Sun Adnetwork review- AdclickmediaSun Adnetwork review- Adclickmedia

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners With Sun AdNetwork- The Ultimate Guide.



When it comes to CPC earnings, Adsense is the very first leading ad network that allows bloggers and site owners to monetize their content and earn extra income for their sites.

However, not all bloggers and website owners are lucky enough to qualify for Adsense account approval due to the program requirements such as genuine content and quality structure layout ( contact page, etc).

In fact, there are many ad networks for new publishers like AdMaven and Sun AdNetwork (formerly named AdclickMedia), which provides easy account approval, and you would be able to make money with blogging right away.

In this post, we will dive deeper into the SunAdNetwork in order that you can get familiar with its features and how it works. Thus, you would be able to consider whether this alternative option is the one for you.

Key Takeaways

  • SunAdNetwork- formerly named AdclickMedia, the online ad network specializes in PPC ( Pay-per-lead) & CPA ( cost-per-action).
  • The platform is an ideal solution for advertisers and new publishers to advertise their brands and monetize their content.
  • The process of signing up with Sun AdNetwork is quite simple and straightforward as you need to fill out the application form and wait for approval before you can make money with blogging.
  • Sun AdNetwork has 21 ads targeting topics such as personal finance, entertainment, Yoga and meditation, and crypto, just to name a few.


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What is Sun AdNetwork?

Sun AdNetwork, formerly named AdclickMedia, is one of the leading advertising networks that specialize in providing the PPC ( Pay-per-lead) & CPA ( cost-per-action) for advertisers and publishers.

The firm first started in 2009 in Texas, USA, with the original name being AdlcickMedia. Significantly, the firm board member decided to change the name to SunAdNetwork based on the platform upgrade and change new goals.

According to the firm statement, the long-term goals are to provide innovative features on the platform, which help publishers from all over the world earn a stable income while supporting advertisers in effectively launching their products and brand campaigns.

How does Sun AdNetwork work?

Sun AdNetwork is an ideal ad network for small publishers to earn extra money by displaying different ad formats across their content, including PPC, PPL, CPA, and banner ads and text links, just to name a few.

While advertisers also can get a better result from what they are paying for in terms of increasing brand awareness and attracting the attention of customers. It’s because SunAdNetwork has 21 ads targeting topics such as personal finance, entertainment, Yoga and meditation, and crypto, just to name a few.

The following are different types of ad performance formats that new bloggers and site owners may consider adding across their sites.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Sun AdNetwork specializes in providing PPC ad performance, which allows users to monetize their content by displaying ad banners and ad texts across their site.

Sun AdNetwork Pay per click (ppc)

As the screenshot above shows how your PPC ads will display on the page.

Keep in mind that your site earnings will depend on the vertical topics, ads, and how you use the targeted keyword with a high CPC rate.

There are some great keyword research tools like “SemRush” -SEO and Google keyword planner tool that help bloggers and site owners to find profitable keywords and drive organic traffic to their site ( more traffic equals more earning powers).

  • Cost Per Action ( CPA): publishers can promote this ad format and make money online by offerings pay-per-sales and pay-per-leads.

Sun AdNetwork- AdclickMedia Cost per action (CPA)

As the screenshot above shows how you earn extra income by displaying CPA ads on your site.

Fraud Protection

Sun AdNetwork emphasizes the importance of protecting both advertisers and publishers by adding additional fraud protection features on the platform. 

In particular, the platform has the proper system in place to manually and automatically check prior approval of traffic clicks and other conversions.

Payment methods

Keep in mind that the minimum payout is $10 and publishers have several withdrawal options including Payoneer, PayPal, and Wiretransfer. 

Note: You need to fill out your tax form before making any withdrawals.

Earn extra income through the referral program

One of the great benefits for new publishers to join Sun AdNetwork is the referral program, which means you can earn regular passive income by receiving a referral commission.

In particular, you can earn extra income for successfully referring new publishers and bloggers to the platform, earning up to 10% based on their monthly commissions.

How to Sign up?

The process of signing up with Sun AdNetwork is quite simple and straightforward as you need to fill out the application form and wait for approval before you can make money with blogging.

Sun AdNetwork signup


Step 1: Go to the main website> click for sign up, and input your email address and password.

Step 2: Confirm your email address, and fill out the application form as shown above.

Step 3: At this stage, it should take around 1 or 2 business days for review. After receiving the account approval, you can display the code on your WordPress blog and earn money from blog-blogging for money.

Requirements for account approval

In terms of the platform’s requirements, one of the most important factors in getting account approval is to have original and high-quality content, and there is no specific traffic requirement for publishers.

In addition, you should pay more attention to Sun AdNetwork account eligibilities ( and updates) in order to follow their rules and satisfy the account approval requirements. 

What are the other best ad networks for publishers?

Besides Sun Adnetwork, there are other ad networks like Propellerads and AdMaven, which allow beginner bloggers and small site owners to monetize their content by using a cross range of ad formats to make money blogging.

Alternatively, I would suggest applying for Adsense as it is one of the highest-paying ad networks but your site must have high-quality and original content in order to get account approval.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, Sun AdNetwork is considered a great ad network that allows new publishers and bloggers to make money online by displaying the code on their site and earning money for pay-per-click as well as referral commissions.

The platform would be an ideal advertising network for blogging for beginners due to the fact that it offers different types of ad formats and high earnings from PPC rates.


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By Jiro Nguyen.

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