Semrush tool for SEO OptimizationsSemrush tool for SEO Optimizations

How to use the Semrush tool for SEO Optimizations

Updated: 01/08/2023


Semrush is considered one of the best SEO tools that help website owners and bloggers to drive traffic to their sites by analyzing link building and improving keyword ranking.

In particular, with a Wordpress blog, it’s recommended to use this keyword research tool to target high traffic keywords with low difficulty scores. Hence, it gives your site a better chance to appear on the Google search engine whenever people search for relevant keywords.

In addition, the Semrush tool is not only well known for its finest keyword research but the platform also helps to improve the overall SEO optimization for your blog by analyzing traffic and building more backlinks, to name a few.

In this article, you will learn how to use the “Semrush” -SEO tool in an effective way in order that your site can improve overall SEO optimizations. By using the platform data analytics correctly, bloggers would be able to build better keyword ranking, link building as well as social media marketing. Thus, all your effort will help your blog to rank higher on search engines.

Key Takeaways

  • Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool for keyword research and link building.
  • Sharing your posts regularly on social media also helps to improve keyword ranking for your site.
  • The platform has a link-building option that helps your site can build more quality backlinks.


1. Traffic Analytic

keyword rank checker

The first and foremost important is to analyze traffic data, which enables website owners to understand how many organic keywords people click through the search engine.

In addition, from the “Domain overview“, site owners also can highlight several important SEO factors including domain authority, the number of organic traffic, current backlinks as well as keywords from advertising.

By learning the data traffic from the Semrush tool, bloggers and website owners are able to improve keyword ranking, get more backlinks and understand the current search traffic to your site each month.

Semrush keyword rank checker

For example, the screenshot above highlights the traffic data of eBay and other pears like Amazon including bounce rate, average visits, and the number of traffic up or down each month. Semrush clearly provides sufficient traffic data for SEO experts of those firms to find better ways to improve traffic on their sites.

Importantly, it’s worth using this SEO tool to gather traffic analytics by understanding the traffic sources and traffic by geolocations coming to your website. Based on that information, website owners can use keywords with high traffic volumes to target specific country traffic.


2. Use the Semrush keyword research tool

Keyword research is the basic SEO, which requires bloggers and website owners to get familiar with the techniques on how to use keyword research tools best and drive traffic more traffic to your site.

Without any targeted keywords, the Google search engine- Google Crawlers won’t be able to understand what topic or keyword your site it’s about. Your blog will not appear on the top page of the search engine.

For this reason, it’s important to use short-tail and long-tail keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty scores. Therefore, customers or readers may find your site by typing similar keywords on the Google search engine.

Semrush seo ranking checker


As mentioned in a previous article on how to use keyword research tools in the correct way, I won’t give detailed step-by-step instructions here again. Instead, we will pay more attention to finding high-traffic keywords with a low level of SEO difficulties as well as CPC.

Basically, you have options to adjust the keyword search volume, and keyword difficulty score on the Semrush tool (shown in the screenshot above), which you can navigate the search for relevant and targeted keywords to rank higher on search engines.

KWFinder is also recommended to improve keyword search ranking by providing bloggers with a cross range of long tail and short tail keywords with low difficulty scores.


3. Learn more about Link building

Link building is one of the advanced techniques of SEO that helps your site to improve its search appearance on search engines. Here are the following tips that you may consider to build more quality backlinks for your site.

  • Create a free account with Semrush, and use the “link building tool” on the platform to figure out potential quality backlinks from one of your competitors. 
  • Link outreach is the most popular and current use SEO strategy for many bloggers and website owners. After you highlight a few quality backlinks. Now is the time to send them an email and explain the reason it would be beneficial for creating value for their reader by linking to your blog or website.
  • Another effective way to link-building strategy is to do a guest posting campaign that enables your site to build more quality backlinks and improve keyword ranking. You would be amazed to see the improvement in traffic and keyword ranking by referring to popular magazines or blogs.


4. Social media Campaign

Social media marketing plays another crucial role in improving keyword ranking due to the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a high authority ranking on the Google search engine.

For this reason, share your articles or blog posts regularly on Facebook and Twitter, which customers may find your post there if they attempt to search on those social media. Thus, it will contribute to improving the keyword ranking and overall SEO optimizations of the website.


5. Use Semrush to analyze On-Page SEO 

Obviously, your blog or website won’t be able to rank on the first few top pages of search engines if you don’t work to improve the on-page SEO of your site. With a few keyword phrases, you can’t expect your web page to compete with other higher authorities and frequent posting.

So your job is to ensure your page is related to your targeted short-tail and long-tail keywords. For example, you must ensure to add relevant images, charts, and infographics to your web page and posts, it will not only help to improve the on-page SEO but also improve your search ranking on Google.

Here are a few factors that contribute directly to improving SEO optimizations for your Wordpress blog:

  • Regularly write more relevant content, which ensures the topic is relevant to your blog niche.
  • The number of high-traffic keyword uses and density of keywords on your article or blog post.
  • The number of relevant outbound links, tells the search engine the topic of your site it’s about.



Semrush is considered the all-in-one SEO tool that helps bloggers and website owners to identify target keywords by using the platform keyword research tool. In addition, this magic SEO tool also provides other stunning features, which you may not find in other tools such as link analytics, social media analytics, and on-page SEO just to name a few.

It’s essential to use a keyword tool like Semrush, which helps to boost your site rank better and also generates more traffic to your website, which means you generate more revenues from your Wordpress blog.

In order that you can improve keyword ranking for your blog, you must share posts regularly on social media as people may find your articles if they are typing on those sites. It’s suggested to share at least 2 or 3 posts on social media to ensure your site can increase the authority ranking and build more quality backlinks.

You have learned how to use Semrush to target the highest CPC keywords, on-page SEO, and build quality backlinks in order to rank higher on the search engines.

Remember, delivering quality content is key to driving more organic traffic and improving your site’s SEO optimizations.


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