How to Make Money With Monetag ad networkHow to Make Money With Monetag ad network

Monetag Review: How To Monetize a Blog and Earn Money With Monetag ad network?

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Updated: 08/06/2023



You have just started a website/ blog, and you would like to know the different great ways to monetize your site for revenue accumulation. When talking about blog monetization, Google AdSense appears to be the first choice due to the quality and highly relevant ads.

However, there are other high-quality and reputation ad monetization platforms in the market besides Google AdSense, and Monetag, formerly Propellerads, is one of those names with high-quality automated ad optimization.

I had been an active user of Monetag, for a while ago, and it helps my site constantly drive better revenue by selecting different ad options available on the platform. it’s easy to monetize traffic by just using one link, and my site is ready to show ads.

Importantly, I use nearly all the funds, mostly from monetizing traffic with Propellarads to reinvest in developing my blog in terms of site performance and building other advanced features, which create an overall good audience satisfaction and site reputation.

As a small blogger with less number traffic, it’s almost impossible to get instant approval from other ad platforms because it takes a lengthy process to satisfy their requirements- such as site traffic, content, and other legitimate rules.

As a result, your site won’t be able to start making money right away as it causes too much stress and panicking about what next should you do?.

In this article, I will take you through an honest review of, Monetag- Propellerads based on my experience, which provides general information and knowledge about Propellerads’s products and services, and tips to get instant approval with Propellerads within a short period of time.

Here is the list, which covers 6 main aspects of Propellerads review, which you should consider in order to get the most benefit out of this article.

1. About Monetag

2. Different ads solution

3. Monetag, Propellerads Earning

4. Monetag, Propeller Ads Approval Time

5. Is Monetag Ads safe to use?

6. Monetag Ads Sign Up

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1. Monetag Review

Monetag review


Monetag is a global advertising network, which provides different ad solutions for both marketers and publishers to monetize their content globally. The company was founded back in 10 years ago- in 2011, and today it has become one of the leading high-quality ad networks with over 1 billion visitors per month.

Importantly, the firm is well known for its implementation of the high-end ad tech platform. For example, Push Ad Notifications, Popunder, In-Page Push, and Interstitials, provide alternative ad options available for publishers to maximize their site earnings.

For publishers, it seems to offer the best rate on the market in terms of earnings compared with other platforms, and they provide 24h live chat support as well as a high-performance platform to automate ads on your site.

As mentioned above, this self-service platform is a place for both publishers and advertisers to come together, which creates one of the largest communities in the market. Totally, there are more than 1 billion active audiences continuing to support the platform per month, and thousands of marketing campaigns are launched daily via desktop and mobile devices.

  • Monetag, Propellerads: Company Philosophy

The company philosophy is mainly based on providing high-quality, one-stop solutions and high-quality solutions for its customers and publishers. By achieving the best result,  publishers have the option to select and adjust the best traffic and monetize ads based on their site requirements.

As claimed by Propellerads, the reason to differentiate their position in the ad network is not secret, the firm more than ever emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity, which you can see on the firm’s website’s five main core principles:

Propeller ads review- Best Adsense Alternative
Propeller ads review- Best Adsense Alternative

“Teamwork, Honestly and Fairness, Focus on Customer, Clarity & Transparency, and Promote Innovation”.

2. Different ads solutions

In this section, we are going to explore how many monetize traffic ads are available on the Monetag,  Propellerads platform, and then each top-performing ad format will be discussed in more detail, which can help our users choose the right one to match their’s blog content.

How to make money with Propeller Ads

The following Monetag, features give its users the power to extend their earning capacity to the highest level, which includes 5 main types of ad solutions. Depending on each user’s experience and preference, you can select the appropriate ads to match the website content.

Important Notes: try not to use too many ads because a website with aggressive ads is considered a spammy site and is always ranked lower in Google search results.

  • Push Notification ad: this is a unique ad format with a high level of responding to users’ internet browsing, it constantly delivers directly to users’ devices by matching directly between the content and ad types. This helps to increase the level of brand awareness and increase consumer satisfaction over time. This type is especially suitable for those who would like to boost revenue on their site, even if customers don’t click on the specific article.
Propellerads- Push Notification Ad
Propellerads- Push Notification Ad
  • On Click Ads ( Popunder): overall this is the most popular ad format so far from Propellerads because it generates more than 1 billion visitors per month. The other strength of this ad type is the high conversion rate, so publishers will earn more than the usual rate if set this ad on your blog.
Propellerads-On Click Ads ( Popunder)
Propellerads-On Click Ads ( Popunder)-propeller ads review
  • In-Page Push: this is a completely new type of ad format, and so far it has more than 150 million audience reach per month. Even though In-Page Push seems to be new, the ad format constantly becomes a more and more popular choice for most publishers. WHY? it allows the ads to displace next to the website’s article or home page.
Propeller ads- Business Review.
Propeller ads- Business Review.

As a result, users will not have a hard time finding the relevant ad to their needs. This In-Page Push is especially good for OS, platform, and browser types- IOS

  • Native Interstitials: This is designed to capture the attention of the general public. The ad format allows you to design different features and creative space, which helps to maximize the audience conversion rate. This is because it will directly contact internet browser devices such as mobile and desktops. This type of top-performing ad format is best for bigger sites with a high volume of traffic and the domain must be ranked within 5000 top sites on Amazon site ranking
Propellerads-Native Interstitials
propeller ads review-Propellerads-Native Interstitials

Overall, Propellerads- so far has around 4 types of top-performing ad formats, which generate around 1 billion audiences reach per month. This number reflects the popularity and the way the company fully integrates high-technology innovation in its ads platform, which helps publishers generate better income for creating original content.

