How to make money on Fiverr for beginnersHow to make money on Fiverr for beginners

5 Best Ways to Make Money on Fiverr: Build a Side Hustle

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How to be successful on Fiverr?

In the beginning, gig workers may have to face many difficulties to land their first freelance work on the Fiverr app. There could be many reasons for the failure, and one of them is a lack of work experience and reputation in the freelance market.

In addition, they don’t pay enough attention to highlighting the Fiverr jobs for beginners associated with skills and knowledge.

For this reason, if you seriously want to find freelance work as a side hustle, which allows you to work remotely while still keeping the full-time job. The priority is to complete the gig profile on the platform and search for relevant positions based on your skillsets.

The following are the five action steps to help you make money with Fiverr. These steps are designed for beginners to increase the chance of landing a regular work-from-home job and slowly build a reputation in the market.


Key Points

  • In the beginning, most gig workers may have to face some difficulties in terms of landing the first project, but hard work will prevail, it takes time to build a great portfolio on the Fiverr app.
  • Keep in mind that the freelance platform is especially best for short-term projects, in which you will most likely earn an average of $5.
  • If you have developed the high demand skills on Fiverr and have built a great client base, then you will have more earning opportunities for larger projects.


Can you earn extra cash on Fiverr without skills?

earn extra cash on Fiverr without skills


Fiverr is an ideal freelance platform to start your freelancing side hustle or find a short-term project to make money from home. As long as you have the necessary skills and experience in the field you are competent to deliver satisfying work to clients.

In the beginning, it may be hard for individuals and freelancers to make money from Fiverr due to the fact that they don’t have enough reputation and freelance experience.

However, hard work will prevail if they know how to use proven techniques, including offering free service, asking for reviews, and networking with others.

The answer is yes, you can earn extra cash with Fiverr without skills, but it is not sustainable in the long term because you only work for cheap and easy projects such as translation and also face stiff competition from others.

For this reason, the only way to increase your earning capability from the platform is to keep investing in yourself in terms of skills and knowledge.


How does Fiverr pay freelancers?

After freelancers complete the freelance work in due time and ensure the customers are satisfied with the work they deliver. Then the firm will distribute payment to their Fiverr account for a pending 14 days.

The reason to keep hold of your payment is to ensure there are no issues with customer satisfaction or disputes.

Fiverr freelance offers several options to withdraw money as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Fiverr revenue card etc

How to make money on Fiverr for beginners

Fiverr is the ideal freelance platform for beginners to get their hands on building their work experience by interacting with clients and making business deals.

Over time, they not only improve their skills and experience but also learn how to run their online business like an entrepreneur. Here is the completed step-by-step to make money online as a side hustle.


1. Create your Gig on the Fiverr app

Before you create a gig on the dashboard, you will need to sign up for free on Fiverr, and the platform also allows gig workers to crate and post gigs for free.

Keep in mind that you would need the following tasks to complete your freelance gig on the platform’s dashboard, including the title of the gig, search tag, and category.

I believe it’s not so hard to fill out those tasks in order to start your freelance side hustle and find projects to earn extra income while you can on the Fiverr app.

For example, if you are searching for online typing jobs, then you should set your gig as follow

  • Title: Searching for beginning online typing jobs, content writing, or copywriting on the freelance platform.
  • Search tag: only input keywords that are relevant to your freelance gigs like typing jobs, content writing, or freelance writing.
  • Category: only select the most relevant category.

After running the freelance business on the Fiverr freelance platform for a while, and believe that you have other skills to offer and deliver value for clients. Then you would consider expanding to multiple gigs.

In this case, just follow the same procedure as above and add another gig to your profile. Thus, you would increase the chance to capture more clients and make extra money on the side.


2. Highlight the most in-demand skills on Fiverr

It’s essential to take your time and conduct the research, which helps you to figure out the top demand skills on the platform, where you will most highly likely get instant orders and grow your freelance work portfolio.

By highlighting those popular freelance jobs, you would have more motivation to learn and become competent in new skills. Hence, you have more opportunities to capture higher-quality clients and be able to make regular income on the side.

In case your gig is not on the popular skills list, and you only want to concentrate on building and improving in your field, then the priority is to learn how to work with customers and gain freelance work experience.

Here is the article- High demand skills on Fiverr. You should read for more information:

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3. Provide clients with your work evidence

If you have experience in freelance work for a while, then you should mention the work that you have done in your profile. It will show the customers that you are a capable and highly-rated freelancer.

Importantly, don’t forget to include any references if possible and provide sufficient work evidence. It proves to clients that you can perform the job in accordance with their requirments.

For instance, if you are an expert in content writing or WordPress blog designing. You should share with them the link to your blog that proves your creative writing style and technical skills in website design. 

Starting a blog is one of the great ways to create a side huslte because you will have more options to establish multiple income streams. And, you can learn new skills such as content writing and SEO.

For a beginner,  it’s vital to select reliable web hosting providers like Hostinger or Cloudways.

Those are considered reliable and affordable web services, which give you more than enough bandwidth to build an online presence and share ideas with the world.


4. Offer competitive service fee

As you are just starting freelance work, you would get almost no chance to land the first project if offers a higher rate than the average market.

For this reason, the most effective approach is to offer a lower rate than your competitor, or in many cases, you give a free service rate to customers. It helps to grow the number of regular clients.

Keep in mind that this approach is to help you learn how to engage with clients, learn valuable skills, and grow your freelance work portfolio.

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5. Ask for reviews

As mentioned earlier, the only way to build a sustainable freelance side hustle on the freelance platform is to provide high-quality work and satisfy customers’ expectations.

It’s because, without clients, you won’t be able to continue to find remote jobs or freelance work, so that is why you have to ensure that customers are happy with what they receive.

If gig workers constantly deliver great service, the a higher chance customers will share your gig profile with their friends and colleagues, and become your regular clients.

Importantly, don’t forget to ask your customers to leave a review after completing the service as it is critical to the success of freelance work on Fiverr.

The more positive feedback you have, the better chance to prove your trustworthiness and reputation in the market.

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Final thoughts on freelance work

Fiverr is considered the super freelance platform for beginners to start their freelance gigs and learns new skills by interacting and engaging with a different type of clients.

In the beginning, you would be struggling to get regular projects due to the stiff competition and lack of experience.

With your patience and hard work, you will slowly build a great freelance work portfolio by delivering quality service to clients.

Keep in mind that if you have developed the high-demand skills on Fiverr and have built a great client base, then you will have more earning opportunities for larger projects.


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