How to Disavow Spammy Links Using Google Disavow ToolHow to Disavow Spammy Links Using Google Disavow Tool

How to Disavow Spammy Links Using Google Disavow Tool

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When it comes to search engine optimization for your online business, the on-page and off-page SEO plays an essential role in bringing more organic traffic and boost for more revenue.

In particular, sites naturally contain different types of high-quality backlinks such as Edu links, government links, and reputable blogs and legitimate businesses, which will have a competitive advantage over others in terms of ranking higher.

On the other hand, Google will penalize blogs and websites that intend to violate the “Google web search policies” due to the participation in link schemes or containment of low-quality backlinks.

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step guide on how to remove toxic backlinks in order to avoid the link penalty from Google and keep your site visibility on the search engine.

1. What are toxic backlinks?

As you are aware, sites with low-quality backlinks will always hurt their business ranking on Google searches ranking because bloggers and webmasters have violated the “Google web search policies” such as participating in link schemes and having too many spam backlinks.

For example, spam sites with highly toxic or spam scores will do more harm to your site in terms of SEO ranking and you may notice a sudden drop in organic keywords and traffic to your site.

In addition, if the Google algorithm system detects your site has either participated in a linking-building scheme by buying backlinks or contained too many low-quality backlinks, then it will penalize your whole site.

The following are considered low-quality and spammy links, which you should remove as soon as possible by using Google disavow tool.

  • High spam or toxic scores: those sites are often considered bad backlinks, and you can either use Semrush or Ahrefs to identify links with a high snap score.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the link’s site to determine whether it is a spammy link or not, it will help minimize the mistake of removing quality links.
  • Spam backlinks are often from spam comments.
  • Sites participate in link schemes and violate Google policies.

There are much more factors to highlight the toxic backlinks, and if you believe your site is being targeted by competitors to kick your business out of search ranking, then you must take immediate action to disavow links.


2. Why do low-quality backlinks impact your site’s SEO?

With high-quality backlink sites, your online business has a higher chance to outrank competitors and attract more organic traffic. This is because it contains a cross range of natural backlinks as follows below:

  • Education.
  • Government.
  • Directories.
  • Legitimate websites.
  • Blogs.
  • And much more.

One of the favorite tools you can use to find high-quality backlinks is Mangools, this magic tool will allow you to highlight the quality, as well as low-quality backlinks.

However, if your site contains too many toxic backlinks for some reason. Then, the best way to do this is to regularly check your blog/website link profile so that you can take action to remove links.

It’s because low-quality backlinks will have a negative impact on your site’s overall SEO in terms of dropping in traffic and dropping organic keywords.

For this reason, your site credibility will be damaged if you don’t take action to remove them.

low-quality backlinks impact your site's SEO

In particular, one of the visible ways to detect your site is being penalized by Google is to see a sudden drop in organic traffic, as shown in the screenshot above.

Another major setback you don’t want it happening is search engines like Bing, which may also penalize your online business for participating in links farm. Thus, it’s essential to find toxic backlinks and remove them from your site link portfolio as soon as possible.

Now, let’s start to list spam links by double-checking the high toxic score and visiting spam sites to see if they are legitimate websites or not. 


3. How to remove spammy links using Google Search Console

As mentioned in the previous article, the Google search console is a powerful SEO tool, which helps site owners not only monitor websites’ performance but it also can notify you if there are any issues or manual penalties.

With the Google algorithm penalty, you need to take time to investigate the root cause of issues to the sudden drop in traffic. It could be many factors such as low-quality links, “keyword stuffing”, and duplicate content, to name a few.

For this reason, the very first step is to take a look at your business website’s link profile by using the Google webmaster tools.

remove spammy links using Google Search Console

As you see in the screenshot above, you need to navigate to the ” Links” section and click on it to double-check the link profile. Even though you manually check one by one link by visiting each site, it proves to be the most effective way to identify spam sites and minimize the mistake of disavowing high-quality blogs.

After highlighting several spam backlinks from the ” Top linking sites”, your next task is to select spam domains and put them all together on the text file- disavow file format.

Google disavow links

Now, navigate to the “Google disavow link tool” and submit the disavow file format to the platform, it will take a few weeks or up to 2 or 3 months for Google to invalidate the spam domains on your sites.

Alternatively, you may consider using a third-party SEO tool like Semrush to detect the super high toxic score of spam sites.

In particular, you may choose spam sites with toxic scores over 60. And, put them all in TXT.file. And follow the same process above by visiting disavow tool to submit your file. 



Spam backlinks will do more harm to your site in terms of impacting search ranking and reducing organic keywords. It’s essential to remove spam sites pointing to your site as soon as possible before Google implements the penalty.

For this reason, one of the most effective ways to invalidate spammy links is to use the Google console to highlight low-quality sites, and submit them on disavow tool.

Bonus tip: if you want to build high-quality backlinks sites, the best approach is to constantly produce super high-quality content (infographics, and valuable information), which can add more value for readers.

Also, it’s essential to use a grammar tool like ProWritingAid to reduce common errors, which helps to polish your content even look more professional.


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