Increase Earning with Google Adsense

Best Ways to Increase Earnings with Google Adsense

Update 03/08/2023


Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks when it comes to making money online with your blog. It’s because the platform is well known for its global reputation and quality ad networks, which allows users to monetize traffic and make extra money.

As blogging beginners, you are searching for different ways to make money with your blog, which allows you to earn passive income over time. And, the very first thing to do is to get familiar with SEO and focused keywords that help to drive traffic and make money with your Adsense ads.

For this reason, there are several proven ways to improve organic traffic to your site and it definitely helps to increase the site earnings with Google Adsense. You should continue to read the article to find out what are the main secret tools and practices to drive traffic and make money from ads.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Adsense is considered one of the best ad networks for blog beginners.
  • Pay more attention to SEO by using longtail keywords
  • Semrush is an ideal tool to find both short and long-tail keywords


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1. Advantages of using keywords

At this stage, you should get familiar with the definition of keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that people use to look up the Google or Bing search engine, which allow them to find the appropriate and relevant topic to their inquiries.

Keywords are essential to driving traffic to your blogs or business websites when it comes to increasing sale volume. Bigger websites spend millions of dollars on the SEO strategy that helps them to rank first on the Google search engine, and the keywords play an important role to increase earnings by matching customers on the search engine.

In addition, advanced bloggers understand the technique of how to add words and phrases to their main content as anchor text. As a result, it not only drives traffic to their site by showing relevant content to customers but also helps to increase backlinks of the blog, as it is the main factor to improve domain authority ranking.

In order to make money more with Google Adsense, you need to use a combination of short and long-tail keywords on your content, and the more high-traffic words and phrases you are adding, the better you will drive more traffic to your site, equal increase Adsense earning.

The following are the benefits of using keywords for your business:

  • Get ranked higher on search engines including, Google search engine, Bing search engine, and Yahoo search engine.
  • Drive organic traffic to your site which equals increased earnings from ads and boosts more sales from products and services.
  • Send the message to the right audience, which helps to increase the conversion rate.
  • Analyzing each keyword helps to determine the level of difficulty of each word and phrase, which are currently used by competitors.

2. The importance of short and long tail keywords

It doesn’t matter whether you use short or long-tail keywords, they will have an influential impact on your site in terms of optimizing content to drive more traffic to your site. Thus, both short and long-tail keywords are vital to bringing the website appearance online, as an important SEO strategy.

Short tail keywords are especially the most proven way to increase traffic to your site because they target mass search volumes of traffic on the search engine. It normally contains between 1-3 words in the content, which makes it hard to rank higher on search engines.

However, don’t worry too much because Google doesn’t only look for short-tail keywords to rank sites higher. There are also other factors that directly affect the site ranking:

  • The number of quality backlinks of your site.
  • Website’s speed and performance, which indicates the core web vitals also played a role in affecting the site’s appearance on Google.

Long tail keywords are more effective in ranking your products and brand higher on the search engine, which helps to drive targeted organic traffic to your site. Long tail keywords always come with a phrase that has more than 3 words, the more long tail keywords you use, the more traffic brings to your site, which equals increased Adsense earnings over time.

There is an effective keyword tool that you should use to help drive more traffic to your site. Remember, the more CPC Adsense keywords that your site uses, the better income your site will increase over time with Google Adsense.

Semrush is among the best SEO tools that help bloggers and business owners increase organic traffic to their sites by using the magic keyword tool. The platform has some useful features and services, which make it different in the market as you may not find on other platforms.

Semrush long tail keywords

In particular, members can access the Semrush platform to analyze organic traffic, find backlinks and find keywords for their blog. Semrush specializes in both short and long tails keywords that allow bloggers to add words and phrases to their content. 

Interestingly, most longtail keywords are similar to high CPC Adsense keywords, which indicates you should use a long tail keyword finder- the Semrush tool to target high longtail keywords.

Importantly, you can access your competitors’ longtail keywords by pasting their domain names. Until you see the full report of longtail keywords, then you are able to see a list of high CPC Adsense long tail keywords.

Next, your job is to read and copy relevant keywords that are best for your site ( either copy on your word document or Google Doc is fine). 

If you keep doing the same process, then there is a high chance people will find your site rank higher on Google search engine, and drive traffic to your site by using those longtail keywords. Thus, it’s one of the realistic ways to make money online with this strategy as it helps to increase Adsense earnings over time.

3. Get keywords from the Google Search console to target profitable Adsense keywords

Another great way to find high long tail keywords is Google Search Console, which allows members to get the full report of their domain performance based on the traffic impression and click over time.

The following are several steps to help you get high long tail keywords from Google Search Console, which helps to increase the traffic to your site.

  • Assume you already have a Google Search Console account, then log in to the account.
  • get a full report of long tail keywords by clicking on the ” Performance” section of the platform.
  • Highlight and copy relevant keywords that are best suitable to your blog ( recommend using a word document or Google Docs to store those relevant long tail keywords)
  • Repeat the process over time, your site will slowly increase traffic and conversion rate.


By combining both Semrush and Google Search Console to find highly targeted traffic keywords, your site is most likely to rank higher on search engines as customers will find your blog based on those relevant keywords. 

As mentioned earlier, the more CPC Adsense keywords and high long tail keywords you add to your content, the higher chance your site will increase traffic, which means your Adsense earning will increase over time.


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