Setupad Review: Best Adsense Alternative for BeginnersSetupad Review: Best Adsense Alternative for Beginners

Setupad Review: Best Adsense Alternative for Beginners?

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When it comes to making money with blogging, site owners and small publishers prefer to monetize their content with some of the highest paying ad networks, including Google Adsense.

In addition, Setupad is considered an Adsense alternative, where this monetization platform helps publishers and bloggers to display programmatic advertising across their sites and increase revenue over time.

In this Setupad review, you will explore the header bidding technology from Setupad, which allow users to connect to more than 15 supply-side websites such as Google.

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What is Setupad?

Setupad is one of the best ad networks that enable users to display programmatic ads using header bidding technology on their websites. Thus, it helps to increase the ad revenue for their online businesses.

In particular, Setupad uses header bidding technology as the solution to help publishers increase ad revenue by connecting with 15 supply-side companies, such as Google AdX, SSPs, etc.

This monetization platform was built first in 2015 by the two co-founders, who have many years of work experience in the advertising field. Setupad offices are located in Latvia and Lithuania. 


How does it work?

Setupad is an ideal solution for medium site owners with traffic of over 90,000 page views per month to join the platform and display the programmatic advertising on their sites to increase revenue over time.

As mentioned earlier, the platform uses header bidding technology that enables bloggers and website owners to create ad inventory on their sites by connecting to over 15 supply-side platforms.

In other words, those supply-side platforms can make a bid and compete with each other to display an ad on your site’s real estate, and thus, it can help to increase ad earnings.

For example, one of the site owners reviewed on Trustpilot that his site has increased ad revenue since switching from Adsense to Setupad. 

With header bidding, you may confuse about not getting familiar with this type of coding, but the platform claims that bloggers and site owners without IT backgrounds can also use the header bidding technology because it doesn’t require changing any source code.

Here is the list of ad format products that may work well for publishers by displaying them on their websites below:

  • Mobile ad
  • Desktop ad
  • Anchor ads
  • Video ads.

With the marketing campaign program, publishers can advertiser their online businesses with Setupad, which will help to generate more organic to their sites.

Keep in mind that Setupad is also available to download for the Chrome extension, which will save you time to monitor your ad performance.


What about the Setupad payment method?

For the payment method, publishers have several options to select and receive the ad revenue to their dedicated payment account:

  • Wise
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Transfer

keep in mind that site owners will receive the fund after 60 days, and your ad earnings threshold must reach at least €100.


Setupad requirements?

Setupad is one of the best ad networks that enable publishers to monetize their content using header bidding solutions.

Based on the observation, some site owners who reported their platforms increased ad revenue between 30% to 300% after switching to Setupad.

For this reason, if you want to increase advertising revenue with this monetization platform, the first requirement is to ensure your content is highly valuable for your readers.

The following are other Setupad requirements to consider before applying:

  • Your sites must have traffic of at least 100,000 page views per month.
  • Ensure that you follow the firm policy guideline.

With the high traffic requirement, it may seem impossible for new site owners to monetize their content with Setupad, and if you still want to explore other ad networks to make money from blogging, then refers to the link below.

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How to sign up?

The process of signing up is quite easy as you need to follow some simple steps below:

  • Head to and click on new publisher sign up.
  • Enter your website URLs and email address.
  • It will take a couple of days to receive the email from one of the Setupad team members, which states whether your application is successful or not. 

In case, your site is successfully approved to become a partner with Setupad, you can get in touch with the account manager to receive valuable advice and tips, which allow your business to increase ad revenue.


Is Setpupad worth it?

Sites with high traffic volume, and over 100,000 traffic visitors each month may consider applying for Setupad because this monetization platform uses the header bidding technology to help you maximize the ad revenue. Hence, it depends on your experience with other highest paying ad networks.


Setupad pros and cons

The following are the pros and cons of Setupad that you should consider getting familiar with before you can decide if it is the right monetization platform for yourself.


  • It is considered a Google ads alternative.
  • Use header bedding solutions to help increase revenue.
  • Offer several ad formats to suit both mobile and desktop users.


  • Not an ideal ad network for new sites because sites must have at least 100k traffic visitors each month.


Conclusion of Setupad review

Clearly, Setupad is not an ideal solution for small publishers and new site owners due to the fact that the platform requires sites to have at least 100,000 page views each month.

For this reason, if you believe your site is not eligible for traffic requirements, you may consider exploring other best ad networks for small publishers to display ads and make extra income.

As said earlier, one of the great benefits of joining this monetization platform is the header bidding technology, which enables publishers to connect more than 15 supply-side platforms like Google. They have more earning opportunities.


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