Guide to Create Adsense AccountGuide to Create Adsense Account

Step-by-Step Guide to Create an Adsense Account and Setup Payment

Updated: 01/08/2023


When it comes to make money blogging, Google Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks that helps website owners and bloggers to monetize their site traffic.

As a blogging beginner, you would be having some difficulties selecting the best ad program that allows you to monetize content by placing different types of ads on the website and making money online.

Before moving forward with other advanced steps to increase your site earnings ( besides affiliate marketing), you must learn to get familiar with how to set up an Adsense account, including payment setting, which ensures your site is ready to show ads.

In this post, you will learn how to make money blogging for beginners by monetizing ads with Adsense because it is considered one of the great ad platforms besides AdMaven, which enables you to make money in the early stage of your blogging career.


Key Takeaways

  • Get familiar with how to set up an Adsense account, including payment setting, which ensures your site is ready to show ads.
  • Google Adsense has a very strict program policy, which requires bloggers and website owners to adhere to their rules.
  • Until your ad revenue-earning reaches $100, Adsense will send a payment to your account.
  • Wait to receive the pin code that Google sent to your assigned address.


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1. Guide to creating an Adsense account

Google Adsense is one of the popular ad programs available for bloggers from all over the world to earn money online by displaying ads on their sites. The platform has more than 2 million publishers, which indicates its strong reputation and brand image in the market.

Many website owners are facing difficulties to get their Adsense account approval due to the fact that this ad network has a strict program policy that requires them to meet its requirements. For this reason, you are encouraged to read the Adsense program policy to ensure that your site is not violating any rules before applying.

create an Adsense account


The following are step-by-step guides to applying for a Google Adsense account, including some screenshots, which make it much easier for you to understand and can set up on your own at home.

Step 1: The very first and foremost important is to have a website, which allows Adsense to take further steps to review your site before being accepted to the program. Fill down your personal information such as your site location and accept the terms and conditions of the program.

As shown in the screenshot above it is very simple to create an Adsense account with a few simple steps. Importantly, you must select the site’s main language and complete the information as required.

adsense login

Step 2: bloggers are required to complete the personal information, which will be used as a preference to send the pin code to your address later ( We will discuss more detail in the next section).

  • Contact information: your name and current address. It’s super important because Google Adsense will send you a code for confirmation upon receiving payment.
  • Account type: Either an individual or business account.

If you put the wrong address or incorrect name, then you won’t be able to receive any payment in the future when your site reached the $100 threshold. Hence, don’t make any mistakes in not receiving any payment and wasting your time.


Step 3: At this stage, you need to add Adsense code to your websites/blogs. In particular, just copy and paste the Adsense code on the <head> tag of your site, which enables the platform to displace ads.

Things to keep in mind about the Adsense ID: this is the Adsense identity number that you need to paste this ID to your WordPress theme in order that Adsense can recognize your site and calculate your ad earnings daily.

Alternatively, the easy way to add Adsense ID to your site is to download the Headers and footers Plugin, in which you just simply paste the code on the plugin <header> tag.

After completing all the necessary steps, then you may click the Adsense account review process as It takes up to 14 days or a few days before receiving account approval or not being successful.

In case your account is being rejected, you should follow the step-by-step feedback from Adsense and thus ensure that you fix all the errors before resubmitting for a second time.


2. Wait to receive Adsense Pin

As mentioned earlier, Google Adsense will double-check to ensure you are a legitimate owner of the site on its platform by sending an Adsense pin to your assigned home address ( may take up to 30 days to receive the pin).

In addition, Adsense only sends you a pin code if your site earnings reached the $10 threshold. You need to log in on the platform-Adsense login and verify your account with Adsense


3. Step by step to set up Google Adsense Payment

In terms of setting up Google Adsense payment, you fill down the bank account detail, including your name and account number, which ensures receiving payments.

google adsense earnings

In addition, your site earnings must be $100 or above in that month so that Adsense will start sending payments to your bank account. You can see on the screenshot above that the site has securely set up payment detail with Adsense, the owner will receive payment once earnings reach the $100 threshold.

In case you want to close your Adsense account, ensure that your site earnings are over $15 in order that they will pay you the outstanding balance the following next month. If any earnings are less than $15 you won’t get payment.



Google Adsense is one of the popular contextual ad networks that allow blogging beginners and website owners to make money online by showing multiple ads on their content.

However, it’s not easy to get your Adsense account approval due to the fact that you need to meet all the requirements of the platform. Especially if you are just starting a blog.

With this post about Google Adsense account application guides, bloggers and website owners should understand the program policies and get familiar with them step by step to create an AdSense account successfully.

Hence, it’s recommended to understand the program policies and helps you to avoid the account being terminated or suspended by Adsense.

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