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Omnisend Review: Explore Key features & Email Autoresponders 

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When you grow the email addresses of subscribers, you are one step ahead of the competitors because the email list is an asset to your business. You can start email campaigns by sending every follower newsletters or promotional emails to keep them updated.

One of the best marketing automation platforms for small businesses and e-commerce websites is Omnisend. It helps your business to develop a better relationship with customers by staying engaged with them and driving more sales.

Let’s take a look at this marketing automation tool to explore key features and how you can take advantage of this email platform for your online stores, using online segments to target the right customer, at the right time.


Key Takeaways

  • Omnisend is one of the leading automation marketing software that specializes in providing different types of email campaign solutions for e-commerce businesses.
  • Omnisend provides omnichannel marketing for business owners to scale up their businesses with automation workflow and sales revenue.
  • Here are several Omnisend alternatives for small businesses to consider: AWeber- is best for creating effective marketing campaigns like newsletters and introducing new products. GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing tool, which also can use for your online store business.


What is Omnisend?

Omnischannel marketing


Omnisend is a marketing automation tool that provides different marketing campaigns for online stores and small businesses to reach the right customer segmentation and drive more sale revenue on autopilot. 

With the Omnisend marketing channel, you take advantage of email marketing by sending the right message to the right group of customers. For this, your business can build a trusting relationship by delivering informative emails and keeping them engaged.

At the time of writing, Omnisend has more than 200 employees with three main offices in the US and Lithuania. With over 9 years of experience in the email marketing industry, it provides a marketing automation tool for online stores with over 80,000 clients worldwide.


What are the other key features of Omnisend?

It’s essential to personalize your email message to the right group of customers using the right type of marketing campaign so that it will increase the chance of conversion rates and build a relationship.

Your e-commerce business can segment the audience so that you can customize the email message to a specific group of customers based on their interests and needs. For this, the Omnisend marketing channel provides segmentation features and other include as follow:

  • Target the right group of audience ( segmentation)
  • Access different types of email marketing
  • E-commerce marketing automation tool (email autoresponders)
  • SMS marketing
  • Access web push notification marketing ( can combine email and SMS using Omnichannel marketing)
  • keep track of traffic analytics and sales reports.
  • Synch customer contact on Facebook and Google to create a better ad campaign for your business.
  • Integrations with all popular brands and apps: Facebook, Google Ads, Zapier, Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, etc.
  • Other resources that provide to help you to scale up your business like Ebooks, Postcast, Omnisend academy, etc.
  • Access customer support via an app chat or email.

Before sending any marketing emails, customizing your email message is the priority step to ensure customers can open and read the email. I suggest using the segmentation feature to send email campaigns based on customers’ needs and interests.


How to create an email autoresponder?

One of the priorities you should follow when you launch an e-commerce platform is to select the right email marketing tool. In addition, you should get familiar with different types of email marketing, so you can start implementing them in your business.

In order to access some premium features, you can get started for free with Omnisend to experience whether it is the right marketing automation platform for your business.

With this in mind, your online business need to set up an autoresponder and transactional emails, which allow you to develop a relationship and offer any special deal or coupon to your customers.

Omnisend automation email tool review

After completing the registration, you need to connect your online store with the Omnisend marketing platform in order to use different types of email marketing. It’s easy to use and integrates with Wix, Shopify, Woocommerce, and BigCommerce, to name a few.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can create a sign-up or form-up form to grow your business email list, by converting traffic to become your followers. 

Importantly, the automated email campaign is one of the best marketing strategies to increase sale revenue on autopilot and deliver the right message to customer needs and interests. Hence, you can send single or multiple automated emails to meet the need of your audience.

Omnisend email marketing

  • Click on “automation“, and continue to select the build-up automation system.
  • In this case, you can create several different email types such as transactional email, order follow-up, welcome, post-purchase, and order confirmation, to name a few.

For beginners, use different types of email marketing to ensure that those emails are working right building for your business and driving more sales.

The first priority is to implement the marketing email and start sending the right emails to your subscriber, then later on, you can build the automation workflow by adding transactional and autoresponders emails.


Omnisend pricing

One of the benefits of using Omnisend is it offers paid and free plan options, and I think all plans are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Keep in mind that the free plan offers a maximum of 500 emails to send each month, and you can upgrade to higher plans when you grow your business in terms of sales and customer reaches.

Omnisend pricing


For beginners, the free plan is considered the best option because you can access almost all premium features, including customer segmentation, popup form, A/B testing, automation emails, etc. However, the limitation is as follow:

  • Receive a maximum of 500 web push
  • Maximum sending 60 SMS email
  • Send a maximum of 500 emails each month.

As mentioned, you can always scale up to premium plans when your business expands, which are standard, and pro plans.


  • Send a maximum of 6000 emails each month
  • Unlimited web push
  • Include all features from the free plan
  • Give customer manager feature, value $400.

Pro plan:

  • Unlimited sending email
  • Send SMS emails up to 3,933 each month.
  • Unlimited web push
  • Include all features from the ” Standard plan”.
  • 24/7 customer support, is a priority.



What are other resources for small businesses?

After setting up an e-commerce website, the most important thing is to consistently keep up with email campaigns, which allow your business to stay engaged and provide valuable information, to help customers with discounts, promotions, or newsletters.

With that being said, get familiar with different types of email marketing that enable you to master each one. For this, you can tailor your email marketing campaigns to meet the interest of followers or customers.

With Omniend resources, business owners and beginners can take advantage of the resources that are equipped to help them grow their businesses:

  • Ebooks: provide valuable information and best practices for business owners.
  • Blogs: get updated with the latest trends and new marketing.
  • Podcast: learn everything about Omnisend and marketing.
  • Academy: access free video and live training.
  • Interview: learn great tips and practical methods from marketing experts to increase the chance of success.


What are Omnisend’s pros and cons?

The followings are the pros and cons of Omnisend for your consideration:


  • Easy to use in terms of creating automated email marketing and other types of email marketing.
  • Provide a free plan for beginners to experience.
  • Access to premium resources like the academy, interviews, podcasts, ebooks, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Integration with popular brands and apps like Facebook, Google, Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, etc.


  • Provide limited email design options.


Final thoughts on Omnisend review

Omnisend is an ideal email marketing solution for businesses of all sizes to access omnichannel marketing, including automation, transactional, and autoresponder emails, so that they can implement them in their e-commerce businesses.

The good news is Omnisend offers a free plan for beginners to access all the premium features, which allow them to send 500 emails each month. For this reason, they can experience this marketing automation tool before making any decision about whether it is the right one or not.


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