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10 Best Free Blogging Tools For Site Owners to Grow Their Businesses

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When it comes to making money blogging, we can’t ignore the fact the internet is a vibrant place that requires bloggers and business owners to keep innovating and utilizing all available resources in order to compete and outrank competitors on the Google search engine, including on-page SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and best blogging tools, to name a few.

For this, they would be able to build authority and credibility for their online businesses after a certain period of time. In other words, bloggers and site owners will establish a better relationship with their followers and thus, increase sales of their products and services.

If you are a beginner blogger or a new site owner, I believe you are searching for the best free blogging tools that help you to grow your site visibility on the internet and save you many hours.

Let’s find out several blogging tools for beginners to implement on their sites:

Key Takeaways

  • Here is a list of several free tools, which enable beginners and new site owners to build an online presence for their businesses and maximize their blogging journey.
  • Keep in mind that the above mention free blogging tools offer a free version with limited features, so if you seriously scale your online business, then it’s best to pay for a premium version ( more features).
  • Many of the products on the list will definitely help you to scale your blog or online business in terms of SEO performance, and delivering engaging content to drive more traffic. However, you can consider upgrading to the premium version when your business expands sale revenue and customer reaches.


1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix website performance test


One of the essential factors determining your business’s success is the speed of your online platform. It’s because it will directly influence user experience, increase conversion rates, and may rank higher on the Google search engine.

In addition, Bing and Google search engines consider your website’s speed performance as an influential factor of on-page SEO. For this, top search engines will use it as one of the benchmarks in their ranking.

According to Think With Google, the page load time for mobile and desktop should be less than 3 seconds, which means customers will likely stay at websites with higher performance page-speed insights.

For this reason, it’s important to measure the page speed insights with GTmetrix, which provides different key factors affecting website performance, including core web vitals, page speed score, mobile optimization, heavy plugins, and largest contentful paint (LCP), to name a few.

Using allows bloggers and site owners to highlight several potential factors in optimizing website performance. In particular, they can identify the failing areas, such as LCP, to make further improvements on their site speed.

The following are several page speed performance metrics you should implement to improve the page speed performance and boost for SEO of your site:

  • WordPress cache plugins: you can use FlyingPress (paid version), the top WordPress cache plugin, or  WP Fastest Cache for free.
  • CDN network: Cloudflare.


2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid overall score report


When it comes to content creation, bloggers and freelance writers must employ proofreading and editing software, which can help improve their writing in terms of punctuation, tone suggestions, word choices, sentence structure, etc.

One of the best AI writing assistant tools is ProWritingAid, which allows members to check and polish their writing articles with over 3000 explanations.

In addition, it is a long-form grammar check tool, which means bloggers just need to copy and paste their blog post or article on the ProWritingAid platform, it will do its super job by detecting and suggesting further improvement.

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3. Content idea generators

Without creative content ideas for social media and websites, your business would not be able to outrank competitors within the same industry and may not obtain regular organic traffic over time.

For this reason, if you want to build authority and reputation within your niche, there is no magic formula to drive more traffic to your blog, which is to constantly produce high-quality content, including infographics, blog posts, articles, reviews, etc.

Based on my experience, sometimes, I am very unproductive in terms of running out of new content ideas, which takes me several hours to find the idea and start writing on it.

For this, I use several free content creation tools, including AlsoAsked, which allows me to find several content ideas based on the topic research, a maximum of 3 topics search for the free version. 


4. WordPress

Wordpress is among the best free blogging platforms that allow beginners to launch a successful blog and explore different ways to make money on their site.

In particular, with many popular hosting providers, you can install the WordPress platform with just one click away. Indeed, you need to customize your WordPress blog by adding the right plugins and themes, which can boost your site’s search engine optimization performance, tighten security, etc.

With this in mind, avoid using too many heavy plugins on the WordPress site because it will have a negative impact on the page loading speed and performance, one of the key factors of on-page SEO.


5. Elementor

Elementor review


Elementor is among the best free blogging tools that many site owners use on their WordPress blogs. With Elementor Wordpress page builder, users will access many top features like drag and drop, text, images, and video on their site editor, so they can create a professional site.

In terms of installation, you can find Elementor on the search site and add the new plugin to your site with a few activation click-aways. 

Using Elementor will save bloggers a lot of time when creating a post. In particular, they can drag videos, images, or text on the available blocks on their WordPress editor and publish the post. 


6. SpyFu

SpyFu review


Spyfu is another blogging tool that helps you to find the competitive keywords, and average SEO position of the top competitors within your niche.

For this, you can learn the current SEO tactics and popular keywords that they include on their sites. You can implement the right SEO strategy for your business.

One of the biggest advantages of using SpyFu is to underline the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors, which allows you to implement their success tactics on your blog while staying away from the failures. Hence, it will save you time for the blogging effort.

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7. Google Trends

Google Trends


When it comes to finding the trending blog topic, one of the Google blogger tools that you must not ignore is Google Trends. In particular, this free tool allows website owners to highlight the search volume of a certain topic over a period of time.

For example, if you search for blogging tips on Google Trends, it will pull out the statistic of the search volume of ” blogging tips” keywords and give you information on peak popularity search and low popularity search as well as the location of the search.

Google Trends help you to find popular and high-intensity keyword topics for specific target geographical locations. Indeed, let’s say your target market is Australia, then you can narrow down the research to Australia on Google Trends.


8. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb review


SimilarWeb is another best free web analytic tool that enables site owners to gain a competitive advantage by analyzing other similar websites within the same industry. In particular, you can put your competitor’s website on the platform to see some of the key statistic performances, including global and local ranking, average traffic performance, and bounce rate, to name a few.

For this, you can highlight and measure what factors contribute to those websites’ success, like top keywords and organic traffic sources. Thus, you may implement a similar strategy to your blog, to rank higher on the Google search engine.

Another advantage of SimilarWeb is to analyze your website ranking, which helps you to understand what areas are successes and failures. For this, you can find a better SEO strategy to fix issues and rank higher on search engines.


9. Google Search Console

Monitor and fix any issues on Google Search Console

One of the must-have Google blogger tools for every site owner is the Google Search Console, this super free tool does not only analyze your site’s average position performance but also helps you to figure out if there are any issues on your pages, such as indexing and other SEO issues.

In addition, the Google webmaster tool enables bloggers to highlight the list of backlinks to their sites, which include high-quality backlinks and toxic links. For this, they can employ the tool to disavow toxic backlinks directly from their websites.

If you are a beginner and haven’t used the Google Search Console tool, then I urge you to create a new account and set up your site on this brilliant tool to monitor your site’s SEO performance.

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10. Rank Math SEO tool

Rankmath SEO tool review


Last but certainly not least is Rank Math, it is one of the best WordPress SEO tools that helps site owners to optimize their content effort and outrank competitors on the search engines.

In particular, you can install this optimization plug-in on your WordPress blog and configure the Rank Math to work best for your site.

With the free version, you can access top and advanced features, which you may not find from other SEO tools: directly creating a sitemap, redirections, 404 issues monitoring, structure data, and image SEO, to name a few.

In addition, Rank Math allows you to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you can utilize all the available traffic statistics and boost for more SEO performance for your online business.


Final thoughts on the list of free blogging tools

For beginner bloggers, many of those free tools will help you to maximize the performance of your website in terms of creating valuable content, increasing page speed insights, and optimizing the on-page SEO.

However, if you seriously want to expand your online businesses in terms of customers, and sales revenue, then you may need to upgrade to the paid version of some products as it allows you to access more advanced features to outrank your competitor.


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