Rakuten Review- Earn Cash Back & Save MoneyRakuten Review- Earn Cash Back & Save Money

Rakuten Review 2023: How The Rakuten App Helps to Earn Cash Back & Save Money For Online Shopping?

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There are many different ways to earn extra cash by using your laptop or mobile device to shop online at one of your favorite online stores.

Especially, since you are so busy with your work schedule or assignment work, shopping online will definitely be the ideal solution for saving your time to focus on the more important task rather than waiting in the shopping queue.

The Rakuten app is an affiliate marketing website that helps members to earn cash back rewards and save money for shopping online at their online local stores.

In this post, we are going to explore key features, how it works, and the pros and cons of Rakuten, which you should consider taking full advantage of this cashback app.


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Key points

  • Rakuten, formerly named Ebates, is one of the legit money making apps that offer members cash back rewards for shopping online at one of their favorite online stores.
  • Members may use the Rakuten cashback extension, website portal, or the Rakuten app to search for better deals and cash back. They will earn cash back rewards for successfully purchasing from Rakuten.
  • Besides the cashback reward, members also can boost their earning opportunities by inviting friends and colleagues to join the program, you and your friends can earn money rewards.
  • Alternative to the Rakuten cash back app: SwagBucks and TopCashback.


1. What is Rakuten?

Rakuten cashback


Rakuten, formerly named Ebates, is one of the legit money making apps that offer members cash back rewards for shopping online at one of their favorite online stores, including Nike, Target, JD, and Walmart, just to name a few.

In particular, members may use the Rakuten cashback extension, website portal, or the Rakuten app to search for better deals and cash back. They will earn cash back rewards for successfully purchasing from Rakuten.

Since its establishment in 1997, Rakuten has provided better shopping deals, cashback rewards, and other bonuses for millions of members to save money for themselves and their families, it has helped around 3.7 billion cashback for its members, according to Rakuten’s official website.

At the time of writing, Rakuten cashback has partnered with more than 3500 stores, which provides much more convenience for members to find coupon codes or cash back deals for shopping at the local or international top brands.

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2. How does Rakuten cash back work?

Rakuten is considered the best earning app for shopping online due to the fact that it provides different ways to make money from home using the web. In particular, this cashback site allows members to earn extra cash from their online shopping available on the platform.

However, members won’t be able to earn cash back if they change their minds not to purchase the product or cancel the item purchase online with Rakuten.

As mentioned earlier, there are more than 3500 top brands that are available on the Rakuten website. Hence, members may consider using the Rakuten app to earn money back and save money.

There are several ways to make money online with Rakuten cashback you could consider using one of them :

  • Using Rakuten’s official website to shop online: This is always a reliable way to earn cash back rewards using the firm official website, with over 3500 online stores, ensure you use the company link to shop and receive a better deal for you and your family.
  • The Rakuten app: After downloading the app from the available app stores, then members can use the app to shop online from their mobile devices or iPad to find coupon codes or hot deals.
  • Rakuten cashback extension: It is available to get free extensions from Safari, Chrome, Windows, and other major system operators. The good thing about using the extension is the system will suggest or automatically apply coupons to save money.

When your account balance reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold, then you can withdraw the money back to PayPal or via check. The firm will pay members based on their account balance every quarter.

Keep in mind that there are over 3 million members that currently use the Rakuten cashback extension as it helps them to find better deals and coupon codes, without any effort from their site, they would be able to earn cash back and save money like normal.

In terms of the referral program, this is one of the great benefits of using Rakuten cashback due to the fact that the platform allows members to earn extra income by inviting friends and colleagues to join the program, you and your friends can earn money rewards.


3. How do you earn cash back after purchase?

With the Rakuten cashback program, there are a few simple steps that members should get familiar with and understand how to make money online with the platform.

  • Step one: use one of the Rakuten gateways to shop online including the Rakuten app, official website, and browser extension.
  • Step two: ensure you use the Rakuten link to shop at one of the available online stores from the platform. You will receive the cashback after successfully purchasing.

Keep in mind that the company will update and redeem cash back to your Rakuten account once it got cleared by the team member. The process would take up to several days as it depending on each online store’s policy.

Importantly, you won’t be able to earn cash back or coupon codes if you forget to use the Rakuten link to make a successful payment.


4. How to sign up?

Before claiming your cashback rewards, the very first thing is to sign up for a free account with Rakuten so that you can start making extra cash for shopping online. Here is the step-by-step process:

  • Step one: Go to the firm official website and click the sign-up button. Alternatively, you can add the Rakuten cashback extension to your web browser.
  • Step two: Input your email address and password to create a new account. Alternatively, you can use Facebook to sign up for the Rakuten app and start earning cash back.
  • Step three: set up your bank account detail for paying for shopping or withdrawing funds from your cashback account balance.

With a few simple steps, you wouldn’t waste too much time setting up a new account with Rakuten and start saving money every time you prefer to shop online.

Keep in mind that the Rakuten cashback program is not always available in your country, please ensure you double-check if the program is available in your country and see if you are eligible.


5. Is the Rakuten app legit?

Rakuten is a legit cashback app that allows members to save money by finding cheaper deals, coupons, and cashback rewards. As mentioned before, the site has over 3500 online stores, which creates a much more easy way to shop online and save money

According to the Trustpilot review, Rakuten receives overall great service and product features from customers. With more than 20,500 customer reviews, the Rakuten app has an average of 4.2 stars out of 5.

6. Rakuten pros and cons

The followings are the pros and cons of Rakuten, which you should get familiar with in order to figure out if it is the right platform to help you earn cash back and make money online:


  • Global reputation company with over 35000 online stores for members to shop online and earn extra cash.
  • Available to add as a cash-back extension.
  • Reliable app and website, which makes it easy for users to navigate and shop online.
  • More than 15 million members are on the platform, which reflects the trustworthiness of the site.
  • Earn money by using the referral program.



  • It may not be available in some countries.
  • If you cancel or return the item online, then you won’t get the reward.
  • Members receive payments every quarter.


7. What are other alternatives to Rakuten?

Besides the Rakuten cash back app, there are other best apps to make money from shopping or even get paid to play games: Here are the following sites as following below:


Honey helps online shoppers to save money by offering discount codes, and cashback offers, which they may consider as an alternative to Rakuten. 

It also offers a free browser extension for members to ensure the system will automatically apply coupon codes for their shopping online.


TopCashback is one of the legit money making apps, which offers users different ways to earn cash back and save money for online shopping.

The site has more than 4000 online retail stores and members can easily find and shop at one of their favorite brands from the website.


Swagbucks is another cash-back site that you may consider as an alternative. The platform also allows members to earn free gift cards and cash back rewards by participating in several online activities such as searching the web, taking surveys, shopping online, and answering questions, just to name a few.

Conclusion of Rakuten review

Rakuten is one of the legit cashback sites that helps members to save money for shopping online. By finding better price deals, coupon codes, and earning cash back rewards.

Keep in mind that you earn cash back every time you successfully shop online, which means you actually spend money to save money.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to spend within your budget and make sure expenses do not exceed income.


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How can I get Rakuten cashback extension?

Head to the Rakuten official website and click the cashback extension to add to your internet browser. You need to create an account to use the extension.

How to get Rakuten cashback after purchase?

The process of getting cash back rewards with the Rakuten app is quite simple and straightforward: 1. After creating an account, then find the available online stores to shop online from the platform. 2. You will earn cash back for successfully using the Rakuten link to purchase. 2.

How does Rakuten make money?

Rakuten is an affiliate marketing company that earns money from commission based. It means they will earn a commission every time customer use their links to purchase.


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