SolidGigs Review- Guides To Find Freelance JobsSolidGigs Review- Guides To Find Freelance Jobs

SolidGigs Review 2023: Key Facts to Know Before Finding Freelance Jobs?

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Updated: 23/06/2023


SolidGigs is one of the best freelancing websites that help members to find freelance jobs to work from home. The site is an ideal solution for freelancers to search for different remote jobs and earn extra money as a side hustle.

If you believe you have some necessary skillsets (copywriting or graphic designing) to perform freelance work effectively. Then you could consider joining freelancing sites like SolidGigs or Fiverr to further expand your portfolio in the gig market.

In this post, we will dive deeper into the SolidGigs review to give you the necessary information about how it works, its features, and its pros and cons. Thus, stay in tune to learn more about the platform and consider whether it is the right freelance website for you.


Key Takeaways

  • SolidGigs is a freelancing website that provides the resource necessary for freelancers to find the work from home opportunities and freelance work based on the niche they set on the platform.
  • It will send you a relevant freelance job after the team reviews the job listing that highly matches your wish list.
  • After joining the program, you will receive a weekly update of the gig list containing the relevant remote jobs you may consider applying for.
  • In order to increase the chance of success with a freelance career and entrepreneurship, members can access the training resources and learn new skills to land their first freelance work.


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1. What is SolidGigs?

SolidGigs is a freelancing website that provides the resource necessary for freelancers to find the work from home opportunities and freelance work based on the niche they set on the platform.

The firm was established several years ago by Preston Lee, a former freelancer who has a successful blogging career. In particular, his blog provides valuable information for individuals to increase their chances of landing freelance work.

Before searching for remote jobs, members must highlight their skills and expertise on the profile dashboard. In other words, they let the system know the type of freelance gig they want to work.

Thus, it would allow the firm to suggest relevant opportunities based on its niche.

2. How does SolidGigs work?

After setting up the account on SolidGigs and telling them the type of freelance jobs that you want to perform, the system will do its job by searching for a cross range of resources to find potential customers or clients.

In particular, the company has a specialist team that is responsible for scanning and vetting all the freelance jobs listed on the website.

For example, if you want to search for freelance writing jobs for beginners, the team member will conduct comprehensive research and find the beginning writing job that matches your skill.

Once they handpick the most relevant and potential freelancing positions, you will receive notification of the opportunity to consider whether apply or not.

Here are the key features that you should get familiar with in order you can take advantage to find the right work-from-home job and earn extra money in your free time.

  • As mentioned earlier, SolidGigs will only send you a relevant freelance job after the team reviews the job listing that highly matches your wish list.
  • One of the most significant benefits of joining SolidGigs is that you will receive a weekly update of the gig list, which means the platform will send you an email including the freelance jobs listing in accordance with your gig work.

This great feature helps freelancers and individuals to increase their chance of finding high-quality and professional remote jobs as well as help them save a lot of time in terms of searching for opportunities.

  • In terms of training opportunities (courses & tools), freelancers and members are entitled to access the training resources as it helps them to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality service for clients and expand their freelance work portfolio over time.

If you are a beginner freelancer, the platform also provides a great resource by interviewing the most successful freelancers and entrepreneurs. They will share experiences and give you advice to build a successful freelance portfolio.

In addition, there are more than 120 courses on the SolidGids platform, which include sales skills and other techniques that aim to further enhance your skillsets and improve the chance of success with your freelance business.

3. How to sign up?

SolidGigs sign up


If you want to explore other side hustles to make money online, then the platform can help you to spot different freelance work opportunities based on your skillsets and experiences.

You first need to complete the sign-up with SolidGigs. It is very simple and straightforward as you require to input your email address and set up the SolidGigs payment method.

Keep in mind that you must tell them the freelance gig types that you want to work on so that the team will start searching for related positions for you.

4. How much does the platform charge for membership plans?

Generally speaking, the firm claims that they don’t take a commission from the customers that you have successfully delivered the services. Instead, it offers monthly subscription fees, which means you pay for the service like a weekly job update list and handpick jobs.

The platform offers two membership options, which are monthly and yearly plans. 

  • Monthly plan: the flat price is around $35 per month.
  • Yearly plan: it is much cheaper, around $21 per month, but you have to pay off for the whole 12-month duration plan.

We could argue that you pay for what you get, for those membership plans. In particular, the firm claims that the SolidGigs team will do the handpick job on the job listing and notify you if there is a potential freelance role.

Keep in mind that it offers a free trial, and you should take advantage to try and see if it’s worth your time and money to find the work-from-home job.

5. Is SolidGigs legit?

It is a legitimate freelance site, and even though the membership fees are expensive for some, you get what you paid for, including hand-pick jobs and a weekly updated job list.

If you don’t like to pay that much, you could consider other freelancing websites and make a final comparison if it’s worth investing.

6. Pros and cons of SolidGigs

The followings are the pros and cons of SolidGigs, which you should consider if the freelance platform is the right one to help you get remote jobs.


  • The team will search and suggest relevant freelance jobs based on your expectations and needs.
  • Provide an update on the weekly job list that helps you save time.
  • Provide training resources like sales skills to further enhance your skill set and be able to find quality remote jobs.
  • The founder is a freelancer, which means he built the platform based on the needs of other freelancers.


  • The membership fees are expensive for some people.
  • The freelance website is relatively new to the market, so you don’t find much information about the firm in terms of customer reviews.

7. What are other SolidGigs alternatives?

Besides SolidGigs, there are other freelancing websites for beginners to earn extra income on the side and help you to further build your reputation and work portfolio in the freelance market.

  • FlexJobs is one of the best online job platforms that has over 30,000 job opportunities, including professional remote, work-from-home, and freelance jobs from 50 job categories. If you seriously want to get high-quality full-time or part-time work, then it would be the ideal online job place for you.
  • Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that helps freelancers to earn extra money on the side by searching for million of short-term projects. The platform’s the perfect place for beginners to build a portfolio and hone their skill sets over time.
  • Toptal is considered a high-end freelancing site that helps business owners find highly skilled freelancers. For this reason, if you believe you have great work experience and advanced skills, then consider Toptal to increase your earning opportunities.


Conclusion of Solidgigs review

With SolidGigs, members will receive several benefits that they may not find on other platforms such as handpicked jobs, a weekly updated job list, and training resources.

Those features are designed to help freelancers to increase their chances of landing high-quality remote jobs based on their skills and expectations.

Depending on personal preference and freelance job expectations, you may give it try and see if it is the right platform to find freelance jobs.


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By Jiro Nguyen.

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