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Peter Lynch Book Review 2023:One Up on Wall Street

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Updated: 18/05/2022 


One of my favorite best investing books is Peter Lynch book, which is called “One Up on Wall Street“, which provides me with fundamental knowledge and practical viewpoints about stock market investing. Especially, It helps me to avoid some common mistakes and errors in my investing journey, and pay more attention to the long-term view of stock marketing investing, instead of acting like a speculator.

By reading Peter Lynch book, I had a chance to adopt his core principles and unique investing style to my own personal financial situation. One of the keynotes, the author mentions in the book is that” you should always invest in a company brand name, core product, and reputation in the market, not invest by looking at the stock price as it may not work out for short term investors, or even speculators.

In the review today, we will focus on the three critical points from the book ” One Up on Wall Street” in order to provide the key information and principles behind those important elements.

In addition, the three key sections are based on the book format, and I use them as main discussions to provide more clarification for our readers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Peter Lynch developed key principles and action plans to spot the big winner stocks.
  • Based on the information in “One Up on Wall Street” book, the author highlights the best time to acquire stocks based on the analysis.
  • One of the best-investing books for beginners 2022 (Peter Lynch books)



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  • Preparing to Invest

The book “One Up On Wall Street” by Peter Lynch is among the best personal finance books for preparing to mindset to invest, highlighting the best time to acquire stocks and taking the investment as a long-term view. Those principles are super helpful in terms of making the right financial decisions and maintaining your emotional fortitude during the highly volatile market (best investing books for beginners)

In addition, the book also provides a piece of foundation knowledge for both beginning investors and advanced stock traders to weather through the good and bad times during the crisis, and maybe you could have a chance to pick the 10 baggers stocks ( this will be discussed in section two” picking the winner”).

Moreover, Peter Lynch shares his own experience and knowledge that he has developed over his investing career with both beginners and advanced investors, which allows them to gain the most practical knowledge, and be able to invest confidently in the stock market volatility.

Before making any investment, Peter also suggests in the book that investors should take the time to reflect on how much they could invest in the stock market. In particular, the author gives advice to all kinds of investors to keep aside money, which is only used for investment. In other words, ” you only invest money that you could comfortably lose”, if you lost it won’t be able to hurt your portfolio or financial strength because you prepare for the worst situation, which could happen to your investment in the individual stock.

Importantly, the two principles that investors might adopt from the book are to remain patient and do your research properly in the stock market so that everyone can make money out of the equity investment.

Overall, the book gives the most valuable tip and advice about investing, how to analyze the stock correctly, and when is the right time to sell and acquire a new company’s shares for profit maximization.

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  • Picking the Winner ( Best investing books)


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The next part of ” One Up on Wall Street” book is quite straightforward because it provides a few practical tips and author advice based on his experience in picking a high-quality company in the market.

Peter Lynch also mentions the key principles behind his success of picking 10 bagger stocks, which allow investors to maximize profit in a shorter period of time and be able to beat the average growth rate of index funds.

Stock investors may adopt the technique of Peter Lynch and most other successful investors like Warren Buffett to only “invest in a company that has a huge potential to grow over the long run, and not invest like a speculator”, this is based on the book information. In particular, some of the key aspects to look at the company based on the author’s viewpoints are to highlight the company’s reputation, its core product and service in the industry, and the board of directors.

Importantly, the author also highlights the importance of ignoring the current short-term market fluctuation to have an optimistic view of long-term investing. It requires a strong emotional fortitude to stay in the market in a long term.

From the technical advice perspective, the author mentions looking at the P/E level and profit and loss statement, as well as the revenue of the company over time. That technical advice may help you to highlight the big winners or most qualified companies in the market.

And lastly, the book” One Up on Wall Street” also provides a clear road map of the development of a company life cycle, which you can determine the second stage ” Expansion” is the time to earn the most profit out of the company. However, there is a risk involved in choosing a small-cap stock because the higher investment return equals more risk of losing money. This is a part of the advice, Peter mentions in the book ” Only invest the money that you can afford to lose

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  • The Long-Term View

In the last part of the Peter Lynch book review of ” One Up on Wall Street”, the author gives a piece of advice to investors on how to design a stock market investment portfolio, which might help to maximize the earning power of investment while minimizing the risk of market collapse.

The author also explains the risk of investing like a speculator, where you do not know the reason behind market movement and company information. Moreover, you are most likely to lose around 4% of your investment profit to the trading commission because investors keep trade-in and trading out the market. In other words, the high number of trading actions in the market, the more likely you will lose your money, as it is based on the author’s viewpoint (Peter Lynch books).

The more stocks you own in your investment portfolio, which will highly likely pick up a 10-bagger stock within your portfolio. Moreover, Peter Lynch mentions that type of portfolio might help to weather the market volatility due to the flexibility of redistributing funds among the stock investment.

The author also mentions the best time to buy stock in the two most occasional events, which I think advice is deemed to be a logical and smart move because he thoroughly explains the reason behind his suggestions to acquire stocks.

Lastly, 10-bagger stocks normally contain a high risk of losing money, because they make a large loss of up to 80% of the stock value if you pick the wrong one. But if you pick the right one then there is a chance to earn 10 times your initial investment in the stock.

In conclusion, prior to making any serious financial decisions regarding stock market investing, you should read reviewed books to understand the principles and concepts behind investing. It will help you to gain the most valuable tip and advice in order that you can achieve your financial independence in the near future (best investing books for beginners)


By Jiro Nguyen.

The content is only based on the author’s personal opinion and understanding. It is used for informational purposes only, and you must not rely on it as a comprehensive or a substitute for professional advice.



What is the best part of One Up on Wall Street?

Peter Lynch developed key principles and action plans to spot the big winner stocks. Based on the information from One Up on Wall Street book, the author highlights the best time to acquire stocks based on the analysis.

What Peter Lynch book to read first?

The following a list of Peter Lynch Books to read this year. 1. One Up on Wall Street 2. Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch 3. Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

What is a 10 bagger in One Up on Wall Street ?

Peter Lynch mentions the key reason to beat the overall market index is to spot for 10 bagger stocks. In other words, you will profit 10X if successfully selected the 10 bagger.


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