How to make a monthly budget

How to Create a Successful Budget in 2022

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Have you ever thought creating a successful budget will definitely boost your current cash flow capability and you would be able to use your strong cash flow to create different sources of income?

By creating sound budgeting, you always have an opportunity to reduce or cut spending in unnecessary areas, where you can use that saved money to invest in your long-term future goals.

In this article, I will share with you a proven strategy for creating successful budgeting based on extensive research on different quality sources and my real-life experience in personal budgeting.

In particular, we are going to go through the two main sections that cover this article: radically reduce your spending and monitor your monthly expenses.

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This strategy is considered a forefront to determining your current expenses and income in order that you will always have a chance to balance your balance sheet.

In particular, you need to change your lifestyle by radically reducing your spending in certain areas. For example, you would need to reduce your utility bills, reduce your spending on transportation costs- reduce the spending on Taxi, Uber, or Grab, and set a monthly budget for tobacco, alcohol, or eating out.

Once you have reviewed your balance sheet then you can make a decision to totally cut your spending in an unnecessary area.

This strategy is quite applicable to those who are finding difficulties balancing their personal finance- expenses always exceeding incomes. For this reason, your financial house will get back in the correct order- where the incomes exceed expenses and you will have an opportunity to save more money.

There are five main big-spending blocks, we should consider reducing our spending.

1. Home ( mortgage/rent, insurance, utility bills, maintenance, improvement, etc).
2. Transportations (cars, public transport, taxis, Ride-shares like Uber, Grab, Didi, Ola, or Lyft Etc).
3. Socializing costs ( dine-in out, party, special event, etc).
4. Food.
5. Travel costs ( both short and long vacations).

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In order to create an effective budget, you will need to monitor your spending weekly or monthly on those five main items and decide to cut your budget in one of those areas. This is because you will put yourself in a better financial situation by making a lifestyle change and be able to save money for the future.

Importantly, if you are tech-savvy then you would use some budget app to monitor your expenses and income in order to create a final budget for your current cash flow. This could be done by making a reflection on your monthly income and then you make a habit change to suit your current budget.

Final Thoughts

You would be able to create a great balance sheet once you know the two elements of cash flow management: expenses and income.

Therefore, either decide to cut your spending to reduce your current expenses or find a different job or side hustle to improve your income capability. Then you are always in a better financial situation.

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By Jiro Nguyen.

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By Jiro Nguyen

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