GoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and ConsGoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons

GoDaddy Review 2023: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons

Updated: 01/02/2023


GoDaddy is one of the largest domain-selling providers and website hosting platforms across the globe due to its global brand image, and reputation as well as selling a large volume of domains in the industry. The company has everything you need in terms of finding the right domain name and selecting the best web hosting plan at an affordable price.

In addition, if you plan to just start your blog or website with a limited budget, then GoDaddy is one of the ideal solutions to get your website up and running, and you might receive a free domain or discount price for at least a year.

Importantly, I have done a lot of research and review about different web hosting companies and domain name providers, it’s certainly to assure you that GoDaddy would be a perfect choice for small business owners and blogging beginners because it has enough capacity to provide essential features and resources, which can make your website great.

In this article today, we will take deep reviews on GoDaddy for the following aspects as web hosting plans, domains, price as well as pros and cons, which give you clear information and knowledge before making any decision over choosing domain names and web hosting provider for your website.

1. About GoDaddy
2.GoDaddy: Domain Review
3.GoDaddy: Web Hosting Plans
4. Compatible With Cloudflare, and WordPress Rocket
5.GoDaddy: Website Speed and Performance Test.
6.GoDaddy’s Pros and Cons

Key Points

  • Reviews on GoDaddy give our users overview information on price and other advanced features.
  • GoDaddy Domain is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world.
  • Outlines the shared web hosting and other advanced features as well as pros and cons.
  • GoDaddy is also an ideal solution for building an online business for beginners as it is the best web hosting for small businesses. 


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1. About GoDaddy

GoDaddy Inc. was established back in 1997 as a publicly-traded domain name and web hosting firm,  the former name called Jomax Technologies, and the firm headquarters is located in Arizona America.

Due to the rapid expansion of information technology and advanced technology, GoDaddy today become one of the most powerful domain providers and web hosting companies in the world. In particular, it has over 21 million customers with more than 7500 employees all over the world, which can support the need of its customers.

In addition, GoDaddy is the largest web hosting provider in terms of market share, together with web hosting service- it has more than 70 million customers, who had registered their domain with GoDaddy.

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2.GoDaddy Domain– Reviews on GoDaddy

GoDaddy Review
GoDaddy Review


As mentioned earlier, Godaddy is considered the giant of domain name registrars. There are more than 69 million registered domains with GoDaddy at the time of writing, which reflects GoDaddy is the safe choice to go ahead with the domain name.

In addition, you can almost get any type of domain name as a first step to starting a great website and connecting with the world. In particular, there is a cross range of domains: .com, .info, . art, .cloud, .co, .page, .sg, which give you the choice of your preferred. The cost of buying a domain for the first year is normally around $12, and $18 is for the year after- the second year.

It is not the cheapest domain name provider in the market, but GoDaddy always offers a discount or promotion for new and loyal customers to its business. The discount is from 30% to 45% off based on my experience.

Importantly,  like Hostinger, GoDaddy also has a bundle program offering to customers, which is a free domain name for at least a year, if you sign up with GoDaddy as one of the web hosting plans. We are going to explore the next section in more detail for your consideration.

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3.GoDaddy: Web Hosting Plans


GoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons
GoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons

Let’s take a look at GoDaddy web hosting plans, and other advanced features in order for our users to explore the possibility of the appropriate products and services essential, which can help to build a successful website or blog.

Firstly, shared hosting plans will be discussed as it is best for those who are after great service at an affordable price. GoDaddy currently has 4 main types of shared hosting products for your selection.

  • Economy: with this shared hosting plan, customers are most likely to receive a free GoDaddy domain name and a free business email account for at least 12 months. The following benefits for owners or blog beginners include 100 GB storage capacity, standard performance, and one website allowed to run on this plan.
  • Deluxe: with this shared web hosting plan, A free GoDaddy domain name, and a free business email account for at least 12 months. Add-up bonuses are unlimited GB storage capacity and can have unlimited website hosting with GoDaddy web hosting.
  • Ultimate:  this is particularly ideal for websites with higher traffic then you can choose this shared web hosting plan. Especially, the speed of your website will get much faster as GoDaddy provides 2X CPU for handling large traffics. The free SSL, Free Domain, Free business email, unlimited websites, and unlimited storage.
  • Maximum:  similar to other shared web hosting plans, but customers will receive 4x of the memory power for faster speed and especially receive a free SSL for life if continue with the Maximum shared web hosting plan.

