How To Start Freelancing for BeginnersHow To Start Freelancing for Beginners

How To Start Freelancing for Beginners of 2023

Updated: 02/08/2023


Are you looking for ways to make money from home? earn extra money as a side hustle? then this post is all about how to start freelancing, whether you choose to work on the side in a casual role or part-time once the business takes off.

With the rise of freelancing businesses, there is an increase in the number of freelancers because it provides higher autonomy and a flexible schedule. As a freelancer, you are your own boss and don’t need to follow what others tell you to do.

In addition, some big corporations slowly adopt the model of hiring freelancers to do a temporary project rather than massive hire full-time employees. For this reason, the pay rate for freelancing work is also improving over the years.

 In this post, the given 5 steps show you how to start a freelance business. You should take into consideration those ideas to build a successful freelance career.


Key Points

  • Tips on how to make money online as a freelancer.
  • Your knowledge is an invaluable asset to delivering quality work and helping others to solve their problems.
  • Reputation is critical to getting into the freelance business because it reflects your quality work in the freelancing field.


How to make money online for beginners

The following are the five proven tips that help you to get started with your freelancing business. Let’s jump into each one of them for more detail.


1. Highlight your skill and passion

Before you start any freelancing work, you must take the time to determine your valuable skills. The challenging step is how you are going to highlight your area of expertise and talent? based on my view, I believed everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

For this reason, you may need to take some time to reflect on what skills you are good at, or either the knowledge that you have learned from college or university. Hence, you can highlight those skills and knowledge to determine if can deliver value for customers.

For example, some people have excellent communication in writing and speaking, which enables them to come up with different great side hustle ideas such as speaking and copywriting.

Indeed, you can earn money online by using your many years of work experience in the workforce to create an online course, and help people to improve their skills and knowledge. Thus, it’s a win-win situation as you make a positive impact on other people’s lives, and be able to make money from home.

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2. Continue to build a reputation

At the beginning of your freelancing career, it’s not easy to make money online by attracting several clients due to low credibility and reputation in the field. In order words, you must prove your skills and quality work, which determines whether you are successful or not as a freelancer.

In addition, your work experience is an invaluable asset that allows you to receive work offers from clients. It’s because qualification and education may only make your profile attractive, and they may turn away from you if you don’t prove to them that you can deliver good work.

For this reason, the best alternative way to build up your reputation as a freelancer is to offer some free or volunteer work. and slowly receive good customer feedback, then you may think of the next step is to set the service fee and rate of your work ( which we will talk about in the next section). 

Importantly, building your online presence is also a great way to make money from home and helps to gain your reputation in the market. In particular, if you are a content writer, you must point to your clients that your blog is an evident one.

Hence, I suggest you should start with reliable and cheap WordPress web hosting with Hostinger, which is the commonly shared hosting plan for WordPress websites and is as cheap as around $2.95. This plan is especially working well for a beginner that helps you to save money on your expenses.

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3. Select the right freelancing websites

In terms of finding the right online marketplace, it’s essential to highlight several reputable sites in terms of market presence, service fees, a large number of freelancers, and quality clients. It’s because you may easily connect with quality companies and receive an offer from them.

The only downside of the tactic is the intense competition among freelancers on those platforms, and they will compete against each other by offering cheaper service rates to win the project. However, if you can prove to the clients that you are worth their spending by delivering quality work, then you are differentiating with them because you are more focused on delivering quality work.

Customer support is also vital for choosing the right platform because it helps you to solve common issues, which include clients’ disputes, payments, and other technical problems. Thus, the site with strong customer support will allow you to just concentrate on your freelancing rather than other hassles.

Fiverr and are among the best freelancing websites in the market that attract millions of users from all over the world. Both platforms have a great customer support team, which offers instant help to solve your current issues in terms of payments, disputes, and other work.

Alternatively, Flexjobs is a professional remote worksite that has over 50 remote job categories, member are allowed to search for every opportunity on the platform from entry-level remote jobs to higher experience work. If you are interested in becoming a freelancer to earn extra money, then it’s definitely an option to find flexible jobs.

⇒ Sign up with Fiverr here.

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⇒  Get started with Flexjobs here

4. Offer the right service rate and price

As mentioned before, Sites like Upwork or Fiverr are already filled with a large number of freelancers, which makes it even harder to make money online in terms of offering the right price and attracting clients.

The priority is to deliver quality service and work to buyers, which ensures they are satisfied with your service. For this reason, they may bring new clients to you by spreading out your work to their friends, and business partners.

Importantly, you must offer the right service price to your potential clients that allow them to stay with you for a longer term. By checking the market rate on several freelancing websites, you can easily figure out the average price that other freelancers are offering.

Here is the list of common rate structures that you apply to your freelancing business.

  • Charge per hour rate: this’s normally applicable for a small project that you only need several hours to complete. Buyers tend to pay you based on every hour you perform.
  • Charge per project rate: it’s typically a flat rate that you charge on each project. In this case, you probably can figure out how long it takes to complete the project.

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5. Tips on how to make money online as a freelancer

The online marketplace is pretty much considered a middleman to connect freelancers and companies for making a deal. Those freelancing websites will ensure the involved parties are all happy with the business deals.

Selecting the right online marketplace not only helps to increase your chance of landing the order but also enables you to earn more money as a freelancer. In the beginning, you may offer a cheaper service rate or even free to your buyers, which allows you to gain a reputation and work experience in your niche.

Be radically open mind listening to clients’ feedback and comments that help you to avoid the same mistake in the future. Indeed, the quality of work you deliver will improve from time to time along with increasing customer satisfaction.

The following are some important points that you should consider to increase the chance of landing your first freelance job and being able to make money online.

  1. Prepare a list of answer questions professionally that you can use to answer all the inquiries from buyers. They may impress with your professional attitude.
  2. Always read the job description to understand the main requirements of the job.
  3. Prepare a brief introduction that mentions your education, work experience, and overall achievement on both academic and personal levels.
  4. Don’t go over places to search for a job. Stick with your main industry.


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FAQ Section

How To Start Freelancing for Beginners

The following are key aspects to help you get started with your freelancing career. 1. Highlight your skill and passion 2. Continue to build a reputation 3. Select the right freelancing websites 4. Offer the right service rate and price

Tips on how to make money online as freelancers

As a freelancer, you should be radically opened mind listen to client's feedback and comments that help you to avoid the same mistake in the future.

How Freelancers Find Work?

You need to complete your profile set up ready in terms of education, work experience as well as your work terms and conditions. Buyers will come and make an offer based on your area of expertise. Alternatively, you would need to make a bid as an offer to a project on other online marketplaces.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of becoming a freelancer?

One of the benefits of freelancing is you work on your own and have the highest autonomy on the job. The downside of freelancing is that you may need to wait longer than usual to receive job offers.

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