Best Ways for increasing Ezoic Ads RevenueBest Ways for increasing Ezoic Ads Revenue

How To Monetize A Blog: Tips for Increasing Ezoic Ads Revenue

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Updated: 20/09/2022


When it comes to make money blogging, Ezoic is one of the best ad networks besides Adsense and The platform allows small and medium sites to monetize their traffic by displaying different ad placements.

According to Ezoic, most website owners and bloggers have reportedly increased in revenue and grown their site traffic over time. In particular, most websites increase ad revenue by between 50-250% as Ezoic claims.

As mentioned in a previous article about how to make money blogging with Ezoic, if you missed out, then you should continue to find out and get familiar with the way to create an Ezoic ads account.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The implementation of testing ad placement is essential to increase site revenue.
  • Pay more attention to site speed optimization on the Ezoic platform, which helps your site to rank higher and increase regular traffic visits monthly.
  • Ezoic is another option as an Adsense alternative as many bloggers and website owners report an increase in their site revenues.


So What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is one of the popular ad platforms that allows bloggers and website owners to monetize their site content and optimize traffic performance by using automated machine-learning technology.

The greatest benefit of using Ezoic is the implementation of testing ads placement, sizes, and networks in order that bloggers can find the right combination of Ezoic ads to display on their sites. Hence, you can even increase ad revenue from your site over time.

In addition, the platform also helps publishers and website owners to improve user experience by testing different ad placements. In particular, they will learn how customers interact on their sites such as engagement time and bounce rate.

For this reason, publishers will have an opportunity to display the Ezoic ads correctly on their site and increase the user experience.


Ezoic Requirements:

As mentioned in a previous article about Ezoic requirements, the platform will follow several key areas to check whether the site is eligible to monetize content.

It’s important to deliver genuine and original posts, which ensure your site has quality content. For this reason, the Ezoic team will run through the approval checklist to determine if the site is successful or not.

Let’s jump to learn different Ezoic levels and you should continue to read to get familiar with this monetization tool. 

  • Sites less than <10,000 page views/ monthly: is considered entry-level, site owners allow applying for blog monetization as it depends on the content quality for getting approved.
  • Sites more than >10,000 page views/ monthly: are listed in a range of levels 1, 2,3 4 depending on the number of monthly visits.

The higher level, the better your site will make even more money and receive more benefits from the platform regarding customer service, support, and product features.

Ezoic ads


1. What is the minimum payment from Ezoic?

Ezoic is an ideal solution for those who want to learn how to monetize a blog and increase their earning capability over time. Absolutely, blogging for money is considered a great side hustle to create different revenue streams for publishers.

For the minimum payment, Ezoic will make a payment at the end of every month when your site earnings reach at least $20.

There are various payment options publishers can choose to receive the money. 

  • Transfer to bank account, Payoneer.
  • Send the payment directly to PayPal.
  • Other methods.

Importantly, publishers must ensure to complete the tax form on the Ezoic portal before receiving any payment from the company.


2. Tips for increasing Ezoic Ads Revenue

I.Test ad placements

As mentioned earlier, Ezoic has a stunning feature to allow site owners to test ad placements and sizes in order that they can figure out the best Ezoic ads to display correctly and increase earnings with your blog.

By running ad placement experiments, bloggers will learn a better way to put ads on their content to make more money without increasing traffic to their site.

For this reason, it is one of the very first effective methods to increase Ezoic ads revenue and also help to improve user experience on your site.

To get access to the Ezoic dashboard, you need to create a free account with Ezoic.

II. Site speed optimization

Another super important tip is to pay more attention to site speed optimization that ensures your site doesn’t have any speed issues. It’s because it may create a bad user experience while also impact on your website’s ranking on search engines.

The following are several steps that you should pay attention to increase site speed and optimize traffic with Ezoic:

  1. Ensure to integrate Cloudflare ( here is the instruction link) on the Ezoic platform and turn on caching on Ezoic.
  2. Enable the Ezoic leap feature, this is a free tool to enhance the core web vitally and optimize content. you can find this feature on the Ezoic speed accelerator section on the platform.


3. How much does Ezoic cost?

Ezoic offers a 30-day free trial for using different monetization features, which include ad placement, ad mediation, analytics, and access to around 1000 ad networks on the platform, etc.

With those monetization features, users run the experiment to figure out the best combination that allows them to increase site traffic and increase ad revenue. In particular, Ezoic claims most websites have reportedly increased in revenue between 50- 250%.

After finishing the free trial, Ezoic will keep the revenue of one ad that displays at the bottom of your page. It’s a free plan Ezoic offers to publishers, bloggers, and site owners.

If you looked at other sites that increase ad revenue over time, it’s worth it to display fewer ads on your site and make more money with Ezoic.

In case you don’t want to display Ezoic ads at the bottom of your page, then there is an option that you have to pay for using comprehensive monetization features.

  • You can use the payment plan for $49 for site revenue earnings up to $1000 per month.

You can refer to the Ezoic Pricings for more information.

By using Ezoic monetization features, you can even earn more money from your blog due to the fact that the ad testers will help to display ads correctly. In particular, you will understand what went right or wrong with the ad placements on your site.

Ezoic is an excellent Adsense alternative to help you to increase ad revenue and enhance the user experience over time. It also offers a flexible payout option as the minimum payment is $20, which makes it even easier for bloggers to make money on their sites.

Moreover,  Ezoic provides a free plan for publishers to get started with content monetization with them. However, Ezoic will keep the revenue of one ad that displays at the bottom of your page.

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4. Final Thoughts

Overall Ezoic is one of the highest-paying ad networks and is considered one of the great options to Adsense alternatives, which publishers may consider applying and make a regular income by monetizing content.

Besides, monetizing with Ezoic ads, bloggers and site owners can take advantage of the site speed optimization on the platform, which helps to improve your site’s overall SEO optimizations and may rank higher on the search engines.

In terms of Ezoic requirements, the very first importance is to have high-quality and original content, which you should pay more attention to upon applying for an ad monetization program.

Suppose you are interested in making money with blogging. In that case, I strongly suggest applying for Ezoic because the platform is considered the best ad network for beginners to monetize and automatically increase ad revenue using AI technology.


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By Jiro Nguyen. 

FAQ Section

What is Ezoic used for?

Ezoic is an AI platform that allows publishers to generate more revenue from their website content and other tools to improve their site speed and search engine optimization, etc.

How do I get paid by Ezoic?

To receive the payment from Ezoic, your ad revenue earnings must reach $20 as the minimum payment threshold. Here are several payment options you can choose from, including PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

How many publishers use Ezoic?

More than 10,000 publishers with over 10k page views per month and other thousand websites under 10k page views per month. Ezoic is a great option for publishers to increase their site traffic and boost ad revenue.

Does Ezoic pay for views or clicks?

Ezoic more concentrates on paying for views- cost per mille (CPM), which means your site will get paid for every time customers see ads.

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