Start monetizing traffic with Monetag here

3. Monetag, Propellerads Earning

Moving into the next section is the Propellerads earnings, depending on each individual needs and requirements so that you can design a specific ad format to match your site’s performance. In particular, users can either select one or two ad formats such as Popup ad, and In-page push on your site, or can set all ads if they wish to maximize the revenue on your site.

Personally, I normally use “In-page push and Popup ads as It suits best for my site.

Propellerads minimum deposit- What other payment options you should set:

monetag payment options


Generally speaking, the platform will distribute payment to the website owners and bloggers if your earning threshold reaches $25 as a minimum payment requirement.

It’s one of the benefits you could get from Propellerads because you may not find this small amount of flexible payment on other ad networks due to the high minimum payout.

In terms of the payment options, there are several payment methods you could choose from the Propellerads platform, which include PayPal, Webmoney Z, Payoneer, etc.

Based on my experience, I would prefer using Payoneer or PayPal as the first payment option due to the fact that it allows me to receive funds within a few days or may even be faster.

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WHY? Propellerads Earning-How to make money with Propeller Ads

It’s safe to do so and also I want to create the best overall experience for my audience because turning in too many ads may cause a bad experience based on visitors’ point of view- remember your main purpose is to increase the traffic and boost the site’s reputation.

Importantly, Propellersad is strongly against Fraudulent activities that may cause to the publisher. Specifically, it has a fraud detection and prevention system to highlight if there are any malicious activities and the system will automatically eliminate the threats, block or even automatically cancel the impression.

This practice protects both advertisers and publishers using the platform.

Overall, depending on your site traffic and the type of performing ad formats, it will reflect the general income in the future.


4. Propeller Ads Approval Time- Propeller Ads requirements

Normally the approval time upon signing up with Propellerads is around 1 or 2 business days. This is relatively fast compared with other ad platforms in the market in which you may wait to get a result, maybe around 2 or 3 weeks.

However, your site may get delayed due to the failure of the site clarification, and it may take up to 3 weeks to get a response from Propellerads. For this reason, I have designed a step-by-step checklist, which you must follow to increase the high chance of approval within a short period of time, maybe within a day.

  1. First, you need to create an account with Propellerads account ( refer to account sign-up in the instruction below for more information).
  2. After signing up for the account with Propellerads, log in to the Propeller portal, and click on to ” Sites” icon.
  3. From the “Sites” icon-copy and paste the domain or URL. Then Click on the site clarification.
  4. From there, Propellerads will show you a link, then you need to copy and paste the unique link on your HTML head tag on your blog, or another easier option would be installing the Propellerads Plugin, and activating the Plug.
  5. Tap on the site clarification on the Propellerads platform, then it will automatically send back the result if your site is successfully approved.
  6. In case, if it shows fails to clarify then the best option is to contact the Propellerads team directly via online chat. They will do manual clarification on your site and you might get instant approval within an hour. And your site is ready to show an ad on the day.

5. Is Propeller Ads safe to use?

The answer is YES, it is one of the most reputable marketing platforms in the market across the globe as it reflects there are more than 1 billion active audiences reached per month. Importantly, the Propellerads platform is a big community for both advertisers and publishers coming together to achieve their overall desired outcome.

Importantly, if you see ads that are not related ads to your site or content, then you have the priority to ask the Propellerads team to remove or replace other ads, which are better suited to your content. The propeller ads team will go ahead and remove it for you.

6. Propeller Ads Sign Up

In most case, signing up with Propellerads normally get instant approval between 1 to 3 business days compared with other marketing platforms, which process the user’s application in around 1 or 3 weeks.

In this section, here is the checklist that you should follow in order to receive a quick and high chance of getting approval from the Propellerads team.

  • Sign up for your account by filling down all your personal information and site information.
  • On the Propellerads portal, copy and paste the domain for clarification ( please refers to section two for more detail about clarification)
  • Copy the Propeller HTML code and paste it onto your WordPress site.
  • Or either you can just download the Propellerads Plugin on your WordPress site, and click activation for clarification of your account.
  • Next is to decide what type of ad formats you would like to integrate into your content: Push Notification ads, On Click Ads ( Popunder), Native Interstitials, and In-Page Push.
  • In case, you are having difficulties in terms of site clarification, I suggest contacting them directly via the “Help Center”, Propellerads Team always assists you with whatever you need for your site to get approved.


Propellerads is one of the high-performance platforms with different high-quality and performing ad formats. Publishers have a cross range of solutions to pick the particular ad format, which suits most of their content needs and expectation.

It is also considered one of the best Google AdSense alternatives, where the ad formats give a better conversion rate and better income powers for publishers to generate regular income on their blog or website.

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By Jiro Nguyen.

The content is only based on the author’s personal opinion and experience. It is for informational purposes only and does not rely on as a comprehensive or substitute for professional advice.



What are Adsense alternatives?

Propellerads, AdclickMedia, and Ezoic are the best alternative to Google Adsense.

Is Propeller Ads safe to use?

The answer is YES, it is one of the most reputable marketing platforms in the market across the globe as it reflects there is more than 1 billion active audiences reach per month. Importantly, the Propellerads platform is a big community for both advertisers and publishers coming together to achieve their overall desired outcome

Propeller Ads Sign Up Processes.

1. Fill down all your personal information, 2. Copy the Propeller HTML code and paste it on your WordPress site, 3. either you can just download the Propellerads Plugin on your WordPress site, and click activation for clarification of your account….

How to make money with Propeller Ads?

You can use different ad formats to increase earning with Propeller Ads.

What is best earn ads job?

Here is a list Google Adsense alternative to monetize your content. 1. Ezoic 2. Propeller Ads 3. SHE MEDIA….

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