advertiser section which has over 11,500 companies from different industries on the platform.
  2. It has all sorts of industry categories such as education, business, online marketing, and digital products, just to name a few. Depending on your niche, you may select the appropriate industry to find great products.
  3. After clicking on the relevant industry, your job is to apply for reputed brands to promote.

As mentioned in a previous article, there are different ways to make money as an affiliate marketerbut the most effective way to increase the conversion rate is to start a blog because you can build content around affiliate products and promote it to your readers.

I won’t go into the detail of each method, you should refer back to previous articles (affiliate marketing) to understand those tactics in more detail. Here is a summary of several top methods to help you promote products and services. 

  • Start a blog– it’s the most effective way to make money by promoting affiliate products
  • Create a Youtube channel– you need to upload videos regularly to gain more views and subscribers. It is a must-do step before promoting to your viewers.
  • An influencer on social media- if you have thousands of fans on social media, then it shouldn’t be a problem to promote products based on your niche.
  • Run a podcast– choose a specific niche and run a talk show every week. You deliver value to your listeners by giving them what they want and promoting relevant products to their needs.
  • Email marketing– capture an email list from your fan, and send them emails about affiliate products. However, be sure not to send an influx of spam messages because they may turn away from you.
  • Run ads campaign– in this case, you buy traffic directly from Google, Facebook, Quora, and Twitter to promote products.

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4. Step-by-step procedure to apply for the FlexOffers affiliate program

We have gone through some best ways to get started with the FlexOffers program, and I am sure you know where to select a specific company to promote. Before choosing any affiliate products and services, publishers need to follow the step-by-step procedure to apply for the program.

FlexOffers affiliate network- Payment settings

  1. The first and foremost important is to create a free account with the FlexOffers program. On the registration page, you need to fill down personal information, company information, and traffic source
  2. By simply clicking on the confirmation email, then it will return you to continue with your application
  3. After getting accepted to the program, you must complete the payment setting, which they use to send you commissions in the future. Please refer to the picture above to help you get familiar with this process as follow, address, payment method, and tax form.
  4. Last but not least, there are several payment methods such as local bank transfer, wire transfer, check, and PayPal, and you may choose the specific one to suit your need.

One of the major advantages of using the Flexoffers program is you can get access to the most popular and reputed brands, which not only helps you to increase the conversion rate but also diversify your business revenue streams.

For this reason, the Flexoffers network is one of the top programs, which enables publishers to make some good money if they commit to working in this marketing sector for a longer term.


5. What are other top networks you should consider

In a previous article, I talked about the different top affiliate networks that work best for every niche. For example, ClickBank and CJ are considered the top destinations for marketers, and bloggers to promote products and services on their content.

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FAQ Section

Is it ok to use both FlexOffers affiliate and Amazon affiliate?

Depending on the type of industry you are in, publishers are entitled to use both FlexOffers network and Amazon affiliate program on their content.

What is the best affiliate network for beginners?

FlexOffers and Amazon affiliate are the two best programs for beginners to make good money as an affiliate marketer.

Ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer?

Here is a summary of several top methods to help you promote products and services. 1. Start a blog 2. Create a Youtube channel 3. An influencer on social media 4. Run a podcast 5. Email marketing 6. Run ads campaign


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