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Preply Review: A Great Place to Find Online Tutoring Jobs?

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Become a tutor is a great side hustle that allows students and stay-at-home parents to earn extra income while working remotely. In particular, there are many online tutoring platforms that side hustlers may consider applying to and teaching based on their skills and work experience.

In this post, we will explore the language tutor platform, Preply to give you further information regarding how it works, its key features, and how you can make money by teaching other people online.

Let’s move to the Preply review for more detail.


Key Takeaways

  • In this Preply review, you will learn the step-by-step procedure to set up your account successfully and get familiar with other important aspects like fees, withdrawal methods, etc.
  • Preply is one of the best online tutoring services for those who have previous teaching experience to make money on the side, besides their full-time jobs.
  • When your new account meets Preply requirements, they will send a congratulation to your email, and you can start offering online lessons for students from all over the world. It may take up to 9 days for the team to review your profile.


What is Preply?

Is Preply legit and safe


Preply is an online tutoring service that connects language tutors and students from all over the world on the platform and forms a private learning lesson, normally one on one tutoring.

Specifically, the platform will provide the necessary learning tools and technology for an online tutor to create a live language lesson for students when their profile match together.

Since its establishment, Preply has managed to expand its business operation in terms of new physical offices and the number of employees. Especially, the firm has received some VC funding from different companies like Techstars, Point Nine Capital, etc.


How can you make money as a language tutor with Preply?

In order to make extra income with Preply as a language tutor, you first need to apply for Preply and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your profile successfully.

For example, you must provide brief information about yourself and the project you are going to teach on the platform based on your certification, education, and work experience. 

Preply requirments

Here are several important tips that may help you to set up a professional profile and be able to attract more students to your online class:

  • About: provide your legal name and don’t forget to mention if you have previous teaching experience in your subject.
  • Profile photo: I would recommend uploading a professional photo ( must be a recent one). 
  • Certification: it’s a bonus if you have a teaching certification that will enhance your profile credibility and get more students inquiry to your online class.
  • Description: in this part, you will provide a brief introduction about yourself and your interest. Don’t forget to mention your teaching experience and explain the reason why they need to work with you to achieve their language goal.
  • Video: briefly share a short video about you and your teaching experience (make sure you test the camera first before taking the video).
  • Availability: Select the available time you are free to teach, besides your full-time job.
  • Price: set your own rate, don’t set it too high if you are a newly registered account.

After completing the process of registration, the Preply team will take a look at your profile and if you meet all the Preply requirements, then you will receive a congratulatory letter to your email within 9 business days.

Here is how the first Preply online tutoring language lesson is:

YouTube video


Keep in mind that the more relevant skills and previous teaching experience you list on your profile, the higher credibility of your profile when online learners search for an online tutor. For this, students may find your profile a good match and book a trial lesson with you.

Earn extra income through a referral program

With the Preply referral program, you and your friends will get the benefit out of it. In particular, the platform will payout a 20% commission if your students successfully book their first online tutoring lesson on the platform.

In addition, your friend will get 30% off for booking their first lesson once they used your referral link to sign up. It’s a win-win situation for both tutors and students.

Book your first online tutoring lessons with one of the skilled language tutors, you can join Preply here.

How do you get paid with Preply?

Preply has several withdrawal methods that you may use to receive the fund back to your original bank account, including PayPal, Wise, Payoneer, and Skrill. When your earnings reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 20$, you can request the transfer from the Preply platform.

What are the other fees?

According to Preply states, the platform will take 100% commission for the trial lesson with new online learners, where the firm will use the fund to upgrade the platform and attract more students.

After the trial commission, the firm takes a commission between 18%-33%, which will be based on the hours you teach on the platform. 

Is Preply legit and safe?

Preply is a great online tutoring platform that attracts more than 1 million active online students, and more than 15,000 experience language tutors from all over the world. For any reason, you want to learn or improve another language skill, then Preply is a place where you can find a top-notch tutor and help you to achieve your goals.

In addition, Preply provides 100% satisfaction Satisfaction, which means you can request another replacement online lesson in case you are not happy with the quality of the tutor.

Based on the Trustpilot reviews, the platform so far receives more than 8000 plus reviews from customers and many of them agreed to vote for 4.1/5 stars, which means Preply has done a great job in terms of providing satisfactory customer service to both tutors and students.


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