Hostinger Review: Free WordPress Web Hosting in 2021Hostinger Review: Free WordPress Web Hosting in 2021

Hostinger Review: Is The Platform A Reliable Web Hosting For New Sites?

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Updated: 01/01/2023


Choosing the right website hosting for WordPress is one of the first foundational and challenging steps to start building a great blog or website. This is especially right when you are on a limited budget for selecting the appropriate web hosting service with free WordPress hosting.

Conducting research about the web with hosting providers for WordPress is a must because it guarantees to find the best WordPress web hosting for your website in terms of prices, website speed test and performance, and service quality.

This could be done by taking a review on serval web hosts for WordPress- in particular, you would need to spend a few hours on Google search in order to find out the best compatibility web hosting server for WordPress.

In this article, our Hostinger review will give you the overall information and key knowledge about in terms of prices to suit your budget limitation, Hosting service plans-SSL for WordPress, website speed test, and Hostinger’s pros and cons.

Those Hostinger key reviews can give you confidence in making a decision over the best web hosting for WordPress. The following key reviews are as below.

  1. Free Domain for a Web with Hosting Plan.
  2. Hostinger Web With Hosting Service Plans.
  3. Free WordPress Hosting-Free SSL for WordPress
  4. Compatible With Cloudflare, And Google Domain.
  5. Website Speed Test and Performance-server for web hosting
  6. Hostinger’s Pros and Cons-server for web hosting
  7. What is the Best Plan for Blogging Beginners With Hostinger ( Web Hosting Service) 


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About Hostinger- Hostinger Subsidiaries

Hosting Media is a former name of Hostinger- it was first founded back in 2004 as a private entity in Kaunas, Lithuania, one of the countries that belonged to the European Union. Within a short period of time, Hostinger has been expanded rapidly by the number of web hosting users for WordPress and key regional offices across the globe.

In particular, Hostinger delivers its web hosting service to more than 178 countries with approximately 30 million active website users for WordPress at the time of writing 2021. Importantly, the number of Hostinger subsidiaries’ web hosting companies are under the direction of Hostinger ownership as follows:

Hostinger Subsidiaries-What is hosting on a website?

  • 000webhost- offers free web hosting worldwide.
  • Hosting24
  • Niagahoster
  • Weblink
  • Zyro

On top of that, the web hosting company also established a relationship with Google Cloud Platform to improve the web hosting server performance-Apache servers to LiteSpeed (LSWS).

Based on this fact, the information seems to attract the interest of a number of new website owners and blog beginners due to the company’s status and reputation in the global web hosting market (Hostinger subsidiaries)

Let’s move to the first Hostinger review, we shall explore each feature and element in more detail for your consideration

1. Free Domain for a Web with Hosting Plan

The first element of the Hostinger review process is to highlight the free domain- website beginners will receive when buying one of the Hostinger service plans.

This could be considered cost-effective for most website owners and blog beginners because you have a limited budget for starting a web hosting for WordPress.

This is because buying a domain name would cost you between $14- $100 per year, and you could use this resource to invest in other areas, which are needed the most to improve your website performance.

As long as you purchase a WordPress web hosting plan with Hostinger, the company will automatically give you priority to select a free domain as you wish, but the domain must be available on Hostinger’s domain system.

2. Hostinger Web With Hosting Service Plans-WordPress Web Hosting

Claim a special discount and receive a free domain when you use our link below.

Hostinger Review: Best Web Hosting For Wordpress


Moving into the next step of choosing the best web hosting server for WordPress is to analyze different Hostinger web hosting service plans available for both website owners and blog users.

And, the four main Hostinger web hosting service plans are available for your consideration as per request to suit your needs and expectation. 

  • Single Hosting for WordPress: This is the ideal option for websites and blog beginners, but no free domain offer is available- The price from $1.99 per month (web hosting is cheap)
  • Most popular Web hosting for WordPress as Hostinger states: is best for personal and professional websites- Price from $2.99 per month.
  • Business for WordPress: ideal for small business solutions to scale up commercially, be able to handle traffic of up to 100000 visitors a month, free domain for a year- Price from $7.99 per month.
  • And WordPress Pro-web hosting is best for WordPress professionals such as small and medium businesses, free domain for a year, WordPress performance ( website speed and performance)- Price from $11.59 per month.

Hostinger’s web hosting also offers other web host server plans for WordPress such as “ Web Hosting” and “ Website Builder”. However, those are similar to the four main WordPress web hosting plans listed above (how to make money blogging for beginners). 

⇒  Start a new site with Hostinger here

3. Free WordPress Hosting-Free SSL for WordPress ( Hostinger review)

Hostinger Review: Web hosting best for Wordpress-Free SSL certificate
Hostinger Review: Web hosting best for WordPress-Free SSL certificate


Hostinger offers a free SSL certificate for purchasing any web hosting for WordPress plans. Specifically, website owners have the priority to choose the free SSL plus free WordPress hosting for their site, which helps to enhance the greater performance and secure network for the audience and your site.

