Is AdSense Worth It?make money blogging with AdsenseIs AdSense Worth It?make money blogging with Adsense

Is AdSense Worth It? Key Facts You Should Know

Updated: 28/09/2023


There are many ways to earn money from blog when it comes to monetizing your content. And, one of the beginning steps of how to make money with a website is to find popular ad networks like Adsense Google Ads, and AdMaven.

By monetizing with those ad networks, your site will be able to generate regular income source that helps to fund your online business activities and pay for other expenses.

However, there is an ongoing question that many people are wondering about on the social media forum:

Should I use Google Adsense on my website?

In this post today, we will dive deeper into several key facts in order to answer this question above. Thus, you would be able to just solely deliver quality content and drive traffic to your new site.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Adsense (Adsense Google Ads) is one of the quality ad networks that allow you to earn money from blogs- make money blogging, a regular and stable income.
  • Technically speaking, site owners and bloggers earn money with Adsense by receiving income from CPC and the number of page views (impressions).
  • Adsense would be an ideal solution to create a regular income if you only plan to monetize content by displaying ads.


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1. Is Google Adsense free?

The answer is ” Yes“, Adsense Google Ads is free to use but you need to create an Adsense account and apply for Google Adsense accounts approval in order to earn money from the blog. 

Google Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks that helps bloggers and website owners earn money online by monetizing their content.

Technically speaking, site owners and bloggers earn money with Adsense by receiving income from CPC and the number of page views (impressions).

In particular, the platform has millions of quality advertisers and publishers, and it is not so hard for blogs or websites to create regular income with Adsense.

It’s important not to ignore the Adsense CPC due to the fact that it is the main driving force to boost your Adsense earnings if you know how to use highly profitable keywords on the content.

Thus, your site needs to drive regular organic traffic in order to increase Adsense revenue.

2. Should you use Google Adsense on your website?

Depending on the website revenue structure, you may consider adding Google Adsense ads on your site and make money with blogging. 

For example, If you want to earn money from a blog by only concentrating on monetizing content, then Adsense would be an ideal solution to create a regular income. 

As mentioned earlier, Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks where bloggers and website owners earn money via CPC rate and the number of page views (impressions).

In order to increase Adsense revenue, you must have an effective ad placement tactic to increase the chance that internet users click on your ads.

You could make thousands of dollars with Adsense if your site generates healthy and regular traffic. Most importantly, ensure you constantly deliver quality content that creates value for readers.

To answer this question, ” YES“, it’s worth using Google Adsense and displaying ads on your website if you want to earn a regular and stable income over time. 

Before applying for monetizing your site, bloggers to create Adsense accounts and follow the program policy guidelines in order to get instant approval from the platform.


3. How much does Google Adsense pay for 1 click?

It’s hard to give you the correct answer to this question due to the fact that the CPC ( cost per click) will vary based on the traffic location and high-quality advertisers ( willing to pay a higher cost per click).

One of the great ways to increase the Adsense CPC is to concentrate on the target countries that normally pay a higher cost per click, which means your Adsense revenue will increase if they click on the ads in your content.

In addition, using search volume and profitable keywords is considered important to not only drive organic traffic but also help to increase your Adsense earnings constantly.

For this reason, there are several keyword tools that you should consider using in order to increase traffic to your blog:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Semrush
  • and KWFinder.

Keep in mind that Google keyword planner does not show the keyword difficulties scores on the platform. It makes it hard for new site owners to rank higher on the Google search engine.

For this reason, I recommend including either Semrush or KWFinder as part of your SEO optimization strategy, which helps to highlight profitable keywords with low difficulties.

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Final Thoughts

Adsense is one of the beginning ways to make money by blogging. In order to increase the Adsense earnings, site owners must follow several tactics to increase the CPC rates and drive quality traffic to their sites.

Keep in mind that the more quality traffic comes to your website, the better Adsense revenue you will receive. That is just a simple technique, but many people keep ignoring it.

For this reason,  content marketing is considered the most important to not only deliver value for customers and readers but also help your site generate healthy traffic and regular income over time.

In case you are having difficulties getting your Adsense account approval, then read the related article at the beginning of this post to get familiar with the tips and tricks to increase your chance of approval. 

Otherwise, if you want to get instant and quick approval to monetize your blog or website, then PropellerAds is worth trying.


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By Jiro Nguyen.

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