The Ultimate Guide to Select Profitable Blog NicheThe Ultimate Guide to Select Profitable Blog Niche

The Ultimate Guide to Select A Profitable Blog Niche: 6 Tips to Choose WordPress Blog Niche


Starting a blog is one of the lucrative online businesses to make money as a side hustle due to the fact that new site owners and bloggers can create different revenue streams, including monetizing your content with Adsense or going after affiliate marketing if your site drives regular traffic.

One of the first challenges to getting started with your website is to learn how to choose a blog niche that makes money based on your expertise and passion.

However, selecting a profitable niche for your WordPress blog is difficult because there are many different niche options that you may get confused and frustrated with to select the right niche for your long-term objective.

And, if you are having some difficulties finding the best niche for blogging, stay tuned and continue to read this article to get familiar with the right technique to select a profitable blog niche for your online business.

Key Takeaways

  • After selecting the best blogging niche based on your skills and passion, the next stage is to learn how to make money blogging for beginners, Google Adsense is an ideal ad network to make extra income from your website.
  • Blogging tips: it’s essential to research and figure out the level of competition within the chosen WordPress blog niche.
  • Based on our experience, select the domain extensions to come with .Com, .Org, .Net, which is easy to remember and demonstrates the professionalism of your business.
  • Do further research to identify the potential topic trends which you think will help grow your business over the next few years in terms of customer curiosity and readers’ interests. Use Google Trends to identify popular topics.
  • Choosing a blog niche alone may not have any impact on the SEO strength of your WordPress blog. You need to pay more attention to SEO optimization to develop your online businesses sustainably.

The following are step by step to select a blog niche for your online business

Here is a list of 6 practical tips on how to select a profitable blog niche. You should follow one by one to build a successful online presence for your business and be able to make money from your blog.

profitable blogging niches


1. Highlight your skills and Passion

The first task is to evaluable your current skillsets and passion, which play a key role in selecting the profitable blog niche. Thus, you could avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong WordPress blog niche.

In particular, use the knowledge and technical skills that you have learned from University or somewhere else, which you believe can use the knowledge to create value for internet users and readers.

For example, if you are passionate about digital marketing and WordPress web development, and you believe you have advanced knowledge in those areas, then it’s time to bring your brilliant start-up idea to the world and build an online presence for your business.

In addition, with your passion and determination, you would solely concentrate on the development of your blog by constantly delivering high-quality content or providing genuine products and services to address customers’ needs and wants.

From this pinpoint, you will constantly work towards achieving your long-term objectives ( we will further talk about this point in the next section).

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2. Choose the best niche for blogging with low competition

best niche for blogging


After highlighting your skills and passion, it’s essential to research and figures out the level of competition within the chosen WordPress blog niche.

In other words, only select the profitable niche for blogging with low competition, which you will fence away some high degree of competition with most established blogs in the industry.

For instance, SEO and digital marketing would be almost impossible to compete in due to the high level of competition and there are too many SEO agencies in the same niche. Hence, choose a blogging niche that is related to SEO and digital marketing, such as keyword research or content marketing.

The next step is to select the best domain extensions, which allow you to start building an online presence for your business right away.

Based on our experience, select the domain extensions to come with .Com, .Org, .Net, which is easy to remember and demonstrates the professionalism of your business.

Here are some cheapest domain registration services you could consider like Hostinger and Bluehost. Those hosting providers offer free domain names if you select one of the hosting services.


3. Select relevant and high demand blog topics

So you are already one step ahead of others in terms of picking up the best niche for your business. Now, it’s time to concentrate on creating valuable and high-demand blog topics to address the needs of readers and help them to solve their problems.

In particular, do further research to identify the potential topic trends which you think will help grow your business over the next few years in terms of customer curiosity and readers’ interests.

For example, if you believe that artificial intelligent topic is the most searched and debatable topic trend on the internet, then it would be good news for the technology blog niche to dive deeper into that field and make money with blogging.

One of the brilliant tools that I strongly suggest every blogger and site owner uses is Google Trends, it is developed by Google and is free to use. You should take advantage of using this free tool to determine high demand blog topics within your niche.

Google Trends


As the screenshot above shows the number of people searching for the keyword ” Worldcup” on the Google search engine has a steady decline in August. 

In addition, Google Trends also provides information, which is relevant to your target countries such as the US, India, European, or Asia pacific nations.


4. Look for long-term Goals 

One of the most valuable blogging tips for beginners that I received from a successful pro blogger and entrepreneur is to see the bigger picture in terms of achieving long-term goals.

You know the common term that people always say ” Rome wasn’t built one day“, and if you apply it to your entrepreneurial journey, which requires you to put 100% hard work and commitment to building a sustainable business.

In other words, you need to consistently create genuine and high-quality content that creates more value for readers and addresses the issues that they are looking for.

From this pinpoint, your business would be able to win the customer’s heart and capture more clients to build a sustainable blog in the long run.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for quick ways to earn extra cash, then blogging isn’t the right path for you.


5. Continue to dive deeper into the WordPress blog niche

At the beginning of your blogging profession, you need to take courage and hard work to get familiar with technical skills and knowledge in terms of expanding the business and learning how to drive more traffic to your WordPress blog.

Over time, you might become an expert in the blogging niche that you constantly learn every single day. The more expert knowledge you have, the higher quality of your site content to even add more value for your readers and followers.

For this reason, people would refer to your blog to find out the relevant blog topics whenever they want to see the answer to solve their current issues right away.

As you are aware, bringing thousands of traffic to your blog, means you have greater earning opportunities, either monetizing your content or making money selling your products and services.

For example, when your site becomes quite popular within your niche, such as affiliate marketing, you could consider selling an ebook on how to get started with affiliate marketing. The book written will be based on your personal experience to give people proven tips and increase their chances of success.


6. Concentrate on SEO optimization

Last but certainly not least, choosing a blog niche alone may not make any larger impact on building a sustainable business. In other words, you need to learn the foundation knowledge and technique associated with SEO optimization.

The very first step is to learn how to identify profitable keywords in order to increase your business visibility on the Google search engine.

Let’s say customers type the relevant keywords on the search engine that they are curious to learn about, and they may find one of your blog’s posts on the internet due to the keyword you include in the article. Thus, they would highly likely click on your post and read it.

Some of the keyword research tools that you could consider using such as the Google keyword planner tool and SemRush. This tool will allow you to drive traffic to your blog by highlighting potential keywords and selecting profitable keywords for your blog.

In addition, you should pay more attention to the on-page SEO of your WordPress blog because it is critical to the success of your business in the future. 

In particular, some of the aspects of on-page SEO include site speed ( core web vital, relevant keywords, sitemap, HTML, HTTPS, mobile-friendly version, etc.

Those key aspects are important to your blog appearance on the internet so take time and learn to get familiar with those techniques. 


Bonus tips

After choosing the profitable blog niche, choosing a domain name is essential because it represents the professionalism and reputation of your business on the internet.

So the brand new domain name doesn’t have an influential role in the SEO strength of your WordPress blog. Well, unless the domain name has a high authority score and trust level based on its long-time established.

For this reason, you might take advantage of the SEO strength by purchasing the existing domain with a high authority score. However, it would cost more money out of your pocket if you choose to do so because high authority domains are often more expensive than brand-new ones.

Another important point to mention is the content delivery network ( CDN) will help to increase your website speed and delivery content faster to the audience by using the nearest data center.

One of the CDN networks you should consider using to improve the site speed is StackPath., which has dozen of data sever located from all over the world.  Thus, a web visitor from anywhere in the world can visit your website faster with little latency.


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