SSL is the site that provides a website with a security and secured network, which is also considered the main factor to rank higher in Google Search Engine. With a secured SSL certificate, the blog or website will be determined by Google and Bing, Yahoo, or even Baido as spam, and those giant search engines may blacklist your site on the internet.

Therefore, it is a must for blog and website owners to get good web hosting for WordPress with a free SSL certificate because it is a general practice to meet Google and other search engine regulations and guidelines. Otherwise, you may have to pay an additional fee for securing an SSL certificate.

Moving to the step-by-step installation of a free SSL certificate from Hostinger.

  1.  Go to the Hostinger homepage, and you need to log in to your Hostinger account. 
  2. Next, select the ” Site” icon.
  3. Navigate to the ” Manage Site” and then click on it.
  4. Continue to click on the ” Security” tab and turn on the SSL certificate.

After enabling the SSL certificate, then your site will be in a secured internet mode as the ” Lock icon” will appear on the URL. 

In the meantime, you should use Cloudflare to enhance the greater level of your site’s security and protection in terms of handling traffic through its site and minimizing other attacks.

Cloudflare will act as the third-party agent to ensure all traffic to your site is being scanned and filter out if it found any Bot attacks and hackers.

4. Compatible With Cloudflare, WordPress, LiteSpeed, And Google Cloud ( Hostinger Review)

Hostinger Review: Free WordPress Web Hosting in 2021
Hostinger Review: Free WordPress Web Hosting in 2021

Hostinger has developed a strong partnership with the following key figure companies from CDN networks to Cloud servers.

  • Cloudflare is the first biggest name to mention as every website owner or blog beginner must connect their site to the Cloudflare CDN network in order to improve the load time and deliver content faster to the audience. 
  •  Free WordPress Web Hosting:  your site will get free WordPress web hosting after you purchase any Hostinger web hosting server plans.
  • LiteSpeed Cache: automatically install LiteSpeed Cache for your free WordPress web hosting as your website load time will improve.
  • Google Cloud: is the latest partnership with Hostinger, which your blog or website to improve the website speed and performance and be able to satisfy a large number of your audience.

5. Website Speed Test and Performance- Hostinger Review

There are several sites to test Hostinger Website speed test and performance such as: 

  • KeyCDN Website Speed Test.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Pingdom Speed Test.
  • GTmetrix.
  • WebPageTest.
  • Uptrends.
  • dotcom-monitor.
  • Yellow Lab Tools.

In this case, the most popular Free Website Speed Test Tools for your consideration are GTmetrix, Google Speed Test, and Pingdom Speed test- those are the most accurate and highly reputable tools to measure your website speed and performance.

Let’s start the Hostinger Website speed test and performance in five main testing areas with GTmetrix as this is the one I normally test for my website.

  • London: 0.76 seconds
  • New York: 0.8 seconds
  • Tokyo: 1.6 seconds
  • Vancouver: 1 second
  • Singapore: 1.8 seconds

The results indicated Hostinger server page speed tests, which almost performed averagely well in terms of network, the number of traffic, and different geographical areas.

In addition, the five main speed test sides with GTmetrix showed the server performance can load the web hosting for WordPress in less than 2 seconds. However, moving away from the highly developed network areas such as London and Newyork, the speed performance is about to get slower.

Importantly, you can even improve the website speed and performance by downloading Cloudflare Global CDN, LiteSpeed Cache, Google Cloud, and Jetpack. Those sites are currently under a strong partnership with Hostinger, which allows website owners and blog beginners to installing per request.

6. Hostinger’s Pros and Cons- Hostinger Review

The last part of the Hostinger review- web with hosting for WordPress is to highlights the pros and cons of Hostinger based on the above element of analysis.


  • Hostinger offers a free domain and free SSL certificate for website owners as it’s considered cost-effective.
  • Offer affordable web hosting for WordPress plans compared with their competitors (web hosting cheap)
  • Website speed and performance overall are good, especially in London and New York locations.
  • Customer support is overall above the expectation- good response time and solves most issues for their users.
  • Transparency in terms of prices, network server status, and notifications.


  • Website speed and performance are getting modest performance in less developed network areas such as Asia and other parts of the world.
  • Sometimes, the large number of traffic requests would cost the web less reliable from the web hosting server.

7. What is the Best Plan for Blog Beginners With Hostinger ( Web Hosting Service)

The best plan for website owners or blog beginners is “ WordPress Pro” and “ WordPress Starter. This is because those web hosting plans provide CPU performance, which is an ideal solution for most websites online today. With a “WordPress Pro”, Hostinger will offer higher complex CPU performance to provide more speed and processing power in terms of handling a large audience visiting the site- up to 300,000 per month.

To sum up, Hostinger web hosting for WordPress overall is considered a good choice for both website owners and blog beginners in terms of price, website speed and performance, and support staff response times.

Especially, for those blog beginners with a tight budget, Hostinger web hosting for WordPress is an ideal solution to first lay down the concrete foundation in the journey of starting a successful blog in the future.

If you are still unsure about the best-hosting provider, then further reading about Bluehost website hosting Reviews, which could be the answer for your best web hosting solution (how to become a blogger).


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