How To Increase Blog TrafficHow To Increase Blog Traffic

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog: 10 Proven Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

Updated: 01/08/2023


You have started a blog or website and regularly create great content in order to increase blog traffic. However, it seems to not work well according to your plan, and your website still hasn’t gotten any organic traffic notice from the Google search console.

There are many reasons contributing to the failure to bring organic traffic to your website, which include not enough targeted keyword research, on-page SEO, content quality as well as the history of the site.

To get regular traffic, you need to implement a combination of actionable plans like quality content, building backlinks, and sharing on social media. It’s an ongoing SEO game plan and you must continue to perform to outrank competitors and find different ways to make money with blogging.

For this reason, I highly suggest you get familiar with several proven tips and tricks to increase blog traffic. You will notice an increase in organic traffic to your site once following those tips.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many reasons contributing to the failure to bring organic traffic to your website, which include not enough targeted keyword research, on-page SEO, content quality as well as the history of the site.
  • SEO is an ongoing game, which requires bloggers and website owners to continue to perform such as finding relevant and profitable keywords, sharing on social media, and regular content updates to drive organic traffic to their sites.
  • I highly recommend creating the Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts if you haven’t done so, it is for blogging for beginners.
  • Your site content will look much more appealing with relevant infographics and it will increase the visibility on the search engines. You can hire a freelancer for an affordable price on Fiverr to create a stunning infographic for your website.
  • Alternatively, you can use graphic design platforms like Visme or Adobe Express that enable you to design a graphic on your own and drive regular organic traffic to your site.


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How to increase website traffic organically

The following are the proven ways to increase website traffic, which you should consider implementing on your site. And you will notice a surge in organic traffic within a few months.

1. Use SemRush

SemRush keyword research SEO tool


The first and foremost important tactic is to use the “SemRush” -SEO tool, which not only helps bloggers and site owners to increase the visibility of their website on the internet but allows them to access the vast keywords and other metrics on the databases.

In particular, the platform is considered an all-in-one SEO tool due to the fact that it has some top-notch features like keyword research, keyword position tracking, and backlink analysis. You may not find those features in other SEO tools.

In addition, you should take the advantage of the magic keyword tool to find the profitable keywords that customers likely type on Google.

By collecting targeted keywords with high search volumes and low difficulty scores, you would be able to include them across your website, and it is just a matter of time before your site will increase its visibility on Google.

One of the greatest benefits of the SemRush tool is the traffic % data, which shows the monthly visitors your site receives for a single keyword. It’s the best way to increase blog traffic by copying the high-traffic volume keywords of the competitors from the platform.

Many professional bloggers and SEO agencies use the method that helps their sites and client sites to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

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2. Get familiar with Google Analytics

In case you haven’t created a Google Analytics account. Then I urge you to create an account immediately because this excellent tool is free, and it helps to understand some actual data of your site in terms of traffic, location, and engagement.

In particular, bloggers will have more opportunities to drive organic traffic to their site by understanding the following key traffic metrics:

  • The site engagement: the average time readers spend on your site, the higher the better.
  • Daily visits report: you understand how many visitors visit your site daily.
  • The number of views on each page and article: bloggers can identify the highest page view of their website.
  • Traffic locations: highlight the visitor’s location, so you can understand the highest traffic from the country that visits your site.

Now, you see the advantage of using Google Analytics, which plays an influential role in increasing blog traffic. These key data metrics provide insight into how your readers engage and interact. Hence, it helps you to make smarter decisions to improve online business visibility on Google.

Keep in mind that almost all website owners and bloggers use the Google Search Console and Google Analytics to understand the overall SEO optimizations of their sites.

3. Answer questions on Quora

Answer questions on Quora


If you don’t know what is Quora, then let me explain: Quora is a question-and-answer-based social media platform that allows members to seek free advice by posting any questions related to their topic of concern.

And of course, you should sign up for Quora and start to answer the popular questions that you believe it would deliver valuable information and knowledge to users.

Before answering questions and bringing organic traffic to your site, you should not include any links on the answer question if you are a new user. Thus, you need at least a few months to build trust and create value for the community.

Keep in mind that you must adhere to Quora’s policy guidelines in order to not violate any rules. 

Based on my experience, the best practice is to genuinely deliver a high-quality answer, which contributes to the improvement of other members’ knowledge and information.


4. Post on Facebook

If you want to learn how to increase website traffic through social media, then Facebook is one of the superpower platforms that help to bring thousands of visitors to your site.

Ensure that you get familiar with the techniques and best practices that attract the attention of users on the platform. Here are a few tricks to increase blog traffic from Facebook.

