How To Make Money BloggingHow To Make Money Blogging without Google Adsense

How To Make Money Blogging Without Google Adsense

Updated: 01/08/2023


When it comes to blogging for money, Google Adsense is the very first name that every blogger and website owner should consider working with.

It’s because Adsense is well known for its global reputation and is one of the best contextual ad networks that provide high-quality ads for your sites and pay you a stable income. Hence, it is recommended by many industry experts as an excellent monetization ad network for blogs and websites.

However, not all bloggers are lucky enough to get approved by Adsense, and it is one of the reasons they are searching for Adsense alternatives as a replacement to earn extra income.

In this article, you will learn how to make money blogging without Google Adsense and get familiar with other ways how to monetize a blog. Note that Google Adsense is still one of the best contextual ad networks you should consider displaying ads on your site.

Key Points

  • AdSense is one of the top advertising platform providers for many website owners and bloggers to monetize their sites.
  • Not all bloggers are lucky enough to get approval for the network.
  • There are several ways that show how to monetize a blog without Adsense Ads.


1. Several reasons bloggers may look for other Adsense alternatives

AdSense is one of the top advertising platform providers for many website owners and bloggers to monetize their sites and earn a recurring income over time.

The platform has more than 2 million active users across the globe, which indicates it is well known for its global reputation and advanced ad technology to help bloggers make extra money online by using different ads placement.

In addition, bloggers and website owners choose Adsense as a way to earn a regular income due to the fact they can access the ad setting and select the relevant Adsense ads for displaying on their site. Therefore, readers won’t feel annoyed by seeing relevant ads.

Unfortunately, for many bloggers, the process of creating a Google Adsense account to get approval may seem to be very painful as they may have to resubmit the application.

The following are several reasons and mistakes website owners and bloggers may consider searching for Adsense alternatives:

  • The first and most common reason is the Google Adsense account got banned due to a violation of the Adsense content guidelines and policies, the Adsense team has made it quite clear and straightforward that users must adhere to the program policies in order to avoid being banned ( you should read the program guidelines for more details).
  • Secondly, there is a bombardment of low-quality content and posts, which users aim to increase earnings with Adsense ads. However, Google Adsense may punish sites with low-quality content by blocking ads and even banning them from displaying ads.
  • Adsense still hasn’t approved or failed your site for serving ads due to the fact that your blog does not have genuine and unique content to be ready to make money online. For this reason, you should check the requirements for Adsense to increase the chance of acceptance to the platform.
  • Your Adsense earnings power is not as much as expected because the traffic is mainly generated from low ads earning countries. 
  • Aggressively displaying ads on websites will not only impact user-friendly but also affect the site search ranking results. Hence, customers wait longer to reach the content.
  • Last but not least, bloggers may not run the experiment by trying different ad placements on their sites to increase earnings with Adsense.

There are other reasons that may influence your decision to search for different ways to monetize a blog. And, it’s not a major issue if your Google Adsense account still hasn’t fitted for serving ads. You can always have other earning stream options to back up your plan.

2. Can you include affiliate marketing links and Adsense ads?

One of the best passive income ideas is to include affiliate marketing links and Adsense ads on your site, but ensure to balance the number of links and ads, which follow the SEO-user-friendly principle. In particular, your main priority is to produce genuine and quality content that delivers value to the online community.

Most major tech companies have affiliate programs that allow bloggers to join in and make money online by displaying affiliate links on their content. In other words, companies will pay commissions directly to your account after customers successfully purchase items using your affiliate links.

For Example, the Amazon associate program is one of the Adsense alternatives that have a ton of affiliate products and services you may consider signing up for. It’s the largest e-commerce platform that provides all the necessary tools for bloggers to make money with their blogs.

Overall, affiliate marketing is the most popular and effective approach to promoting products and services on your content. Most bloggers have an effective strategy that includes affiliate links and Adsense ads on their content, which not only help them to increase their earnings but also offer great products and services to customers. 


3. Other ad networks

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons that may impact your decision to switch ad networks. One of the main grounds is that your Google Adsense account is not ready to show ads, which means your site hasn’t met all the requirments of the platform.

However, don’t stress out too much because there are other Adsense alternatives to help you to continue your blogging journey in a long term:

  • Ezoic– is one of the best ad networks to provide content monetization solutions for websites and blogs besides Google AdSense. According to Ezoic, most website owners report their earnings increase between 50%- and 250%. It is an official partner of Google Adsense, which indicates its reputation in the ad network market.
  • PropellerAds and Adsterra are the two ad networks with fast approval timelines, which are best for beginners who are just started to pursue a career as a blogger. It normally takes a day or up to 4 days to get approved by the ad platforms. Hence, it is an ideal solution for earning extra cash to cover the other expenses of your business.

There are also other Ad networks, which are considered a great replacement for Adsense but depending on your site’s quality content and niche, you may select the appropriate one to suit your maximize your website’s earnings.



Google Adsense is among the best contextual ad networks that have established a reputation in the market in the very early day. It has more than two million active publishers across the world that currently use the platform to serve ads on the content.

It’s not the end of your blogging journey if you get rejected from Adsense because there are always other alternatives to monetize your blog.

In this article, you learn different ways that show you how to monetize a blog besides Google Adsense. And if you seriously implement those effective methods on your site, it may increase the site revenue and open to other side hustles.


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