Free Traffic Methods to increase traffic from QuoraFree Traffic Methods to increase traffic from Quora

How to Increase Traffic From Quora: 6 Free Traffic Methods

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Quora is one of the top social media platforms based on the question and answer (Q& A) model, a leading authority website with a ton of high-quality backlinks, which means you may find some Quora questions and answers ranked on top of Google search results.

For this reason, don’t ignore the power of social media marketing to get more traffic to your website free with Quora. You have to follow the right free traffic methods to promote your content and build credibility in your niche.

In particular, choosing the topic ranges within your industry expertise is the priority before you can search and be ready to answer any questions. For this, you will find highly targeted traffic to your site and increase the conversion rates.

In this post, you will explore several traffic bomber methods ( Quora hack) to increase traffic on your website, ranging from searching for more follow questions to creating a Quora space to promote your content.

What is Quora and How to use Quora to get more traffic?

Quora is the top question-and-answer platform that enables users to add any questions related to their inquiries and can get free professional advice and answers from many experts in the field.

In other words, you receive a ton of useful information and general advice based on answers from different members so that you can use the right answer to improve your general knowledge and skills.

There is a wide range of topics on Quora starting from online businesses to blogging tips. For example, if you create content on a regular basis, but see no traffic and want to post a question like ” how to increase website traffic through social media” on Quora, many experts in the social media field will share their answer knowledge to your question request and help you find some useful tips and information.

With this in mind, you can take advantage of this Q&A platform to help the audience improve their general knowledge by answering and providing appropriate information.

That being said, consistently adding and answering questions on the site will definitely help to bring a ton of traffic to your site and also build your authority in the field after a certain period of time. 

Importantly, as a beginner, do not include links or affiliate links on your Quora answers as you may get banned immediately from the platform or the Quora moderator will delete your answer straight away.

It’s because it will take a couple of weeks for Quora to notice you are contributing and creating value for the community so you may include one link (not affiliate links) on every three answers. I strongly suggest you should get familiar with “Quora policies” to learn what can and can’t do.

Based on my experience, the only two words I firmly believe you should stick with it to build your reputation and get more traffic to your site are: create value, create value, and create value. this is the only way to genuinely see a massive result after a while.

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1. Search for the most followed Quora questions to answer

most followed Quora questions

The first and foremost important is to search for the most followed Quora questions, which means it gives you the upper hand to get more followers and drive your website traffic. It could be done by providing accurate answers with solid evidence and knowledge.

Here is the step-by-step on how to increase traffic from Quora by following high following questions.

  • On the platform, enter the targeted keywords on the search bar, in this case, we enter affiliate marketing as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Only select questions with good followers. The more followers the better, as you see on the screenshot, the question has more than 3.6 thousand followers, it is a good ratio to answer this question in order to gain a return on your time investment.
  • Select the question type, and it must be the recent question, past week, or month only. For this, you will establish yourself as the very first person who answers the question, which means new followers come to the question, they will see your answer first.

Another important point is that you also should only answer questions with a high ratio of followers and answers.

For example, I only select the recent question with at least 10 followers and 5 answers on Quora so that it gives me a higher chance to build credibility and get more traffic to the website.

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2. Create a professional profile

In order to build authority and reputation, it’s essential to build a professional profile on Quora by providing as much information as possible. For this reason, it gives you a better chance to get more followers based on valuable contributions and a genuine profile.

how to create professional profile account on Quora

It could be done by briefly explaining your professional education, experience, and the specific industry that you are in.

Moreover, you can also add other technical skills and knowledge that you learn over the year besides your main expertise so that the audience may find you are a trustworthy member of the space.


3. Use attractive images to answer questions on Quora

When it comes to increasing traffic from Quora, the first consideration is to create an attractive image that can increase the attention of the audience. With a great image, readers will more likely to click on your answer and find out more about it.

For this, the tool that many professional content writers and bloggers use to promote their content are design tools such as Adobe Express, PicMoney, or Canva.

How to increase blog traffic

As shown on the screenshot above, you should create a relevant image and include it in one of your answers to gain the curiosity of your readers. Keep in mind that your answer must be helpful and provide high-quality information for the audience.

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4. Only answer recent Quora questions 

As mentioned earlier, when you select the Quora questions to answer, ensure to filter out the search by selecting the recent add question with good followers, at least 10.

If you are still not too sure, then the followings are step-by-step to help you answer the right question so that you don’t waste your time by not getting any traffic:

answer recent Quora questions 

  • Step one: select the question and choose a question with a recent answer based on the past day, past week, or past month.
  • The answer ratio for each recent question should be at least 10 followers and 5 or 10 answers on a question.

Using the above free traffic method, you will have more opportunities to increase blog traffic and gain more followers because the more people follow the question, the better your quality answer appearing on the first page.

One of the essential tips for content writing on Quora is to write a long-form answer, around 1500 to 2000 words. In this case, the answer contains comprehensive information, which helps readers improve their general knowledge and increase the number of followers to your profile.

Importantly, pay more attention to the quality of your answer without any grammatical mistakes. For this reason, you should use online proofreading software to check and polish your writing. Here are several grammar tools to help with your writing:

> ProWritingAid: best long-form proofreading tool.

> Ginger

> Writer


5. Redistribute content

When first starting as a content writer, one of the best blogging tips I often receive again and again is to redistribute your content in different forms, including videos, and short-form content, and share it on other social media platforms.

In this case, we talk more about how to drive traffic to your website by redistributing content on the platform. Copying and pasting the whole article on Quora will help boost your site’s search engine optimization and also support building more quality backlinks.

In particular, if your article is valuable to readers, then they will prefer your website to read further information related to their needs so that your website will get more traffic and quality backlinks from more valuable sources.

Importantly, do not aggressively include too many links, your main purpose is to build credibility and create value for users, so I suggest one link back to your site is good enough.


6. Create a Quora space

Last but certainly not least is to create a space on Quora so that you can continue to build authority within your field and promote your content and let others join in as followers.

With this in mind the more you keep engaging with your audience by updating fresh content in different forms every day, the better they will keep coming back and also can gain many followers to your Quora space.

After creating a space, provide as much information as you can, including what the space is about, the rules, and, the main topic discussion that you will mainly talk about.


Final Thoughts on several free traffic methods to get more traffic using Quora

We discussed several practical tips to get traffic to your website free with Quora. The platform is a particularly ideal place for bloggers, freelancers, and business owners to build their reputation and authority within their industry.

With this in mind, don’t always think it is the place to increase blog traffic by attaching many links to the Quora questions and answers. For this, the only way to drive traffic to your website is to provide helpful content and continue to answer one or two questions weekly or daily.


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