  • Include professional cover photos on the Facebook post, which helps to enhance the reader’s curiosity. They may come across and click on the photo to read one of your posts.
  • Join the Facebook group that is related to your niche, you may contribute to the group by sharing your blog’s post.
  • Create your own Facebook fan page so that you share your recent articles or posts on the page.

Facebook is a great resource to drive organic traffic to your blog by sharing the article on the platform. However, it’s not easy if your purpose is to self-promote.

Thus, you put yourself in other perspectives by genuinely delivering quality content and helping them to improve their general knowledge.

5. Twitter

Posts on Twitter


Twitter is also one of the best social media platforms that you should not ignore.

It helps your site update the new post on the platform, and new users may refer to one of your posts if they find the content is valuable to them.

In addition, they will follow and share your article with their friends or repost it on other groups if they think it’s worth sharing with others.

The more traffic to your site, the higher visibility it will appear on the internet. Thus, you would be able to find different ways to make money with blogging.

6. Reddit

Increase blog traffic via Reddit


Reddit is another super social platform that allows you to learn and share your ideas with other members. Your site can generate regular organic traffic if you know how to apply the right technique and best practices.

So How to get organic traffic to your blog via Reddit?

You first need to join the subReddit groups that are related to your niche. Then get familiar with the rule before you can include the link in your post. 

Keep in mind that you must adhere to the Reddit as well as subReddits policy guidelines in order to avoid the account ban or termination. 

It’s because some subReddit groups do not allow members to share blog links or include links in the post. So ensure you read the rule before planning to share your idea.

7. Share the article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also considered a traffic bomber to share your article on the platform. It’s one of the tricks to increase blog traffic, but again, there is a rule that you must not ignore.

One of the rules that you should get familiar with is LinkedIn doesn’t like self-promotion, and you are not allowed to include the affiliate link on your posts.

If you know the correct way to post on the LinkedIn platform, then it will help to drive regular organic traffic to your site. It’s because LinkedIn has a super high authority ranking on search engines, where visitors may find your article on the top page of Google.

8. Create relevant infographics

Increase website traffic by creating inforgraphics


You want to learn how to increase website traffic organically and increase the conversion rate to make money with blogging. Then, creating relevant infographics traffic is an ongoing process of SEO strategy.

In particular, customers or visitors may find your article and post by typing relevant keywords from the image section of the Google search engine. And, if they click on the picture, it will direct them to one of your articles.

You may notice a surge in organic traffic to your site once creates many infographics, and it is one of the important aspects associated with your site’s SEO appearance on the internet.

One of the effective ways to design a professional infographic is to get a freelancer from a freelancing website like Fiverr, you should only hire a popular freelancer with receives highly rated and offer an affordable fee.

Alternatively, you can use graphic design platforms like Visme and Adobe Express that enable you to design a graphic on your own, but it’s time-consuming if you have plenty of free time.

9. Post on Medium

Medium is an online publishing site that allows bloggers and website owners to redistribute their content on the platform in order to increase blog traffic and boost SEO optimization for ranking higher.

Similar to other social media platforms, Medium also has a super high authority page on Google, which means you can repost your content on the blogging and it may appear on the top page of the search engine for particular keywords.

In addition, bloggers have the option to monetize their site on the Medium platform once their site reaches at least 100 subscribers. is one of the best traffic bomber methods that you should join and increase website traffic over time.

Keep in mind that you should not display too many links from one of your posts on Medium as it may have an impact on the user-friendly experience and the program policy.

10. Create a Social Share Button

Add social share button to increase website traffic


We all know that social media play an influential role in bringing thousands of organic traffic to small and medium websites and blogs. For this reason, your online business will generate regular organic traffic by creating the share button on the post.

It gives readers or customers an option to share your article with their friends or colleagues with just one simple click away.

And, if you want to increase blog traffic, I highly recommend installing one of the following plugins for the WordPress blog such as the social sassy plugin, and easy social share buttons.

Those plugins are best for blogging for beginners to increase website traffic if readers feel your posts are worth sharing and help to improve other people’s skills and knowledge.

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Final Thoughts- implement an SEO strategy to increase blog traffic

If you want to learn how to increase blog traffic, you must implement an effective SEO strategy, which combines different best practices, which are on-page and off-page SEO, target keywords as well as sharing on social media.

By executing those prevention tips, you will notice an increase blog traffic within the next 6 months. Importantly, paying more attention to creating regular and fresh content also plays an important role in contributing to your SEO success.

In addition, you should consider refreshing and reposting old articles or posts ( more than 12 months) as it is one of the SEO tactics to drive organic traffic to your site.


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By Jiro Nguyen.

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