How to Build High Quality Backlinks Through Business DirectoriesHow to Build High-Quality Backlinks Through Business Directories

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks Through Business Directories: 2 Bonus Tips

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In the previous article, we have highlighted the ultimate guide that shows you “how to increase website traffic through social media”, which you find those steps will further add more value for you in terms of capturing new visitors and increasing the sale conversion rates.

You can find it out here: How To Increase Blog Traffic: 10 Proven Ways.

In this post, you will continue learning different tactics to drive blog traffic by submitting your site to the blog/ business directories as well as concentrating on building the on-page SEO.

Stay tuned and let’s get started with the new SEO optimization strategy.

Key Points

  • Business directories are the digital and printed information that cover a cross range of business industries so that businesses can submit their websites to one of the sub-categories of the niche industry.
  • Business directories play an important role to increase website traffic organically and build high-quality backlinks if submitting a website to business directories.
  • We will include the list of blog directories and business directories, which you may consider taking advantage of by submitting your site on one of those web directories to gain more backlinks.
  • Bonus tips: we also cover several SEO optimization tactics including on-page SEO and search engine optimization so that you can get familiar with them to build an online presence for your business.

What are blog/ business directories?

Business directories are the digital and printed information that cover a cross range of business industries so that businesses can submit their websites to one of the sub-categories of the niche industry.

Business directories play an important role to increase website traffic organically and build high-quality backlinks if submitting a website to business directories.

In particular, a local customer may find your business website on the internet through business directories if they search for a keyword that is related to your business niche.

For example, many local businesses or blogs take advantage of submitting on Google business listing or Yellow page to boost their sites’ search engine optimization and attract more local customers to their businesses.

In addition, blog directories are also called web directories that allow bloggers and site owners to submit their sites to one of the blog niches. A web directory often has thousands of blogs from different industries and niches.

You can submit your site to free blog directories or pay directories, which can help to increase your site visibility on the internet and build quality backlinks.


The list of Blog and Business directories to help your site build high-quality backlinks

The benefits of listing your site in web directories are endless due to the fact that it can yield a big return on investment. Thus, it helps boost your site to increase regular organic traffic and also can build the company’s presence on the internet.

The following are key benefits that you would consider submitting your site:

  • Increase brand awareness and business reputation in the market.
  • Build an online presence for your personal blog or business across business directories besides social media.
  • Attract more local and international customers to your business so that it will increase the sale revenue.
  • Your site would be able to rank higher on search engines like Google due to more quality backlinks pointing to your site.
  • It is part of the SEO optimization process to boost your site on search engine optimization, where customers are highly likely to find your products and services.

As you are aware the huge advantages ( increase website traffic hack) of submitting a website to blog directories. Here is the list of web directories, which offer a free or pay-for listing of your site there.

  • https://www.yellow-pages


List your business on Google business profile”



List of blog directories: you can consider submitting your blog or business to those directories to gain more quality backlinks and drive local traffic.



Bonus tips:

Besides submitting your blog to business directories, we also cover several action steps that show you how to increase website traffic organically.

In particular, on-page SEO is a part of the search engine optimization process to make sure your site can gain momentum in ranking higher on search engines.

On page SEO

Before analyzing the overall on-page SEO of your site, It’s recommended to use SEO tools like SemRush, which not only helps to improve keyword ranking by finding profitable keywords and also can highlight the SEO ranking analysis in terms of backlinks opportunities, and position checker.

Based on the SEO analysis of your site from SemRush, you will be able to fix all the current issues and find golden opportunities to build more quality backlinks pointing to your site.

The following is the ultimate checklist of on-page SEO you should closely pay attention to improve your ranking position on the internet. Note that high-quality content is also vital to bring organic traffic.

  • Create a sitemap and submit your pages and posts on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc for indexing.
  • Ensure that you create SEO-friendly URLs, which can be a maximum of 5 keywords. Google would be able to understand what topic you discuss.
  • Include relevant keywords on your posts and pages as well as subcategories of your site. For this reason, SemRush and KWFinder are the best keyword research tools you would consider.
  • Do the site speed test on or to see if there is any problem with your site’s core web vitals.
  • Ensure to fill out the meta tag and description tag on pages and posts so that it will increase the chance to appear on the internet when customer search for relevant keywords.
  • Relevant infographics will increase the chance of customers clicking rates and build more backlinks pointing to your site. Consider graphic design platforms like Canva and Adobe Express.
  • Double-check to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. It’s because the majority of readers and customers use mobile devices to search on the web so that mobile-friendly site is a must for website owners.


Create a Youtube channel and include a Video on your page

In order to make money with blogging, the very first thing is to create high-quality content based on the need of readers. Thus, it helps them to improve their general knowledge and helps them solve their current problems in life.

In other words, you provide the essential information in the different forms of communication on your blog’s posts such as videos and infographics, so that they can understand the main topic context easily.

In addition, readers or customers feel more engaged with your blog post if they find you include a video on it. Thus, it will increase more views and organic traffic to your site over time.


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