In terms of the price of shared web hosting, I believe it is fair and reasonable for new website owners with a limited budget. With Maximum shared hosting, customers will get more advanced features, which are necessary to scale up your business into the next stage.

Notes: Prices will be varied based on the selected share web hosting plan, the cheapest price is the economic plan and the Maximum is the highest price of all.

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4. Compatible With WordPress, Cloudflare, and WordPress Rocket

GoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons
GoDaddy Review: Web Hosting Plans, Domains and Pros, and Cons

Similar to other major web hosting companies such as Bluehost, and Hostinger. GoDaddy is also an official partnership with Wordpress as it has advanced features to speed up a Wordpress website for better performance and search ranking.

Just one click away, then you can install the Wordpress site, which is compatible with GoDaddy. The price seems to be affordable as Wordpress hosting has four main plans.

  • Basic- start at around $4
  • Delux
  • Ultimate
  • And E-commerce.

Especially, if you plan to build a website just for e-commerce, then you will need to pay a bit higher price per month, around $20 a month for a selected term purchase.

Compatible with Cloudflare and WordPress Rocket, based on my experience, this is the most important section that most website beginners need to pay attention to. This is because setting up an account either with Cloudflare or Wordpress Rocket will give your website a larger role in terms of global appearance, security, and speed performance.

Cloudflare is well known for its larger role to keep your website safe again any attacks and CDN network, which gives your site running faster, even if the request is much far away from your GoDaddy hosting center.

For example, if you decided to use GoDaddy or Bluehost as your website hosting provider in America. your audience could not have any hard time accessing your website in the Asia Pacific due to the magic content delivery of CDN from Cloudflare. Particularly, Cloudflare has too many data centers in every corner of the world, where Cloudflare will use the nearest data center to respond to customer request information from your website.

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5. Reviews on GoDaddy: Website Speed and Performance Test

Moving to the speed and performance test section, there were a few speed tests on most major reputable speed test sites such as GTmetrix and Pingdom, which give you an overview of how reliable GoDaddy is for web hosting.

When talking about website speed and performance, it is one of the vital aspects to retain and attract a new audience because Google will love a website with a faster loading time and performance. Cloudflare is one of the key solutions, but the main important thing is web hosting providers.

If it is not reliable web hosting, then your content will never have a chance to reach your target audience or may get very high audience dissatisfaction.

For this reason, website owners’ blog beginners need to be cautious when choosing their next web hosting provider because all their hard work might be diminished if choosing an unreliable web hosting provider.

6.GoDaddy Review: Pros and Cons

GoDaddy is one of the powerhouses in domain name registrars and reliable web hosting companies. They have a cross range of products and services from shared web hosting, Wordpress hosting, VPS, and other advanced features, which give the customers an opportunity to select the best web hosting option to suit their business needs.

Let’s conclude the whole article by making an analysis of its Pros and Cons.


  • Relatively cheap and affordable price: This is the first benefit to mention compared with other premium web hosting providers like WP Engine and Cloudway. It has a ton of features and resources to build a great website or blog, and especially it is an ideal solution for those who just plan to start their website.
  • Easy to use: website beginners would not have any hard time playing around with the GoDaddy system as it is considered one of the easy and most convenient for people who do not have a tech background.
  • Reliable web hosting: based on the speed test, it indicates GoDaddy is not a bad choice with an affordable price, which makes it more attractive to website owners.
  • Larger Storage Capacity: the basic plan has at least 100 GB storage capacity as GoDaddy offers a larger storage capacity to users than other web hosting providers.


  • No Backup Service: I tried to search around to find if GoDaddy has a backup service on one of its web hosting plans, but there is non of them.
  • SSL is not for free: unless you sign up for Ultimate and Maximum from the shared web hosting section. Otherwise, you will have to pay for installing an SSL certificate on your site because SSL is so important for a secure and reliable website.
  • Fee for migrating your sites: you will need to pay a sum of money to get an expert from GoDaddy, who can help you to migrate the entire content of your website to a new web hosting provider.

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