How To Receive Amazon Affiliate PaymentHow To Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment

Guides To Select Amazon Associates Payment Methods: 3 Ways to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments

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Updated: 14/07/2023


Amazon associate affiliate program is considered one of the best affiliate programs for beginners because it has millions of affiliate marketing products and services for bloggers and influencers to promote to their followers.

Many site owners ask a common question about the Amazon associates program payment, which got our attention to do further research and give you the solution for setting up the payment before receiving affiliate commission from Amazon.

If you are having difficulty receiving the Amazon affiliate payment, then this article is created for you to learn how to set up payment on the platform using Payoneer or other payment options so that you will have peace of mind concentrating on exploring different ways to make money online with your online business.

Key Takeaways

  • There are several ways to receive Amazon affiliate commission, which you could consider setting up and getting ready to receive payment when your earnings reach the payment threshold.
  • Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have a payment option for those who use PayPal.
  • Amazon affiliate minimum payout is $10 for those using Payoneer as a payment method, you need to create a local bank account with Payoneer to receive the payment. 
  • Alternatively, you have other payment options to choose from, including check payment and Amazon free gift cards.
  • Keep in mind that the Amazon affiliate minimum payout for using check payment is $100.


1. Amazon Associates payment methods

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or freelancer, and if you want to find learn how to monetize a blog and make money online, then the Amazon Associate affiliate program is the one that you shouldn’t ignore.

Let’s say you already created an affiliate marketing account with an Amazon associate and want to promote its products and service to your followers and readers. However, you will have a limited payment option to select if you live outside the US.

In addition, here is the reading resource from Amazon’s official homepage that mentions: how to receive affiliate earnings using a local bank account.

There are two case scenarios that I want you to get familiar with:

  • If you are in the US, then you have more payment options to select from, and one of the effective ways is to receive affiliate commission via direct local bank transfer.
  • What about you live outside the US, where you can’t find any option to receive a direct deposit to your local bank account?

The following are several Amazon Associates payment methods that you could consider setting up and getting ready to receive the affiliate commission from the program when your earnings reach the minimum payout terms.



The most effective way to receive Amazon affiliate payment is to use Payoneer due to the fact that this online payment platform allows you to create a local bank account using different currencies such as a US bank account and a Euro bank account.

When your affiliate earning threshold reaches $10, Amazon will make a direct bank transfer to your local bank account at the end of each month.

Check payment

After earning some commission income from the program, bloggers or freelancers would consider checking payment as the way to receive the regular passive income commission from Amazon.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this payment method that you should get familiar with:

  • Amazon affiliate minimum payout for using check payment will be $100, which means you would need to wait until your affiliate program earnings reach $100.
  • You will wait a while for Amazon to send the check to your mail post ( within 2- 4 weeks). And, if you compare it with local direct payment, it pays almost instantly.

Depending on each preference regarding the Amazon payment methods, you can select the appropriate one that is most suitable to your own needs and expectations.


Amazon free gift cards

The payment option is most suitable for those who are regular shoppers at Amazon, and in case you can make money with affiliate marketing, especially with Amazon Associate.

You could consider receiving a free Amazon gift card to purchase products on the platform such as electronics and kindle books as well as Amazon Prime.

You have the option to receive Amazon free gift cards, which will send to your account when your earnings reach $10.


2. How to receive Amazon affiliate earnings using Payoneer?


Amazon Associates payment methods

The very first step is to log in to your Amazon affiliate account, then navigate to > ” Account setting“.

  • After clicking on ” Account setting” > select ” Change payment method“.
  • From the ” Change payment method“, you have several payment options to select from, direct transfer, gift card, and check.
  • In this case, you are using Payoneer to receive the affiliate payment, then select ” the direct deposit payment“.

Amazon Associates payment methods


As the screenshot above shows, you need to fill out the local bank account detail on the Amazon associate, where you can find all the information associated with your local bank account from Payoneer.

  • Bank location
  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • Account holder name: your name
  • Account type: check
  • Routing number.

For a local bank account deposit, the minimum account payment threshold is $10, which means you will receive a payment at the end of the month, to your local bank account, if your earnings exceed $10.

Keep in mind that you need to create a free account with Payoneer and request to create a local US bank account in order to get affiliate payment from Amazon Associate.

Payoneer local bank account


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Final Thought on Amazon affiliate payment methods

We had discussed different ways to receive payment from the Amazon Associates affiliate program, which I believe would help you to solve the payment issue if you can find a way to receive a commission from the program.

Based on our experience, the most effective way for those living outside the US is to create a Payoneer account and create a local bank account to receive Amazon affiliate payments.


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