Best Platforms to Find Freelance Web Developer Jobs For BeginnersBest Platforms to Find Freelance Web Developer Jobs For Beginners

6+ Best Platforms to Find Freelance Web Developer Jobs For Beginners

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Are you searching for freelance web developer jobs at a junior level? 

There are many best job sites for software developers to consider searching for remote work opportunities and building their long-term careers as freelance developers.

For example, FlexJobs and Toptal are among the top places to find high-quality freelance jobs online.

In particular, one of the priorities is to have your technical skills and work experience ( if possible). It’s because many medium and large companies compete with each other to hunt for talented developers. Thus, it allows them to continuously innovate and gain a competitive advantage in the fierce market.

However, the challenge is where to find software engineer or developer jobs. In this post, We will dive deeper into several best job sites that offer web development jobs online so that you may consider applying with one of them based on your background and work experience.



Web developer jobs on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site that enables business owners, freelancers, and job seekers to connect and expand their networking relationships with each other.

In fact, companies hire employees on LinkedIn every 8 seconds, and freelancers and job seekers would have an opportunity to find the work from home jobs or full-time positions if they get familiar with a few techniques to search for jobs on the platform.

Leverage your professional networking connection to spot available positions related to your education and experience. For example, let your friends or colleagues know that you are actively searching for a job so potential employers may contact you for an interview.

For this reason, business owners and HR managers use LinkedIn Jobs to find high-quality developers in the field by posting job offers. Thus, they would be able to find talented candidates to keep up with the innovation.



Find remote and work from home jobs with FlexJobs


FlexJobs is one of the top online job sites that provide a lot of opportunities, including remote jobs, work-from-home jobs, and casual, part-time, and full-time jobs. Indeed, it is the place for members to find web and software developer jobs online.

With over 23,000 online jobs from more than 5200 top companies listed on the platform, it provides remote work-from-home jobs for web developers to apply for and work anywhere in the world.

Before listing jobs on the platform, team members will double-check to ensure there is scam free and fraudulent-free.

In addition, job seekers can take advantage of the platform’s career resources by accessing one-on-one coaching, career advice, and webinars. Thus, it helps to gain confidence and learn new skills before applying for new opportunities.

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Ziprecruiter review


ZipRecruiter is another pioneer job marketplace that helps job seekers and freelancers to connect with potential employers and business owners by using artificial intelligence to match employees’ skills and qualifications with available positions.

In particular, after completing the registration with ZipRecruiter and submitting your Resume, the “AI personal recruiter” will scan through your profile based on your skills and experience and notify you if there are any WordPress developer job opportunities that match your profile.

With the sufficient mobile app, you can monitor and track your job application because the platform will notify you when employers have viewed your profile.

At the time of writing, ZipRecruiter has a huge database of remote work, part-time and full jobs from different job categories like cyber security, frontend web development, data entry, etc.

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What is Toptal


Perhaps, Toptal is the high-end online job platform that allows members to find freelance developer jobs by applying for top companies across the globe.

If you are searching for the best job sites for software developers, Toptal is an ideal solution because it has many positions available on the platform.

Indeed, the platform also has many other remote work-from-home opportunities, including full-stack development, software engineering, python developer, and freelance coding, to name a few.

If you want to find freelance work to make extra money or even a full-time position. Toptal is a perfect place to apply for high quality jobs, such as a WordPress developer or freelance programmer, to work at top companies.

In fact, the firm only admits the top 3% of talented freelancers to the platform, which means you need to pass the 5 stages of screening processes in order for the Toptal team to determine whether you have the top technical skills and knowledge to work at top companies.

From the employer’s perspective, it could provide many benefits for your business in terms of finding the top candidates and saving your business time and money to hunt for talents and keep competing with competitors in the tech industry.

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freelance web designer Reddit


Reddit is a powerful social media platform that allows Redditors to participate, contribute and interact within subreddit groups. The main goal is to learn and make a useful contribution to the whole online community.

With this in mind, you can take advantage of those benefits to learn new skills and search for job opportunities by joining several subreddit groups related to your professional career or personal interests.

For example, you may consider joining to learn from other successful and more experienced members.

If you are searching for freelance programmer jobs, just copy and paste the job title on the search bar on the platform, and it will come up with many related to your search.

Importantly, you should get familiar with the platform’s privacy policy and other subreddit group rules so that you don’t violate its policy and avoid your account getting banned.



Posts on Twitter


Twitter is another top social media platform worth using to expand networking relationships with friends and colleagues.

With the recent media noise about the entrepreneur and billionaire- Elon Musk acquiring the platform. Twitter is still a great place to follow and learn from successful entrepreneurs and their good habits.

In addition, you can use the platform to spot job opportunities from reputable businesses across the world. So copy and paste the job title and see if you can find any online jobs available.

For instance, if you are searching for a WordPress developer or freelance programmer job, paste those terms on the Twitter search bar, and you can find some freelance job opportunities and other networking opportunities.



Without Facebook, it would not be complete just to mention Twitter and Reddit. Indeed, Facebook is the powerhouse in the social media industry with more than 2.85 billion members on the platform in 2021, according to Backlinko.

With this in mind, there are thousands of Facebook groups associated with web development jobs, and your job is to find the related groups so that you can learn from others and also apply for jobs you found.

freelance full stack developer Facebook


Let’s run the experiment by typing the freelance developer on the search bar, as you can see in the screenshot above, it shows several Facebook communities including Front-End Developer jobs, and HTML, CSS & Javascript.

By taking an opportunity to learn and share knowledge with the community, you may come across and find remote job opportunities that match your technical skills and expertise.


Final words: Freelance web developer jobs sites

We have gone through the list of several best places to search for software engineer and developer jobs. In fact, there are other popular job sites that offer similar positions at all levels, entry-level to experience levels. 

Before applying for any web development positions, you must read the job descriptions and edit your Resume, which can increase the chance of getting an interview and allow you to perform the job better.


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