Chrome Extensions For Freelancers & Small BusinessesChrome Extensions For Freelancers & Small Businesses

6+ Chrome Extensions For Freelancers & Small Businesses

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Finding freelance work can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner freelancer without much work experience and a reputation in the industry you operate.

However, if you are committed to your freelancing career or side business by building up your work portfolio and engaging with clients on popular platforms like Toptal or FlexJobs. It will pave the way to increasing earning opportunities and capturing more clients.

For this reason, you would be wondering what reliable apps and tools that can increase your productivity or even can automate your daily tasks. But, the problem is there are so many Google Chrome extensions and apps you are not sure which one you should use.

In this post, you will learn numerous Chrome extensions and apps that will help you automate your daily work and bring more productivity to your business.

Let’s take a look at each one based on its features and other important factors:


Benefits of using collaboration apps that will increase your productivity

As a freelancer, you often work remotely from almost anywhere in the world because clients can send you a project with a timeframe for completion, and ensure that you have done proper research and delivered high-quality work before the due date.

In addition, some of the projects require you to attend virtual team meetings with other freelancers and collaborate with them to ensure that everyone is equally contributing to the common goal. 

For this, you may consider using some productivity apps to automate your daily tasks and ensure that you won’t miss any project on the due date. Here are some of my absolute favorites that can bring different benefits to your online business and freelancing career.


Time Doctor

Time doctor review

Time Doctor is one of the best time management apps that allows employers and individuals to monitor their time spent on their daily work. Especially, a business can use this time-tracking tool to measure the performance of their remote workers, freelancers, or even hybrid employees.

In particular, businesses use this tool to highlight and identify the activity of employees and make any necessary changes to improve their work efficiency and productivity.

Freelancers can also use this time-tracking app to measure and analyze their daily performance. For this, they can manage their time better and improve their productivity.

The following are several features Time Doctor offers:

  • “Time tracking”: This feature will automatically monitor and track employees’ activities, especially identifying whether they spend time on the project or something else during work hours.
  •  “Time Management”: This time management tool will definitely improve your workplace efficiency by tracking and summarizing time employees spend on projects, clients, other tasks, etc.
  • ” Screen monitoring”: This feature is a perfect choice for freelancers who want to understand how many hours they work on the project from start to completion. For this, they can share the screen evidence with clients and receive fair payment for their service.
  • “Timesheet”: employers use this feature to understand how many hours employees spend on their work, it can be recorded directly on the Time Doctor platform.

In addition, Time Doctor provides integration with other popular third-party apps or software like Azure DevOps, Asana, G Suite, Jira Software, HubSpot, Monday, PayPal, etc. review


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your business, blog, or even freelancer, will definitely be a perfect choice for creating projects and optimizing everyday tasks to increase productivity and efficiency within the team.

With, business owners and managers can collaborate and engage with their team members in order to keep track of the project’s progress in terms of budgets and timelines. Thus, they can confidently make better decisions.

Members also can integrate with other popular and favorite tools, including Dropbox, Microsoft Team, Outlook, and Slack, which means all team members can choose to work with one of those tools together.



ProWritingaid review


ProWritingAid is one of the best long-form grammar checker tools that are particularly best for content writers and business owners to polish their writing and fix common grammatical mistakes such as punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and style improvement.

If you want to develop your career as a freelance copywriter, then ProWritingAid is a recommended writing tool to improve your writing skills, especially for those who tend to write long-form content.

Particularly, with automated grammar detection, the software will detect numerous issues and suggest improvements with over 3000 explanations, which definitely helps increase users’ productivity and save time.

Indeed, ProWritingAid is available to integrate with Google Chrome extensions, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, WordPress, education, and Facebook, to name a few.

Keep in mind that members can take advantage of the free membership plan to check the common and basic writing issues, and it offers a limit of up to 500 words count.

With the premium version, it will provide a much more advanced explanation and detailed analysis so that users can get unlimited rephrases and fix advanced issues. 

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Canva review


Canva is a professional design tool that enables freelancers and small businesses to design banner ads, blogs, information, and video graphics.

In particular, with numerous design templates available on the platform, freelance content writers can select one of them and create a blog post graphic for their clients.

This design tool also works best for students, teachers, and professional workers due to the fact that members create presentation slices, photo editing, design layout, and infographics associated with their professional fields.

Another function worth mentioning is the brand and logo design function, which means you can get one of the logo templates and create your logo or brand for your company without any technical skill in Photoshop.

Canva also offers a free membership plan for starters who want to get familiar with the design tool, and when they can grow their clients, then they can switch to the pro or team to access more advanced features.

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1Password features


Perhaps, 1Password is an ideal solution for small businesses and freelancers to safeguard their business data and other important information. The password manager provides full encryption to protect your passwords, logins, payment card information, and two-factor authentication against any external threat on the internet.

Specifically, the platform provides security coverage for small businesses and individuals by using AES 256-bit encryption, which means only authorized members can access the secure data.

In addition, some top-notch features that make 1Password stand out in the market like travel mode, watch tower, and password monitoring will protect and alert any password issues for members to fix.

Indeed, it is one of the best Chrome extensions for doubling your business productivity and security protection because it monitors any password leak and notifies you to fix it as soon as possible.

1Password is also available to download on popular systems like macOS, iOS, Windows, and Linux, to name a few.

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DuckDuckgo review


DuckDuckGo is a focused search engine that will safeguard your privacy and personal data when browsing the internet. If you are concerned about your data security online, then it’s recommended to use DuckDuckGo because the platform is considered fairly safe and secure for your web browsing.

In particular, the search engine promises to not track searchers’ data and search history, which makes it so different from other mainstream search engines.

Indeed, it is available to install as a Chrome extension for free and will help to protect you from being tracked online, including web tracking protection, email protection, Facebook tracking protection, etc.

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Glasp review


If you are a market researcher or a freelance copywriter, Glasp is definitely an ideal solution to boost your daily productivity to double. It’s because the platform will help members save any text on the websites or even highlight the text. 

For this, if you do a lot of online reading for your work, education, or even business purposes, Glasp would be a perfect choice to save time and boost productivity.

Users can download Glasp as a Google Chrome extension to capture and highlight important text or content with numerous highlighted colors.


Bonus: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting review


Another super tool for working remotely is ClickMeeting, the cloud-based platform that helps members connect and engage with other team members via webinars, virtual meetings, and education discussions online.

One of the greatest benefits of using ClickMeeting is the translation meeting feature, which means members will receive instant chat translation based on choosing a preferred language.

For this reason, it is a huge boost for small businesses that often employ freelancers all over the world by hosting virtual meetings and engaging with other members.

Keep in mind that you can create a webinar with a maximum of 5,000 attendees.

Besides virtual team meetings, you can use ClickMeeting for other purposes, including launching a new product, marketing events, online courses, education, training sessions, etc.


Final Thoughts on Google Chrome Extensions

We highlighted numerous best Chrome extensions and tools, which help to boost your productivity and stay engaged with your team members to ensure the project can be completed on time.

If you search for freelance jobs online, such as copywriters, content writers, or Facebook marketing campaign managers, consider using one of those extensions and tools to double your productivity and multiply the time effect for your online businesses.

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